Costume Shilling #5 Part 1: "M4 Team"


Hello, and welcome to the long-awaited Anni shilling edition! Some of you may have spotted Destination wildly appearing on our last shilling. So, let’s have him introduce himself.

Hi, I'm Destination. I'm a regular human being that likes a few T-Dolls way more than anyone has the right to. I have no powers or abilities, only a passive that lets me ramble on and on in impeccably grammatically correctly written sentences that may inflict Acute Alliterative Agony on the reader. Also I can be too horny to be left alive, thank you for having me.

Also known as Adam's kouhai

Well, we have another degen man of culture among us. Looking forward to seeing what he'll bring to the table.

Please let’s not start a degen convo right off the bat, otherwise Haku’s going to bonk all of us.
Well, Destination has been presented, so, let’s get this shilling started!

M4A1 'Suspender of Time'

M4A1 M4A1 M FOOOUUUURRRR Anyway, I don’t need to look at the video to know she’s the cutest and needs love the most, out of all AR team members.
Well, that was certainly a way to open up the shilling. Anyway, we have as our first shill our dearest protag, the edgelord, the one and only, M4A1.

Okay, this skin basically showed what we never saw in M4, as in her curvy body, those legs, smooth skin, as if she let go of her war crime mode and decided to wind down for once. Now, her purple-bluish dress fits very well with her hair color. It, looks very vibrant, elegant, and gorgeous, those are silk, aren't they?

A hip accessory on her left thigh is like a crown, pretty, and it doesn't choke her hips at all, good good. Her hairdo also, simple but elegant, and I just can't stress enough how good her legs look in this skin. Wait she wears gloves? Ooh, that added more appeal to her. While many said her chest looks to be nerfed, I think those are still large enough.
All in all, this skin, I love it very much.

Ok hear me out: I always loved butterflies, even in real life, I've always liked to see the motives of their wings. So seeing a butterfly themed skin will ALWAYS make me happy just to see the details on their wings, it can really take me 15min when i'm getting in.
I always hated M4A1. I hate almost everything about her personality, but I can't deny that she is incredibly beautiful as a woman, even if she doesn't enter my ultra secret bedroom (y'know, the room where my beloved dolls fulfil all my fetishes).

Now, we combine the two. A beautiful but hate-able doll with something that can obsess me for hours.
M4 is undeniably and incredibly sexy, those black and dark blue dresses fit her perfectly, but that might just be me liking dark tones. I don't have much else to say, except about the thing on her left thigh (i don't know how we call that in english) which reminds me of a french activity during weddings, where a blindfolded man has to take down a piece of tissue placed exactly there on a dressed women with his teeth. I'm not describing it really well, but it's kinda like that.

The L2D (I think it's simplified and not pure L2D?) isn't that good, like, meh. TL;DR: Would [REDACTED] her so wild she can't walk.

No no no no, black dress fits because of her fair skin, and I think I'll [REDACTED] her as well.
The problem with that kind of comment is that... it fits pretty much all dolls, even the dark skinned ones.
Agreed, I realized after I typed that. But... maybe because she has dark hair as well, dark light dark contrast.

>I don't have much else to say, except about the thing on her left thigh.

Isn't that the thigh garter strap?

I think not, more like a ring or crown, but you don't wear them there.
Definitely some kind of thigh strap.
It’s going off her thigh anyway on my [REDACTED].

The defination of garter

I think I just like dark colors, but if her suit was white I’m pretty sure it would work either way.
So basically M4’s wedding band? Can I bite it with my teeth? I’ll get a handful of her thighs as well.
Anything can be a wedding dress if you’re fine with it.
So she’ll [REDACTED]. Yes I’m horny for M4.
Crally, you’re too horny in general.
Maybe in general, but not in skin shilling. Except for M4, she’s an exception.
Crally’s fine, We can always just bonk him with horny bat.
I might be horny but I’m not into that… Anyway, M4’s the best of this batch, followed by KSVKnee-san.

Crally and Sheele delve into a horny ranking skin tier ranking discussion.

Not gonna lie and say that I’m not happy this skin is here. Time to [REDACTED].

M4 anni skin came off as a big surprise to me. I admit I only oathed her to rush her mod 3 (whereas my soppo and 15 oaths came from genuine affection), and I never cared much for her looks (since her default and mod were okay, sorta pretty and cute, but nothing attention-grabbing) and M4's as a character is trashy until ch10 imo.

Then suddenly she gets a mod that shows off the assets she has been hiding until now, on top of a fairly confident demeanor on her default, and an innocent look on her damaged art. In my book, she went from zero to hero on this skin, and that's why I'm gonna buy her.

Besides, she has the perfect body type in my books. Chest is just the right alley to me, and she has lovingly looking thighs.

