Continuum Turbulence All-in-One Farming Guide

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All-in-One Farming Guide

3/2 update: Added the CT Farming Companion Guide.

2/28 update: Added a low requirement A-91 farming route. 

2/21 update: Added an improved Python 1-9 farming route to the Efficient Paths section. 

2/20 update: Added the A-91 budget farming route. 

2/19 update: Added the M870 1AR Drag budget farming route and Crate Farming infographic. 

GFL YouTuber Ceia has again delivered an impressive farming guide for Continuum Turbulence, this time covering every single farmable drop in the EN CT event. 

For Crate Farming, use E1-B1 "Goodbye, Scarecrow"


M870 (E1-10) - 0:00

Python (E1-9 Full Map Clear) - 4:24

Python (E1-9 Non-Map Clear, Auto Resupply Required) - 9:20

Python (E3-9 High Requirement) - 12:43

HK21 (E1-8) - 15:03

OTs-14 (E1-7) - 18:32

ART556 (E1-6) - 22:00

Mk12 (E1-B1) 25:05

Thunder (E1-4) - 26:41

CZ2000 (E1-3) - 28:06

CZ2000 (E2-1) - 30:06

A-91 (E2-3) - 32:32

Companion Guide

GFEN Discord user default#8229 has further optimized a couple of the routes shown in the All-in-One Farming Guide video, covering improved routing for: 

  • M870 (E1-10: Darkest Desire)
  • Python (E1-9: Neural Fragments)
  • HK21 (E1-8: Sangvis Elite Outpost)
  • OTs-14 (E1-7: Fortunate?)
  • Thunder (E1-4: Reserve Outpost)

Click the banner below to check it out!


The one Limited Drop T-Doll in CT who should be farmed no matter what is Python - while it's not particularly worthwhile to dupe many of her, having at least one Python opens up a huge number of options for any commander due to her insane strength that is known in CN to have revolutionized the HG class - every HG after Python has done something unique and powerful, but few have come close.

If you want to know more, check out this short guide showcasing Python's strengths and ideal team compositions!

Alternate Low-Cost Paths

Some alternate, low-cost farming paths that'll save a lot of resources will be listed here as they are found! The requirements are going to be a little higher, so they're geared towards fairly established commanders.

Check out their videos below showcasing the clear routes. 

Improved Python 1-9 1ARx2 Farm Route

The recommended farming route for 1-9 has been improved by neokai after some testing. It offers a slightly higher S-rank probability because you half-stopper the mob between the 2 routes, and 
it also includes an extra planning phase to catch potential leaks (50/50 it is the one at the far right or the enemy between the 2 routes).

Python 1RF Corpse Drag by PD Negev


  • 2RF, 4HG (corpses), Level 90x5 maxed equips
  • 5★ Command/Artillery Fairy with damage talent for AFK
M870 1AR Drag (8 fights, 5 checks)


  • 2AR, 8HG 90x5 max gold equipment
A-91 Low Requirement Auto Farm (2-4 checks)


  • 2 echelons that can fight E1-5 enemies (x3/x4 Dummy Link)

This route is useful for commanders who cannot farm E2-3; deploy both echelons, then set them on planning mode as follows.

Credit to /u/Sakamoto_Dess for discovering and sharing this route

When planning ends, spawn a Dummy Echelon on HQ, swap with Echelon 2, then retreat both combat echelons before restarting the map to try again.

A-91 Drag (1-2 fights, 1-2 checks)


  • Carcano M91/38 OR any RF and high damage aura fairy
  • 3x HG corpse buffers
  • M16A1 with at least 10 Armor

Alternatively, M4A1 Mod II or above can do this with 2 HG buffers and any fairy (slightly cheaper but more repairs). 

M4A1 Drag formation for A-91 Farm
If you're unsure which units are worth farming, please check out the guide below.

Crate Farming

Supply Boxes (crates) are only awarded for defeating enemy BOSS units in event stages. 

The recommended 60 crate daily farm is clearing E1-B1 10 times. It is a 3-fight, 2-turn map that can be done fairly easily with 1AR 1HG