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On May 20th, 2019 the Nintendo Mobile YouTube Account posted a video titled "Building the Best Teams in Dragalia Lost." It serves as a very basic tutorial to gameplay mechanics that will be redundant to veterans, but excellent for newcomers or even people considering picking up Dragalia Lost. 

Today a second video followed, covering Upgrading and Unbinding. With their daily uploading pattern, we can likely expect more official tutorial videos, in which case this page will be updated as a resource for new players. 

Building the Best Teams in Dragalia Lost

This one covers the game as a whole, with team building being at the center of all game mechanics:

  • Might, equipment, stats, and elements
  • Wyrmprint and Weapon Skills/Abilities
  • Shapeshifting and Dragon Mechanics such as Bond, Shapeshift Time and Shapeshift Prep
  • Examples of Wyrmprints and Abilities, including weapon or element-conditional effects
  • Summoning, dupes and Eldwater
  • Multiplayer modes such as Co-Op and Raids

Keys To Upgrading and Unbinding

This one serves a similar purpose to our own Might Progression Guide. It covers a lot of ground in five minutes, making it a great resource for new players. 

  • Unbinding purpose and how-to
  • Sunlight Ores and how to get them 
  • Experience, items, Mana Circles, and functions of Eldwater
  • Force Strikes: how to unlock, and what they do in battle (Break Shields and bonus Overdrive damage)
  • Weapon Crafting and tiers
  • Halidom and Facility Bonuses
  • Description of the format and purposes of Raids, Imperial Onslaught, Void Battles and Advanced Dragon Trials

Many details in this video aren't common knowledge from simply playing the game-- Force Strikes are tricky to master, and Sunlight Stones are quite mysterious in the beginning. Getting this knowledge out to newbies (so they can contribute better in Co-Op) is super helpful!

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