I keep my explanations Short, Sweet, full of Booze and Cigarette smoke;


Now that Crally and Sheele stopped overflowing the shilling with hornt, it’s time for me to do my shilling for real.
I've been a sucker for blue dresses ever since Queen In Radiance came to me. So M4's dress elevates her appeal by, like, an order of magnitude. Not that it was very much to begin with…
I'm obligated to say that her thighs are the first thing I laid my eyes on. Honest to god. M4's ass...ets are flaunted here for devastating effect, laying waste to her usual business-as-usual demeanor and signifying that she's open for...collection? Like all those beautiful butterflies behind her? I'd definitely pin her on a [REDACTED]. I mean, glass casing. Oh sorry, why can't I hold all this horny?
Damaged art animation is actually damned cool - now all those butterflies are being set free, coming to life, and I believe it represents the loss all Commanders face if they scrap their M4s. Fools. At least [REDACTED] her first.

Mate, those thighs. Can you honestly not be ensnared by them? Like, we knew M4 had good legs from a few of her event wallpapers and such, but this skin put AK-12 to shame big time. Can’t hold the horni because M4 has an innocent inviting look on her face, as if she wants you to look at her and notice her as a woman.
Adam, I’ll be taking a few days off shilling, for [REDACTED] time with M4.

Alright time to start my shillings, time to start my hornts. Good place to start innit, with the basically protag of GFL.

So I like M4A1 a lot and this skin is very beautiful without being overly complex or overdesigned. In particular, I love the underside of the dress that looks like a celestial view. The dark blue of the dress really suits M4A1 and I enjoy all the little detailing. I never expected M4A1 to be one really into butterfly collecting though, but it's a nice motif I suppose. While I'm not a big damaged art guy, I gotta give credit where credit is due, the damaged art is really good here too.

Will I get this package? Probably not. M4A1 already has the free bunny skin which I really enjoy as well, so I'll likely just stick to that. Top quality skin regardless.

Even if M4 bunny gives us a peek at her panty, this skin is leagues above it. How can you not be enthralled by her thighs? You, a thigh man. My comrade in thighs!!!
I love this skin, but not enough over the bunny one for the price to be worth it for me.
So you into bunnies.
I do not wish for M4 to be horny. I just want her to be happy. And she’s happy in the bunny skin.
M4's skin might be the only one I'll get. And, of course, next year her marching band skin.
I just noticed that Soul has surprisingly a lot to say about M4. You've been warned, Shikikans. Uploading Soul has regrets!

So, I originally intended to write an entire essay about this skin, because this is the one that makes all my ranting about theme and stuff later on actually make sense, if you assume that anything I intended to say in that essay actually you know, made the first lick of sense.

However, time is not my friend, nor is it my will to live, and I don't have time to go back and scour the story for the relevant bits to actually make such an essay make sense, so you'll have to make do with just the unsourced cliff notes. The basic gist of the argument was that while the butterfly motif has largely been applied more to 40/45 than M4 in story, in terms of being the small catalyst for a lot of things changing (the old if a butterfly flaps its wings it causes a hurricane thing), I think it fits M4 in more literal sense, as the person whose sort of driven the the development of several other characters via her actions and in-actions. Thus, M4 has the butterfly accessories, and the other AR team members have the flower accessories (also something something matching color something something). There's also something tied up in butterfly collecting but research takes time.

In terms of the actual skin, best M4 skin, hands down. Biggest 'complaint', eyes are drawn to her legs, not her face. Much like M16 later on, the dress has a really nice in/out color scheme, also I'm a super for darker hues of blue, and the slightly night sky motif to the inner pattern is great, insert theme rant about something here (either dreams or searching here, I can probably successfully land either one). Design of the dress is solid, I'm like 70% sure I've seen an actually dress with almost this exact design, which sounds like a critique, but I actually like that it feels like a believable thing that someone would actually wear to a formal event, even if I don't see a lot of people deliberately sitting to show off quite that much leg.

The rest of it's just sort of a whole package, there's a much more subtle confidence to this skin than a lot of M4's skins that really helps to sell it, (Regular is more unsure of herself, Bunny is more happy and carefree, Mod is similar to this one, but I get more of a 'I can kick somethings ass' vibe from mod, while this one is more confidence in herself, but that's a subtle line). I defy you tell me that personality/expression wise, M4 at story start could pull this dress off, because I'd say a significant part of why it works is that fact that she's portrayed as far more confident, and self assured. (cue long rant about body language here, and a side rant about me sounding like a shitty tabloid). If we take these to be post MS it's an interesting little character development nod, please excuse me, I need to go have a writerly scream into my pillow. 

This is also probably one of my favorite Damaged arts in the game, much like with the EM-2 one I first went on a tirade about, it's got more story to it than the usual ones, and again, there is a lot I want to say a lot about meaning and themes and character, and I wrote the next paragraph before this one and I'm almost at the 2k character limit for discord again oh fuck.

