FEH Content Update: 03/30/2020 - Mythic Hero (Bramimond: The Enigma)

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Content Summary

New Summonable Units:
Other Content:
  • New Weapons:
  • New Skills:
  • New Weapon Class:
  • New Legendary Hero Battle
    • The Enigma: Bramimond
  • New Tactic Drills:
    • Skill Studies 79: Double Trouble
  • New Special Map
    • Retrospective: Battle
    • (Note: This might be the 8-bit map found in the in-game files, for more details see the Maps & Misc. album down this page)
  • New Accesories
    • Golden Headpiece
    • 8-Bit Alfonse
    • 8-Bit Sharena
    • 8-Bit Anna
    • 8-Bit Messenger Owl
    • 8-Bit Messenger Chief
  • New Quest
    • Apr Quest
    • Cavalry Mastery
    • Bound Hero Battle (Jeorge & Gordin rerun)
    • Tap Battle - Daily
    • Voting Gauntlet
    • Apr Training
  • Space was alocated for 3 new Summoning Focuses.

New Unit Stats

Content Album

Maps and Misc.


(Note: This update assets will be includes on next's update Assets collection.)

Arena Season Bonus Heroes

Tempest Trials Bonus Heroes

(Note: No Tempest Trials+ bonus this update)

Aether Raids Season Bonus Heroes

(Note: No new AR bonus units this update)

Upcoming Røkkr Bosses

(Note: No new Røkkr Bosses included in this update.)


New Heroes

Bramimond: The Enigma

One of the Eight Legends who wielded a sacred weapon and fought against the dragons in the Scouring. Bramimond's true nature is unknown. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

VOICE: Yuri Lowenthal / Patrick Seitz / Wendee Lee / Ray Chase (Note: Bramimond has 80 lines instead of the usual 20, each line has 4 variations)

ILLUST: Wada Sachiko (ワダサチコ)

Internal Name: 神階ブラミモンド (Note: Shinkai Buramimondo, "God Bramimond")

Internal String: ch03_31_Bramimond_N_God01

Four-star unlock skill(s): Atk/Def Push 3 & Lull Atk/Res 3

New Weapons

絶無の書: Void Tome

絶無の書: Grants Atk+3. At start of combat, if foe's Atk ≥ 50 or if【Penalty】is active on foe, grants Atk/Def/Res+5 to unit during combat. At start of combat, if foe's Spd ≥ 35 or if【Penalty】 is active on foe, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.  【Penalty】 All effects that last "on foe through its next action." Includes penalties inflicted by a skill like Panic or Threaten and negative status effects (preventing counterattacks, restricting movement, or the effects of a skill like Triangle Adept or Guard).

  • SP: 400

  • Inheritance: Not inheritable

ロック: Stone

エルロック: Elstone

アトラース: Atlas

アトラース+: Atlas+

  • SP: 300

  • Inheritance: Colorless tome only. (Note: This is the Colorless Tome skill tree, no description since they're just normal weps.)

New Skills

攻撃守備の渾身4: Atk/Def Push 4

攻撃守備の渾身4: At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 25%, grants Atk/Def+7, but if unit attacked, deals 5 damage to unit after combat.

  • SP: 300

  • Inheritance: Inheritable by all units.

見通せぬ深き暗闇: Impenetrable Dark

見通せぬ深き暗闇: During combat, disables skills of all foes excluding foe in combat.

  • SP: 300

  • Inheritance: Can't be Inherited.

New Accesories

MDAID_白夜王妃の頭飾り・金: Golden Headpiece
MDAID_H_白夜王妃の頭飾り・金: Proof of victory over Mythic Bramimond.
MDAID_アルフォンスのモザイク: 8-Bit Alfonse
MDAID_H_アルフォンスのモザイク: An accessory made to look like an 8-bit rendition of Alfonse.
MDAID_シャロンのモザイク: 8-Bit Sharena
MDAID_H_シャロンのモザイク: An accessory made to look like an 8-bit rendition of Sharena.
MDAID_アンナのモザイク: 8-Bit Anna
MDAID_H_アンナのモザイク: An accessory made to look like an 8-bit rendition of Anna.
MDAID_伝書フクロウのモザイク: 8-Bit Messenger Owl
MDAID_H_伝書フクロウのモザイク: An accessory made to look like an 8-bit rendition of Feh.
MDAID_局長のモザイク: 8-Bit Messenger Chief
MDAID_H_局長のモザイク: An accessory made to look like an 8-bit rendition of Fehnix.

New Special Map?

MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0371: Retrospective
MID_STAGE_V0371: Battle

New Legendary Hero Battle

MID_STAGE_HONOR_L0025: The Enigma
MID_STAGE_L0025: Bramimond

New Tactic Drills

Skill Studies 79: Double Trouble

New Quests


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