Costume Shilling #1: Why Does This Exist

Hello everyone. This whole idea can be blamed on me, so go flame me in the Gamepress Discord if you want to scream at someone for this whole idea.
Welcome to the GamePress Costume Shilling Panel (Title Pending, thanks Doc)! Here, we're going to shill (or mercilessly hate) on the various costume gachas that are going to be released. Or in this case, have released. It's ok, life happens. We'll get the next one out on time.
This was supposed to be out before the gacha started, but personal life took over. Sorry. Anyway, let's jump in with introductions.
I'm Docanon. Not many people know me, but I've been on GamePress for a while. I like to think of myself as a tryhard ranker, but my fuckup during SC Ranking shows I'm EN. I'm a fan of Groza, so expect me to auto-shill her skins. I also play various other gacha games like Fate/Grand Order and Arknights!

Hi, am Soulmuse, or Soul, or Muse. Purveyor of KSG propaganda and otherwise advocate for under appreciated Dolls. Been playing gfl since a couple weeks after EN launch. GFL Gamepress team lead and the writer walkthroughs and the occasional Doll page. I periodically stream ranking attempts (97th iso, missed SC Top by ~20k), and write fanfics on the side. One day I will get MICA to remember KSG exists and give her a skin. One day

Hello, I am Schneeheide. Usually people call me Schnee. You probably can't pronounce my name either way. I joined GP because Ari dragged me in not too long ago but I mostly lurk in the shadows so chances are you don't know me.

Generally I support in small ways like proof-reading and making sure left&right aren't messed up. But back in the day when I was writing guides for something else, it often happened to me that I messed that up too, so better double-check yourself!

Ah, you might have heard some of my GFL Piano Arrangements. I suppose these would count as my main contribution?

However, it's quite a tedious task and requires a lot of time, so I only finish projects really slowly. Still, a lot of people expressed their enjoyment listening to them, which made me really happy!

I will try to continue working from the shadows. hides away


GFL piano arrangements?! Wou were the one that did that cover for SC?



I idolise you, I love that cover!

I think I'll cry

Please standby, Adam is dying
ahem Hello there. My name's Adamasturia, or Adam for short. I'm your average mengxin that came to GP to stalk Doc help out and spread the love for our kawaii hard worker LWMMG

Schneeheide's totally my idol btw. Lovely gfl covers

Hello~ I'm Mars, I'm on the GP team and I handle Lore Writing™️ and Lore Archival™️ of newly released information for Project Neural Cloud and Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium. I am the self-proclaimed High Priest of the Church of Nyto (Rights Reserved.) People called me a degen when they were first released, now I am a pioneer of culture. Architect is best girl!
Hakurai I am. UMP40 is yes. Cerberus yes too.
Hi hi!

I'm Arikira, I Write guides, test guides and create content for Girls' Frontline GamePress (soon also PNC), I also Stream on Twitch from time to time. I have loved this game since the start and I'm still here handholding and helping others.

Also Grape and WelMod3 are best!

Hi. I am RedFerrari1998, just call me Red. I write crap for GamePress. I'm technically not even on the Girls Frontline team there but we'll overlook that right now. I wrote the Duping Guide and that Neural Upgrade Priority Guide, as well as several other doll pages. Other than that, I am just a bloke that simps for good raifus and enjoys GFL. Also, leading collection ranking competitor...but DP-12 has fucked me over in that regard right now...grrrrr.
Doc's ded

I'm overthrowing him then. Time to lead this shill to the path of hornt

Overthrow me, and I'll boot your butt out so fast-
Boot me uwu
a few moments later

You lil shit

Hey, you said to boot you

Anyway, Doc's busy RIP Doc so I'm the one currently malding over HTML writing this up. Hope y'all enjoy this shilling

And remember, Groza sucks heh

AA-12 Smokeless Lollipop

first skin for shillin'
So, hornis and hornts, for our first contender, AA-12
I have only 1 word for this skin... CUTE!

The hair, her smile, the outfit.. looks more like she's going swimming but who cares it's cute!

The only problem that I have with it is, her Damage Art, her body seems a bit too... slim?

Makes it look really weird. I also can't really tell, but her spine doesn't seem like it's doing well.

AA12 has an ass? thinks

I am curious, what does the shotgun itself say?