It's also interesting that the 3 other OG AR members all share some color/motif/design element with this skin, (Blue: Star, Black: SOP(also shares a bit of the night sky motif in her bottom skirt layer)/16(also shares the dual layer motif)), whereas M4 and RO share accessories instead (all of RO's hair pins/clips are butterflies, RO's armband is the same sorta style as M4''s not a garter exactly, but and calling it a thigh band is wrong, so we'll go with garter, and a few other accents on RO's dress match up. It's just neat bits of theming between all of them, and again, there's a lot of metatextual nonsense to fit into this that time and space don't allow for.

Approximately 3840 characters later a man realizes he has made the category error of saying 'no essay' and writing an essay anyways. Bottom line, fantastic skin, layers and layers of stuff to talk about, lots of random little bits of stuff that I could sit here and rant about for days and days and days. And really is the cliffnotes version, there's a lot more about just the bare bones design I have irrational affection for.

TL:Soul is a windbag: Amazing dress, a lot of (probably non-existent) theming and touches. Best M4 skin good luck making a better one MICA, give EN the dupe M4 damn you.

I feel in M4's case, being drawn to her thighs is an upside rather than a downside. Might be me, but until this skin, I never quite saw her as a woman. As a protagonist, yes. As an edgy teen, yes. As a cute cinnamon bun, yes. As the old "IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER" Linkin Park meme, yes. But as a woman, who can be attractive, depending on your preferences, not quite. Until now.

>I don't see a lot of people deliberately sitting to show off quite that much leg.
Groza would like to talk to you.

So now that Soul killed you all with his nerding, here's my tl;dr on M4 before we move to the next skin: Skin’s ok. Not a fan of the AR team skins in general because GEM PRICE. It’s just unfortunate they got linked with my wife.

M4 SOPMOD II 'Devourer of the Feast'

I’ll steal the opener from Adam to say: I remember when this skin had nipples.

You mean an areola? I think I recall that.
Tbh with how this dress is made, I can believe they’d end up showing. It’s almost a nip slip waiting to happen.

I think Soppo’s kinda.. flat? Maybe it’s just me.

I want Soppo [REDACTED].

Soppo's boob size is hella inconsistent. If you look at her default, then at her mod, then at her bunny, then at this, they all looks like they have different boob sizes. At most default and this one seems to be consistent somewhat?

I really like Soppo as a character (and I hella ship her with Roro) but I'm kinda on the fence on this one. The dress is certainly pretty, and the wine-ish coloured tights are certainly unusual (and a big plus in my book). But, for some odd reason, I don't think the dress fits her much. And I may be biased by her thigh gap on her mod skin. So I might not end up picking this one

I have not much to comment about this skin, considering I don't really like her. (But I like her cheerful personality, funny to see).

Now, there's a good color combination in it. Black and magenta combination, plus her bleached pink hair, it fits so well. In any case, her skin has to contain red, and this red has a pretty red. Her skin looks like a wine bottle, and look at that gun, OOOOH, as if it came from an FPS' gun skin bundle.

Now her damaged.... Hmm.... I don't quite have the words to say, I have an idea but I don't know what to say. It looks good for sure.... Maybe I'll just say she stays well clothed, socks aside, and how does that wine bottle get there? SOP unexpectedly has quite the thighs as well.

She's platinum blonde AAAA



Yes. It's the red streak confusing your eyes, making it seem more red/pink than it actually is. The red/pink tones that bleed in are meant to be from a messy dye job for the streak.

Her original and Mod are the same.


THANK YOU. Someone who gets their hair colour right.
Crally how do you not like Soppo? Lowkey best AR team member. She just wants to do her best and have everyone happy and go on a SF murder spree.

I don't like her for a reason I do not know, but I very much like her cheerful personality.
What's not to love about her? She looks cute in mod skin. Her laugh is enough to brighten anyone's day. Lowkey she's the AR team Oath closest to actually being an oath out of love. Could it be her voice? She has a unique tone to her voice. Really is nice when she laughs, gives off a maniacal vibe.
I mean, I wonder why myself. Something feels off for me, but I really like her persona. Maybe because I can't stand too much noise. I’m certain it’s not her voice though, I like her voice, and when her VA, Tamura Yukari, sings.
Meanwhile I don’t, her voice is kinda annoying.
You’re going down a path I cannot follow, Sheele
Schrodinger's voice for you guys, Schrodinger's nipples for everyone, that is all. Her scaled figure that is coming online for pre-order soon looks really well sculpted too.
Voice or not, this skin is the lightest theme out of all the AR Team.
Yes, and I find it on par with Soppo’s nature. Everyone be serious or edgy and Soppo be like “I’m a cute happy murder machine.”

Oh boy, here we go. Here's the part where I'm gonna have people throwing hands at me. I love Sopmod, think she's great…
But I really don't like this skin.

