Dragon unbinding

If i have 2 of the same 5* dragon, should i keep both? Or should i unbind one?

Asked by codelyoko163 years 6 months ago


That depends, if you already have 4 dragons of the same element, be they 4* or 5* then you can unbind it, otherwise, you can keep both copies and use them on different adventurers.

by 3DEric 3 years 6 months ago

As someone said the best option is unbind your dragon only if you got at least 3 4*/5* dragons to use in every elemental team.
If not, just wait until you got it ( and use the 5* dragons to enjoy her better bonus).

PD: don't lvl up that dragon cause it's gonna end as an unbind material (= any xp you use on him are useless and wasted). Just lvl up the dragon whose gonna be unbind.