"Load me with candy before bed or I load you with slugs"
I'll [REDACTED] instead
If I was told MICA switched the summer skin and the pajama skin I wouldn’t be surprised. This skin is here to show us that, despite looking like a crackhead, AA-12 can be incredibly cute and horni. She’s also here as a great contender to “best ass in the game”, posing a threat to AR-15 and Groza
Don't you dare touch her, Matt!

She comes with big sis Schneeheide to get a comfy blanket.

don’t worry, I’ll [REDACTED] else
Putting aside my massive bias against AA-12, I will admit that this is a good skin. This is probably my favourite rendition of AA-12, as she has a cute outfit and smile. Plus I like the hairstyle. This is likely the only time you'll hear me liking AA-12 in some way lmao.
Massive bias?
It's a long, tiring, and ultimately petty and boring story.

A.K.A. smth smth AA-12 probably delayed Saiga-12's release for 10 months smth smth Saiga one of my favourite dolls

Remember, never mess with a shikikan's dearly loved waifu
This skin makes her look really cute and precious. Just adorable.

Really would expect her to sit at the beach instead of a sleepover but alright.

Damage art needs a blanket to cover her up or she gets sick while dreaming of sweets.

I’m sure that she’s dreaming of loading us with lead

hornt alert

I will protect her from all of you
I’m just gonna dismantle her

villain detected

shocked unintelligble noises
Oi doc, you’re supposed to dismantle Groza from going too hard, not kawaii-12
Ofc I’ll do it to Groza. But 12? Ez. Grabs wrench
This is also my favorite costume of the bunch, because I love AA-12 and I also love AA-12's ass.

Plus the gun itself is fuckin cool

AA-12 pajama skin is actually my favourite from the batch. Mostly cause MW3 reasons.

Whenever I saw the AA I always grabbed it, regardless of my secondary. One of my favourite guns from MW series.

The skin itself is ok, but I wish it wasn’t overly fanservice in her damaged, though that kills the point of damaged art.

I don’t think her damaged exaggerates on the fanservice. Sure her ass is heavenly nice but, on this batch, it has the best balance of fanservice
I think this is my favourite of the batch as well.

Its clean, cute, and comfy.

Jolyne hair is cute.

Sweet dreams

P30 Devil's Ring Pop

second skin shill
I do not like it, for obvious reasons.

ahem I would concur, in the sense that it is a little too exposing.

Maybe a little less exposure and I would simp for it.

Still, licking intensifies

Need to do horni exposure to hide the fact that she’s an awful, MICA forgotten HG

So chances are that, unless you like her for some reason, do meme teams with her, or is Hassium the mad bomb defuser, you’ll see this skin, think horni, and move along

Never cared for P30, nor does this skin make me care for her. I don't really have anything interesting to even say on this front, I simply don't really like it. It's still better than the NS2000 skin for me, but that's not saying much.
Weird appearance overall. With her hair flying all over the place she looks kinda fluffy, but I just don't like her outfit. The jigsaw puzzle pattern looks nice but that's about it.
This one's full of Jojo references, like the pose itself, and the bandaids. the characters referenced include Mista Guido, Trish Una, and Yoshikage Kira.

The fist icon on the bottom of the jacket is joestar references, the inside of her jacket is a kill la kill reference to the appearance of life fibres.

Also, not really a fan of P30, but the 416 sleep mask is 10/10



Wait, she’s has bandages on her?!
Clearly I did not appreciate her legs enough
Do you even legs bro
I would add that Hassium likely appreciates this skin.

For, obvious, Hass-like reason.

long live Nyatle

My inner JoJo is screaming yes, but the rest of me says no. I like the skin for that alone, but nothing else really.
She looks like a zoomer.
Ok boomer.

A91 Inflammable Oolong Tea

skin shill three
She plays the innocent drunkard as a cute teddy bear (but since she always drinks she's not really drunk) and lures you in with alcohol so you let your guard down only to reveal her true form as BDSM player.