I'll get my big problem out there immediately: The top half of the dress looks stupid. It looks like she took some sort of modern designer handbag, ripped it apart, and wore it on her upper body. All held together by straps to her collar and barely covering her breasts. I'm all for hornt but this just looks very tacky to me.

What a shame, because the rest of the skin besides this is fantastic. The bottom part of the dress is stunning, the black and shiny pinks clashing vibrantly in a good way. Her cute expression also undermining her sadistic nature, very reminiscent of the often compared to Roon from Azur Lane.

Sadly, that one fault is enough to be a deal breaker for me. Guess I'll be sticking with her MOD art for now, which is fine too since I really like it. But I might be picking up a Sop skin soon enough though, the teased band Sop skin looks really good.

This is a Roon. She's crazy.

Main difference is that Sop does have some reasonable sense to her, while Roon is just batshit insane.

Soppo has a lot more sense than people give credit to her. CT proves than in an excellent way (also it was what made me fall for her character. M4 and Star didn’t earn my affection the same way on Singu, or on Chapter 12). Soppo is just simple: she wants her friends happy and her enemies in pieces.
Essentially yes. Meanwhile, Roon is legitimately psychotic.

I'm more or less with Red on this one, my thoughts are heavily split between the top and bottom of this one. The skirt is amazing, as a design choice the layered material is something I can 100% get behind. And the little red sparkles and accents do a slick impersonation of a glitter effect, so extra soul points, whatever value those have. They also do a good job of typing the skirt and tights together colorwise. I will say her heels are actually kinda weird but not PP-2000 weird.

PP-2k and her stupid heels.

I'm also 100% a fan of the recolored Banana, although I swear there is an art or her holding Banana on a platter somewhere but not sure where which sucks cause I'm also 100% for this idea. I'm on my phone so can't check for her default but the keeping red/black theme on her robo arm is neat(also a neat thematic nod to her using SF parts to assemble said arm). The twin champagne flutes are an interesting one since there are only a few options for who she'd be saving them for. In other notes the flowers on her waist basically vanish and outside of being in theme, more or less with the others in the batch seem rather misplaced thematically. Unless I'm forgetting something.

With all that said, let's talking about the odd part out, that top. I'll admit to buying the skin so I don't hate it that much, but it's weirddd, got more dominatrix vibes than a ballgown. In that role, it's quite serviceable. In terms of design, I guess it is an interesting nod to SOPOO being something of a parts collector, it's got a lot of that vibe to it, but it's also completely at odds with the rest of the ensemble, which is the weird part. Granted it's way too heavy of the boobs, and Ceia also has the right of it so. ...yeah it's a weird one. Honestly it'd be better if the neckline went about down about 20%.

Generalized other comments, dig the rifle skin, and the random gold jewelry is nice marches her hair and skin tones. The damaged art seems to want to go in on the dominatrix vibes, for some reason, but is a relatively well-put-together art, up until the champagne gets poured on her. That's just random.

How do those heels work? How do they not break?

They do in her damaged art. Her design is silly, but she’s uber-cute, otherwise, so MICA, please give her a mod already.
If she gets a mod, I will rate her highly in the Neural Upgrade Priority Guide, a popular GFL GamePress guide written by me that aims to help anyone who might be struggling to decide on what dolls to upgrade first or simply wondering what dolls they want to upgrade next, making for a worthwhile read for any commander of any experience level.

Big shilling time

I’ll be lazy this time and just say: same feeling as M4. (tl;dr, cute dress, but gems and Groza anni)

Fun factoid about this skin before we move on to next: the SOPMOD style AR-15 in the skin is traced from a gun reddit post from a long ass time ago. You can find it here:

ST AR-15 'Prisoner of the Dream'

Okay, you guys can shill now.

Wholeheartedly agree with you. Her umbrella also sucks, it doesn’t even catch rain.

Ah yes, the skin that totally confirmed Star packs lovely thighs and a deliciously looking back. Then, for some forsaken reason, they added a bunch of AR receivers on her lower part of the dress and ruined it. Much as I think the upper part of her dress is lovely and that I'd love to massage and lick and kiss and nib and rub my face against that sweet looking back, that'll be a pass for me. I feel the receivers are overly edgy, and while she is an edgy character by nature (on top of constantly edging M4), the receivers feel like an exaggeration.

Besides her bunny damaged has a lovely butt to compensate for the lack of back and is cheaper, on top of highlighting her dork aspect.

Now that I look at it again, all of LIN+ works are very... Blurry, as in, you know, not using many lines works in it. Not that it's bad, it's pretty, in fact. However, I haven't quite seen LIN+ draw in colorful theme yet. This skin as well, black and dark, plus a bit of purple.It looks like STAR went outside topless, in any way I'm looking at it. I wonder how she doesn't catch cold wearing them. And how did the top stick to her torso is another mystery.

