Chapter 11-2E: Plan of Attack

Possible Drops:


Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Capture Command Post

S-Rank Condition: Kill 6 enemies in 7 Turns

Thank you to @Owls#1086 for help with Clear Condition Translations

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Combat Echelons, Level 90 5x Linked
    • 1 Capable of Fighting Doppelsoldners
  • 2 Dummy Echelons

Clear Steps

This map is one giant AI manipulation puzzle. One wrong step will BRICK your clear, so be careful. Outside of 1 Doppel near the HQ the fighting on the map is mostly against Strelets. Those deathstack Uhlans have maxed out Shields, and should not, under any circumstance be engaged. Besides that, pay careful attention to controlling the various RO635 Units scattered about the map, and this challenge becomes a straightforward one. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. Move up one node, and Deploy a second Combat Echelon behind them. 

Now, we need to configure the RO635's. For Turn 1, set all RO635 Allies to Standby. Make sure that your RO635's are configured correctly before ending each turn, or this map will brick. 


Turn 2

We will set up the RO's at the start of this turn. 

First, set the two RO's Shown here to Eliminate Enemies.

Upper 2 RO to Eliminate

Next, set the RO to the right of hte Command Post to Capture Command Post.

Command Post RO to Capture CP


Move the upper Combat Echelon up one node, right one node, and up again. Swap with the allied RO, then move right one further node. 


Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the now vacant Heliport. 

Verify that you have correctly set the AI on the RO's and end your turn. 

Turn 3


The upper Combat Echelon will now run a marathon. Move right one node, down two nodes, swapping with the RO on the way. Move right one node, down one node, and right two more. 


Swap as needed to position the left Combat Echelon on the heliport, then move up one node. 


Deploy a second dummy Echelon on the now-empty Heliport. 

RO AI settings

Set the RO on the Heavy Heliport to Standby.


Turn 4


The Combat Echelon on the right should move to the right one node and defeat the Strelet. 


Having defeated the Strelet, the right Combat Echelon should move left, and down one node each to defeat another Strelet, as well as bait an Uhlan out of position. 



The Combat Echelon on the left will now run a marathon. Move them to the right two nodes, down one node, right one node, down one node, and then right two nodes. If using planning mode, be careful it doesn't run you into an Uhlan. 

RO AI Settings

CentralRoGoestoDieSet the bottom-center RO to Eliminate Enemies. 

Turn 5


Send your Combat Echelon up, left twice, down twice to punch the Gundam, and finally left two more nodes to the Command Post.

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