Will dominate you

bdsm hornt alert

As the resident alcoholic, I disagree. If you always drink, you are always drunk - but you are able to disguise it quite well.

alcoholic alert, don't try this at home, shikikans

Cute drunk but I really don't like the damage art outfit at all.
Note: Ari does not do super tight fitting clothing


Arikira is afraid of commie badasses
I just don't like it. Like, I don't really like the clothes she's using
It is disturbing to think that she was wearing that under a teddy hoodie
I guess we know what type of sleepover she had in mind
Vodka and stealing a bank sleepover?
More like CBT, and not the Theater type

hornt spotted

You mean Communist Bondage Time?

s--tposter spotted

A91 and her surprise drunken gun boxing outfit. Her damage art is surprisingly not horny, it reminds me of DEFY damage arts
This skin is fairly ok but nothing special to me. I like that they maintained A-91 starting 'drunk' and going crazy in the damaged art. This is a rare example of where I like the damaged art more than the normal, which I think has a pretty cool vibe to it even with the... interesting choice of outfit. Explosions ftw!
I just don't understand how this is supposed to be related to a sleepover, especially that big explosion in the background
Have you never had a sleepover where someone literally fucking dies in a grenade explosion?
What sort of boring sleepovers you all have been having? A-91 is the type of friend that you get drunk with then get into a Russian mafia standoff. Of course, a sleepover with her would entail explosions outside of bed
This is one of my favorite damaged arts from one of my favorite GFL artists. I hope erocow draws Welrod in a latext bodysuit one day

Also, armpits licking intensifies

Oh, you're one of those guys huh... Could you please kindly explain the armpit fetish to me? I do not get it. At all.
Armpit fetish: Area that is an sensitive area for nearly everyone + source of natural body aroma. Peak degeneracy to fetishize something completely normal. Especially potent fetish when combined with the "looking at you like trash" trope

omega degen alert

A few (but actually many) moments later...

...The fuck did you overly horny bastards get into this time?!?! Y'all mfs need some fuckin' anti-horny pills, this shit's goin' straight to omakes!
That is why this is better managed under me or Soul.

There is plenty of content. What we are giving you now is called fillet*


And there’s no one saying you can’t take over for me. Time to fillet myself
Time to go commit Mandatory Karmotrine
No you don’t.

I think for this one the shitpost section will just be everyone: Devolves into fetish discussion. I’m not sure if I have the strength to pick out good shitposts from here. Also, Holy f--- I love this skin. Both arts. Adorable drunk and action hero in a suit. Heels. ‘Nuff said.

Editorial Note: Doc really likes CBT, and not the Theater kind.
Wrong, I am a LEGS person smh. I also like white hair or similar shades
But... Heels would mean you are....
It's a joke you dodo
I love how an image can be understood as an insult. And I also love how Doc ended up being right. I'll be dreaming of GP Dialogues this night instead of dreaming a soothing night with LWMMG.

But at 3:30am what even is sleep?

NS2000 Hundred Flavours Curry Bunny

fourth skin shill
NS2000. Will this skin finally give relevance to this 3 star SG? don't count on it
I think NS2000 herself is cute, but this skin is just not good in my opinion. I'm fine with some fanservice, but to have her boobs so randomly on display outside of the onesie is not appealing. I also don't like the onesie itself, mainly the comically oversized hands. Overall the weakest of the batch for me, hard pass.
Not a fan of the doll and this skin sadly doesn't change that at all. It is kind of cute, but too Horny, and I also don't like her clothes at all.
The swimsuit for me feels out of place
That isn't a swimsuit...
Like, I get it. Swimsuits are effectively waterproof versions of undergarments, but still. No way that is anything other than a training bra, or a swimsuit.
I think this is classic “no one remembers that doll so let’s give a horni skin” type, and despite having some fondness for her from my BF bad company times that skin doesn’t appeal to me at all. I agree with Matt, that does look like a swimsuit.

Okay, that is a fair point too.
The small bunny keychain is cute. The black bunny plushie is cute. The carrot on her back is cute. Her outfit is not cute.
Delicious, very on the nose "[REDACTED]" energy

omega hornt spotted

It’s bad, has a nonsense design, and the fanservice isn’t good. 3/10.