My verdict on how it looks overall though: for normal, DIVINE, it's very elegant, and the "NO STEP" on the back of her dress is a nice detail. For damaged, I am..... Uhh.... Dunno.

I think Star threw out an edgy dress because she feels insecure around M4 being confident in her dress (and what a dress it is).
I'm interested in what the intent was behind the poofy victorian dress. I feel like the umbrella is supposed to echo it.
Yeah, guns and skeletons aside, you can totally picture Star as some british woman in the Victorian era.

Reminds me of that boss from Nier: Automata, Simone/Beauvoir. Tactical dress rails are something I never expected. Pride, prejudice, and ELID Zombies.

A beautiful song

That’s the opera singer boss from Nier Automata. I completed route A, stopped shortly into route B, so I’m familiar with her.
Fun fact: the game’s story encompasses routes A to E.

I wanted to make a lewd comment about how AR15's dress is full of lower receivers and its implications… If nothing else, this dress plays to AR15's strengths. It shows off her back and dainty, girly figure. I just wish she had an ass to match the dress, but oh well.

Actually, the backless and side-baring style reminds me of Kuroyukihime for some reason...

What do you mean, have a butt to match the dress? She totally does. Just look at her damaged bunny. That’s totally a fine ass in my book.

Unfortunately, Star's skin here suffers from a similar fate to the Sopmod for me: It's got one aspect to it that makes me not like it. As opposed to Sop where I thought this aspect was stupid, with Star it's more a case of what I feel is unnecessary over-designing. I'm talking of course about the protective caging of receivers she has. I don't think it's necessarily bad, but I think the dress would've been a lot better without it.
Ok with that out of the way: The back oh LAWD THE B A C C. That is a full complete view of Star's back and it is oh so glorious. The flawless skin, the perfect curve, oh how I would love to get up close and press my body against it. It would feel undoubtedly amazing to feel her back on my chest, enjoying every inch of that gorgeous thing. The dress itself is good too, quite pretty.

I won't be getting this skin, because overall I'm not a huge fan. But that back is absolute killer material. 6/10 costume, 8/10 if without the caging, fuckin 20/10 back.

I wonder how much you can match up my taste.
This is the first time I read someone wanting to feel someone’s back. Usually it’s the chest.
The back is so sexy.
Very sexy. umu umu.
So Star is bringing sexy back. I see.

Thanks to Haku, I can never unsee Simone on Star again. Also concur with wtf is the hoop skirt on the outside and made or receivers, and wtf is with only the very back on having a silencer? Bit weird, enough of that dead horse.

Off the cuff thoughts, this color shift is neat, probably has some fun color theory implications, that I'll poke at when I'm not corralling stupid people. I like the skeleton parasol as a choice, with a nice visual thing, it's an oddly more mournful art that stars usual fare, quite surprising. Usually, she's more determined and taciturn than sad or mournful.

What gave you the impression that it's mournful?
Her expression and colours.
The skeletal gothic look most likely has a play on that. It looks very sharp, and it gets the skeletal vibe from the frame of receivers.

Anyway, detailed, on my actual keyboard not my phone thoughts. Ignoring the skirt weirdness, the biggest standout here is the complete color shift, from STAR's usual Pink/grey/white(as my eyes see it anyways it might be actually different), into a black/darker blue or purple getup. This is also the only skin where she wears anything approaching a heel at all, the rest she's either in flats or boots.

There are also a lot more edges to her dress, which is honestly weird, even at her worst, STAR's never been overly edgy by design, but I don't think it's really a personality nod, just a design choice, much like the ragged back hem of the dress. And then the random...underskirt/train/thing??? that has 'No Step' written on it, and this dress melts my brain with 'this is what this could mean but is probably just me reading ot much into it and being an extra turbo nerd about it.

Overall, a good skin with 1 glaring problem, I'll rant about expressions tomorrow maybe. Depends if it rains or not.

Why is rain a factor? You want to type under the rain so it gives you a melancholic vibe?
I mean, yes, but actually no.
"I come here, under the rain, to share my knowledge with you, before I am swatted away by nature".
More like, “if it rains tomorrow I'm going to go and introduce trees to the miracle of gravity”
Wtf is this dress? Easily my least favorite. I really don’t like anything about this. It’s nonsensical, and the torn aesthetics ruined whatever it had going for it.

So I come forth to not just wrap up this shilling, but also save Star from falling grace. Can’t believe how everyone is hating on the Star skin. :pensive:
While I cannot explain the proportions of her damaged art, I do like the profile shot of the main art and kinda like the whole combat-doll dress getup she has. Also, this is an excellent way for me to have STAR be an adjutant on my home screen and not have constant life-threatening negligent discharges (refer to image) as with her MOD-3 live-2D.

Tl;DR afaik I'm concerned, bite me, I like STAR, now MICA shutup and take my gems.

