It would be nice having a guide where you can get more mana, since each event do gave you some. Thank you

Asked by throughstars2 years 7 months ago


The only way you can get mana easily that i know of is through helper rewards and the daily 1500 mana from item summoning. Recently made 500 mana through helper cause im using a healer, seems that people perfer healers more than attack helpers but i guess its due to who's on doing which mission atm.

by Makina 2 years 7 months ago

You can try the really "iffy" method, it can get you tons of Mana but it's based on luck, Time and your commitment to get Mana.

Go to Avenue of Fortunes, and You need to find a "Rare enemy", there are 3 types/levels of this enemy, level 1 will give you the least but still many mana while level 3 will give you the most( I don't remember how many Mana which level of the rare enemy drops from memory I think at leasst 1k mana for the level 1).

Now the luck part, since this is a "rare enemy" it will or will not spawn during the quest(but most of the time it will not spawn) so just quit the quest and do it again( you won't lose stamina whne quitting if you don't know, and the rare enemy will spawn in the first map).

Now for the time and commitment part, This is where things get boring, since it will not spawn everytime you will have to restat every single time it does'nt spawn and this will take a lot of time to do, but it will use the least amount of resoures. so if you want those Mana just do it until you have enough but if you don't have the commitment or time then the next best thing is to achieve the daily endeavours and the rewards for helper.

The video can explain better:

by 3DEric 2 years 7 months ago

- Use the daily free pull in the store (+ 1 more with 50 wyrmite). It's usually a good profit + there are a quest that grants you 1500 mana with your first pull. (today i've got 8k mana just doing that).

- Run the xp trial (avenue of power) = 300-400 mana each time + stamina

- Feed your dragons in the roost (you can take so much mana in exchange of 0+1500+4k+8k+12k = 25.500 of gold). Btw ALWAYS use the
last gift (the expensive one) in the correct dragon. Check that link to solve that issue ==>

I think there are the most profit ways to grind mana (every way with more profit besides mana 3:D ).