PA-15 Marvellous Herb Cake

Aight. I believe PA-15’s pyjama is an appeal to a subtler horni in her default skin. Her damaged skin is the usual [REDACTED]. Her normal art, on the other hand, has a lot of appeal to it. The semi-transparent pyjama, feeding indecency to the minds of the horni, as if they are at a hair’s length of showing us [REDACTED], her uwu expression paired with the blue, rectangle glasses, giving us that smart, cheeky girl vibe. The controller on her hand and the monitor alluring to the ideal of a cute gamer girl, and to top the cake, that little thigh band telling us [REDACTED]. PA-15 is the perfect juxtaposition that I might as well throw out my self-respect through the window and throw my money at her. 9/10.
As far as her skins go, I think it's the best one (not that that's saying much). It's an overall fairly cute outfit, I like the glasses and expression, and I enjoy all the nice little details such as the monitor. It's nothing I would personally pull for, but it's a nice skin nevertheless.
So Red’s into glasses heh
Her skin is an exception for once, not too horny and it's pretty cute. Her outfit is really cute too, a good sleepover outfit, the glasses only make her look even better!

This skin is "Just right", the perfect balance of cute and not too horny.

In this circumstance, I would say that PA15 could share a bed with me without causing any hornt syndrome.

But if she wanted too...well. wink

degen alert

All I want to say is that the glasses enhance her cuteness and hotness by 158% and I certainly succumb to her smug aura.
PA-15’s smug is big “dom me uwu” vibes
Glasses are really versatile. First, you can have glasses-wearing girls take them off and suddenly become beautiful, or have girls wearing glasses flashing those cute grins, or have girls stealing the protagonist's glasses and putting them on like, "Haha, got your glasses!' That's just way too cute! Also, boys with glasses! I really like when their glasses have that suspicious-looking gleam, and it's amazing how it can look really cool or just be a joke. I really like how it can fulfil all those abstract needs. Being able to switch up the styles and colours of glasses based on your mood is a lot of fun too! It's actually so much fun! You have those half rim glasses, or the thick frame glasses, everything! It's like you're enjoying all these kinds of glasses at a buffet. Don't. You. Think. We. Really. Need. To. Officially. Give. Everyone. Glasses?

glass fetishist spotted

Glasses is the universal improver of everything in life. I stand with Mars
I stand with Mars as well
I like glasses because I wouldn't see shit without them. Also, they look nice.
Glasses are a force to be reckoned with.

Imagine a life without glasses. No glasses to help you read. No glasses to block off the sun. No glasses to give your waifu ara ara vibes, no glasses for that cute kouhai to, quoting Mars, go “haha, got your glasses!”

This happened to me in middle school. She ran off down the hall and I was left there blind. Unable to see shit.
I don’t know if I consider you lucky or if I feel sorry for you. Time to do both. I feel sorry for you, you lucky brainlet
Она тоже не говорила по-английски. (She did not speak English either)
Aight, you’re definitely lucky, getting dom-ed by a Russian(?)
Personally, I’ve never been a fan of PA-15. See, the main problem is everywhere that’s not her non-damaged face, this whole area disgusts me. I’m also not a fan of her damaged art, but I’m mainly worried about her normal art. Now her face, I like it. Glasses are always alike of mine GROZA GLASSES PLLLS, and that can stay fine.
Tororo: good

MAO: good

PA-15 skins are therefore always good

And you sir are way too horni
Not sure what you expected from the pioneer of nyto simping
Oh no. So it was YOU
smugness increases
First thought, "oh, this skin isn't too bad, she looks comfy"

Second thought, "wait, is it semi-transparent?!"

Hakurai is noticing the number of fetishes crammed into one single costume pog
there are more layers of fetishes in this skin than there are materials

it took too many brain cells to come up with that pseudo-profound statement

I see Hakurai is a degen of culture as well
Update: ever since I got this skin I've thoroughly succumbed to her smug aura and even started raising her
PA-15 has captured Schnee
Tbh her stun skill is nice. She can stun me too
Fucking horny
Smh doc. Horni shaming on Horni Chamber
What in the fuck? I can't believe this, you already have a new waifu?
I mean if we are talking waifus, Winter Wa has always been my waifu smug

Update 2: Just got her to level 90. How is this skin so godly?

uber obega hornt detected

Because it has to compensate for every other skin being, uh. problematic
Not problematic, just an oBega appeal to EN's most basic state: hornt
No, definitely problematic because they ruin the reputation of my gamer waifu
Kuh! Kisamaaaa!!! ONORE!!! ORE NO GAMER WAIFU WA SAIKOU! While you studied the hornt, I studied with glasses. And now you're saying she has a hornier skin? Teme! SHINDAZOU!


omake costume shillin #1
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