Poor Gun Safety

M16A1 'Blazer of the Trail'

As your big mommy lover here, I’m glad M16 received a skin. But it's honestly really hard for me to get on the train, there is just too much ara ara energy and onee sans, and M16 is one of the best at that.

Funnily I never looked at her as a lady.
What do you mean? Explain yourself, before I delete you.
Out of all AR team, I never rated M16 waifu wise. So, I didn’t know how to react whenver she got a skin like this one. This skin is sooooo ladywise and has such mommy vibes. But, for some odd reason, I don’t feel this is like M16, and maybe it’s because I never liked her.
It suits her personality, but not her body type imo.
I have to admit she’s a badass onee-san. Meanwhile, she’s hot as hell. I might hate her, but I’d totally [REDCATED] her as well.
I’d fill her with [REDACTED] as well, you’re not the only one.

I’d totally fill her with beer too, she’d be a great drinking buddy. right? Right?

As for her dress, I think it suits her very well. She's a hella confident oneesan and I feel that skin highlightens her oneesan aspect, and her confidence in her body, in a similar way ak-12's dress does. The dark red accessories contrast with her black dress and white skin, and gives off a SF vibe imo (which is ironic considering I feel this feels more SF than her SF version).

I feel there’s too much there. In fact, that skin gives me the vibes that these clothes are basically saying “RIPUS RIPUS RIPUS”.

That’s totally because you’re a hornt, a degenerate, the scourge of earth :heh:
Back to 16, I like how she looks like she's enjoying herself (probably with the rest of the AR team) and that's why I have a soft spot with her skin and with her bunny's. My only problem is that we have too few adjutant spots for the main screen, and she's likely to never be fielded again, so I end up on the fence on getting a skin that I'll rarely see.

Man, tell you that when you see this kind of clothes you don't think about it at all, and I'll stop bed-ing with you.
I actually don't. Like yes, her dress does call my attention to her eyes to her chest and legs, but it doesn't give me "IMA RIP THIS OFF" vibes. If anything, it makes me feel M16 wants me to look at her way, but also tease that she is unreachable. She's a confident onee-san that needs no one and she is proud of that.
Well, I guess she can get the [BEEP] out of the shilling since she don't want anyone.
Wdym, I'm fine with being her pet.
I want her to be the pet, not me. We need some [REDACTED].

So you want to dom the dom, naruhodo. Hab DSR then.

We’re also TOTALLY not having [REDACTED], just wholesome AR team fluff. M16’s finally looking happy, you’re not taking that away from her.

Simple verdict from Crally court: this skin is AMAZING, my comments above aside. Purely from an art perspective it’s pretty, and I very much like the damaged art. It’s actually so hard to draw, but I wonder why I like it.
Wow. If only I used M16A1 enough in everyday GFL to warrant this skin. I really like it. The bless dress complimented with a red underside and accessories is an amazing aesthetic and one I can totally fuck with. She's even prepared with a bar, I would love to get to serve her some drinks (I did actually used to be a bartender btw), even though it'd most likely just be whiskey lol.

Overall amazing, though probably won't pick up. Especially with her next carnival skin looking to be free.

I feel like you. Very gorgeous skin, 10/10 would go to an expensive pub with her, but given I rarely use her, buying it feels like a waste. If it was the case (oh I can use her, it's not optimal, but I can use her) then it's be fine. But M16's is like "where can I even use her outside of 0-2 and farming 416 speq?" Unless you're into mommy16 enough and she'll be always greeting you with a drink on your main screen. Add in that her carnival skin comes for free, and is also very pretty (and very happy) on its own, and I feel it’s another reason to not buy this one.

Okay so heresy opinion time, this is probably my least favorite skin in this batch, and I think it is almost entirely down to M16's facial expression, for reasons I can't quite pin down. Outside of M4, I think this one is by far the most thematically loaded, between the red chain accessories, and the entirely unsubtle sign about M16's way, and on one level, I can appreciate those elements, something about it just doesn't click with me.

On a purely aesthetic level, the dress is excellent, It's well put together, it obeys my 'rule' from that long Grizzly Tirade about being symmetrically asymmetrical, it's color consistent and not overly colored, heck, even has the not glove glove things that I have a weird fascination with. Also, in the realm of reading too much into things that are likely 100% not intended, the outer black/inner red scheme is neat, highly approve, even if it likely isn't really intended to be a reference to anything and is just a solid design choice. I think I would probably ordinarily give the top grief for being a bit much on the horny, but the shawl (I'm pretty sure it's not a shawl, but that's the word coming to mind) saves it. Also, nice, sensible heels.

