What's the easiest way to get summon vouchers?

It never says,

Asked by High Midgardsormr3 years 4 months ago


Actually you can obtain three summon voucher per month (reward for the 10th day) by playing every day and that's it
For raid events they give 11 summon voucher and so far the only way to have chance to get one in a quest was to demolished Shishimai tail's during New Year event. And you can also wait a gift from the Dragalia team, they offer tenfold voucher or 1500 wyrmite sometime .

There's no way to farm summon vouchers/wyrmite otherwise everyone would be doing it and getting whatever units they wanted.

If you haven't already, clearing the story, clearing missions on all difficulties, and reading adventure stories are extra ways to get wyrmite.

After that, you're on the same boat as everyone else. Getting summons through daily endeavors, logins, event bonuses, and from the Dragalia team. No way to speed up or get more.

Actually that's wrong... Everyone can try to farm vouchers on certain events (like the actual A Clawful Caper).

There's obviusly a low rate but at the end there are farmeable. Certainly, there are a huge ammount of players farming the vouchers (just because using 10 1vouchers means higher rates in everybanner + random featured pulls on that 10 summons) x'D