Despite all that though, I just can't say I like this skin very much. I've been trying for a while but I can't quite put words into what about it doesn't entirely work for me. The facial expression I know is part of it, but Soul Brain No Workie and thus no really good explanations atm. Maybe I'll have a swing at it in future.
One word for you: Heretic. Also didn’t take you for having a gloves fetish. Sensible heels though? We barely see her heels?
Specifically fingerless ones, but yes, they are a design element that I’m always in for; Let me have my dreams Adam.
I find curious that you didn’t quite like her expression. She seems to have a soft expression on this skin, like she’s relieved she’s back after all she went through, and that she’s enjoying a party with the team, especially with us.
I feel like her expression is caught between soft-smug-mocking, and not quite landing on any of them. It feels odd. Actually, mocking might not be exactly right, but I feel neither is teasing.
She gives off a feeling of fondness to me, it doesn’t help much that one of her eyes is covered though, I suppose.
When she's sees her dress, Groza mentions it was made based off her previous G&K files before she left, then M16 comments that white hair doesn't go with a black dress(???) (the M16SF CG is used here too), so Groza suggests changing her hair instead of the dress.
If the gloves were white, they would be bridal gauntlets btw. Guess M16 is perfect girlfriend material.

Girlfriend material? Not perfect wife material?

You’re not marrying her at the damned anniversary, of all times. Smh.
Just take the anniversary as an opportunity to propose, you can leave the actual marriage for summer.

To wrap up, I decided, for a change, to be nice. This is a nice skin.

The lore behind it is neat as well, given my interest in the story. I think the dress fits M16 perfectly, and I’m not a fan of her. Easily my favorite from the entire AR team, which says something given she’s my least favorite ar team member.

RO635 'Enforcer of the Law'

Insta buy, I love how she looks prim and elegant, which matches up to her more calm and serious demeanor we see on the story (and highlights her mommy side), which is what I love when I see her and soppo together. Seeing the dinnergate on damaged just highlights to me how she has a soft spot for Soppo (and prob closet gaes for her). the golden details on her dress, especially her frills, which is a nice break from the black. I also feel the golden details also bring attention to her heterochromatic eyes, which I love.

Also tights. Tights are a big win in my book and seeing RO with tights is just mind-numbing. I want to take this RO to dinner at an expensive, quiet restaurant and then dance under the sound of a sonata, and then she'll reject for me and say she has eyes only for her cute soppo, and soppo will find out and RO will get all embarrassed for coming out of the closet and I'll just watch from afar Soppo and roro being gae for each other while I sip some expensive white wine.

Now I await pope of Roro church, Red-sama, to judge me.

I’m glad I oathed her.
I am confused, what is there to judge here. Unless you need me to judge your correct taste.
YES YES, our resident dinergate. Did her chest get nerfed? Or is it the angle? Somehow I feel this skin is very much Sop like. Highlights her color well, as in Black, and Yellow (this time turned gold). Gold fits better since it's more suited to the situation.
Her chest actually looks bigger? If you compare to her default, and bunny costumes. If anything, it’s just the angle.
I think RO's is the best of the bunch, with M4 being the second best. The rest are nice though it's just that these stand above, I'm also sad they didn't rerun last year's anni skins, and that 404 didn't get their own versions. Maybe one day I'll draw a 40 skin in this theme. What do I like about it? It's elegance personified, they managed to keep her color scheme but the emphasis of black gives it a luxurious feeling. Even her megaphone is gucci-fied.
The gold details also give off a luxurious vibe. Black and gold combo are quite synonymous with luxury, isn't it? What makes you prefer this skin over M4's though?

Yeah, the combination of gold and black really sells the luxury.

To be frank, that’s a tough question. They’re really close, but I think it’s M4’s hair. I think the blue colour scheme is excellent, but the green highlight kind of stands out. Plus her hair seems rather normal, like it’d be difficult to recognise her if she had a different hairstyle. Maybe if M4 had a ponytail…

I'll probably continue this in M4's, but yeah, RO's hairstyle is roughly the same, but her highlight isn't as jarring with the color scheme. Also she gets these nice hair accessories that complement the whole deal pretty well.

So in your opinion roro's highlight blend in well with her costume, whereas M4 stands out.
Pretty much. I mean the art quality is excellent. I think it was done by last year’s M4 bunny artist..

Even peps outside of the GFL community appreciate this excellent RO art.

RO appreciation spotted

Lewdis’ artist? I thought this skin had a different artist.
Because it does, SSM drew all of bunny skins, but not this skin.
Who’s Lewdis?
The [BEEP] is happening here? Why are we talking about Lewis on RO shilling?
Because rascal Haku does not dream of bunny girl Roro.
Bunny suits suit them well, but have I said that black and gold suit RO really well?

Them draw her :heh:
Jokes aside, yes, Anni suit suits Roro and M4 very very well. Roro especially, her anni skin suits her way more than her bunny imo.

It’s nice but it doesn’t hit M16 levels. It’s up there. Not much to say since it doesn’t stand out to me.

I just realized a bit late that AR15's dress is the only one that faces away from the viewer, since she has no breasts to show off.

Ro offers a peek up there, but the rest of her dress suggests a girlish, younger look compared to M16's older lady style, or M4's refined, collectible dress.

I'd say roro's is more on that elegant, non extravagant side of dresses, while M16 is on the extravagant side. The frills do give Roro a younger feeling though. Red will probably say Roro is on 20s girlfriend mode, instead of 30s mom mode.

RO, oh RO mighty RO. Out of all the packages, RO635 is easily my favourite. What can I really say, she looks absolutely stunning and is a very frequently used doll. The black and gold aesthetic she's got going on is a real treat for the eyes. I think they went for a balance of simplicity and elegance here that really paid off. If there is any skin package to pick up this batch, it's definitely this one in my opinion.

...So you may be surprised then to hear I likely won't be picking this up. I was going to when it was first announced. Then they announced RO Mod, or as I call her: RO Mom. For real, the motherly energy her upgrade art has is strong. So given I'm just gonna be using her MOD art eventually, I don't see a reason anymore for me to pick up this package. I totally understand if you do though, cause as I said a lot before, it's really amazing.

Not gonna lie, you brought me over to Roro gang. Getting her to greet you when you login, especially on that skin, is a real treaty.

It’s sad her line 4 is not voiced. Hope mod changes that.

Heads up Commanders: Soul is also Roro gang and he’s packing a punch for the final AR team shilling

Ahahahahahahah RO skin is good. Of the AR team skins, this one plays it the 'safest' in that it stays closest to RO's regular, well everything, there's no radical design decisions a la SOP, or color scheme shift like M4 and STAR, or just a shift in feel like M16. Instead, to reiterate other points, this one leans very hard into the more elegant and is more restrained, as tends to be fitting RO, while mostly keeping her color scheme intact, albeit with more emphasis on darker colors, and losing the uh, light blues I think it is that are her accent color before (don't quote me, I've not pulled up her base art to check).

If I had to pick 1 complaint, and it's the more petty and stupid one just about imaginable, the imprint in her gun case is just confused as hell. the barrel is to long, has a cutout for an M16 style top handle, the trigger assembly indent appears straight to my eye, not angle, and I didn't realize it until I was checking her accessories to talk about M4, and now I can't unsee it and it's driving me mad.

In an equally pedantic 'Hey, they did a thing, but why did they do a thing', she's actually got a really well-drawn knee, for some strange reason. Like, why exactly they felt the need to relatively accurately draw her left knee, I don't know, but it's a thing that happened.

Pedantry aside, this was an instant buy. Of the whole group actually, RO is the most restrained in dress, with very little nod to sex appeal in any major form, which fitting for RO. Instead, she's much more your girlfriend dressed up to the nines for some formal event. Keeping closer to her default colors works for RO quite well, as does the very distinct visual split between the black tights, and black top via the skirt, which gives the dress a subtly different feel than M4/16/STAR (less SOP whose dress is confused), as it keeps the formal elegance, but also has a style that makes her stand out a bit from the bunch, in a good way.

She's also doing the same gloves thing M4 does, and I already talked about how she shares her accessories with M4 in a lot of ways in M4's bit, but one thing I didn't mention there is RO also has the glitter effect, both on her skirt and the bit draped over her arm. Does it mean anything? I dunno, but I like the touch. Unlike M4 though she doesn't have as strong of design ties to the AR team as a whole, (excluding the dinergate in the damaged art for SOP, but that dinergate isn't  recolored banana, it's just a jerk who's stealing her megaphone).

Like M4, RO also got a confidence upgrade, although there's a small novel to be written about the small differences there, because RO's always had the confidence it's just portrayed differently here. She's right at home in this setting, (there's an argument for mildly annoyed, but I'm not sold on my first read of that).

To go actually horny for a second, holy shit, this is yes. This skin rolls a whole bunch of extremely visually attractive things into one RO, and it's criminally unfair. I'm absolutely with Adam on tights, and RO's got nice legs which helps, and I think I've said enough about gloves at various points to make my thoughts on those clear. And before this turns into a thesis on me being horny instead of a thesis on RO making me horny...

TL;DR: Soul's still a windbag, oops: RO's extremely attractive, Soul is unreasonably attracted to self confidence, the design of the skin is objectively excellent, I think I have written more words about these skins than I did some entire college papers.

I have finally pulled Soul into the horni world of tights. Now I rule over him.
In other words: Soul is surprisingly attracted to Roro gloves.

I've always been there. I just don't let it on that often.
Well, we’ll close up the shilling knowing that Soul is just a big tights closet horni. It’s clear each one of us has our own favourite AR team member, after all, we went through together. Nonetheless, we were happy to see them get beautiful skins, and eagerly look forward to shilling their carnival skins.

Not a closet horni. Excuse Commanders, you’ll have to wait for “Groza team” shilling while I dump PL EX on Adam’s back as punishment for being cheeky.

See you soon on part 2!

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