Costume Shilling #7: Loli Gaming 2: Electric Boogaloo


smth smth Kawa wanted this batch out, then dumped it on me while she ran off to play the better GFL the beta of GFL 2
Don't you dare teehee me! Get back here!!!!11!!

Groza awaits me. Byebye

Why is Kawa running off with my wife?!
Guys, what about me?!
Just like the simulations
I’m too busy working on SF capture to sort this out. Haku, you’re their boss too. Do something.
But do they know it?!
By the end of this batch Y’all gonna end simping for Kawa.

HP-35 - Little Glider

hp-35 children skin cover

And we open up this batch with HP-35, which...already looked kinda like a loli, and now got herself a loli skin.


It reminds me of Violet Evergarden, for some reason. Maybe the bike gives me an impression it’s from the early 1900s. Maybe it’s the simple dress. Or her face in the damaged art that sort of reminds me of KyoAni’s anime styles.

But y tho?
Loli skin of a loli. Either way, off to prison.

1st: prison
2nd: this reminds me of something really dumb, that has actually zero to do with the skin.
2nd: you can’t hit shit with a gun while riding a bike.

Why is there a second second? Also, Soul confirmed bad at shooting while moving
I cannot count, which is a known problem.
More like, you went to prison and forgot you said the second thing first, which prompted you to say the second second thing, even though the first second thing still exists, and still remains unfinished.

>About hitting shit with a gun, see below
Do not do this kids

Confirmed Soul is not a certified homie.
My verdict is: How are you supposed to ride a bike inside my office?
Jeanne D’Arc
Honestly, I don't like how the skin looks. The animation looks cheap, it doesn't make sense, her face is frozen static and she probably already ate 35 flies while riding, crashed, and now is sad because flies don't taste good. Let's not even mention how much of a great idea it is to ride a bike with a gun while wearing a skirt. All I think when I see this skin is, "but why?"
This skin's very much a weird one, I'm not sure what else I can honestly say about it, that isn't just beating on it with a bat, so I'll go with not my thing.

A trycicle? HP-35 can’t balance eh?
Not gonna lie, all I see here is Kagamine Rin.


Not a big fan of HP as a doll but a big simp for Reoenl art, tho i gotta admit this is a little underwhelming for what this artist can pull off, the animation is really good though, so if you happen to get this skin, definitely give her some time as your secretary (especially the non damaged art).

T-5000 - Crimson Destroyer

t-5000 children skin cover
Please stop crying, I’ll get arrested Wait officer, I’m trying to help her!
But y tho?
Press F for Crally, was expecting Matt to be the one jailed. Anyway, I prefer her wedding dress.
I haven’t seen this one before. I has approve it, in a headpat way.
T5K but smaller. T5K is meh. That skin doesn’t change my opinion. But the little action figure on the normal art is a nice touch.
Oh no, Crally escaped jail
Is this Kamen Raider though? Gridman maybe? One can imagine this correlates to her future self, her future righteous self. She’s a young tomboi, much like her grown up self. The artist kept the energy from her default art, that nice T-5000 energy, and it’s, well, quite tidy.
Agree with Adam, wedding skin is better. her base art is still better than this skin to be honest. Simplistic, gets the personality across, but I don’t really see a factor that says “this skin I wanna get”. The best touch is, as Muse said, the action figure with her mimicking the pose. But, as with many of these loli batches, it lacks appeal to me.
I don’t know enough about tokusatsu shows to properly comment on this skin.
Tokusatsu shows? Is it a type of food?
For those who don’t know, like Adam, it’s the sort of clothed costume shows, like Power Rangers, SSSS Gridman, Gundam, Kamen Raider, and Ultraman. Usually aimed at children.
TL;DR T-5000 is Red Ranger.

Go go T5k! Bring justice upon this world!
That said, I'm gonna have to agree with everyone here that her wedding dress is better. The skirt - and a miniskirt at that - doesn't fit with a model warrior. I feel like she should have her shorts from the default outfit here.
And yesss give her default appearance a thigh-baring miniskirt.

Evo 3 - EVO 3’s Dawn

Evo3 children skin cover
I was going to open up that skin, but frankly don’t care.
Where did I see this before? Sakura Miko? Maybe Pokemon?
But y tho?
Loli skin of an ugly doll. Either way, off to prison.
I don’t even remember who this is, they look like a character from Pokemon, who got de-aged by 3 years. Overall, nah.
Deep Dive farmable doll. Red hair, got anni skin last year (I know cos I pulled it). 3 star AR if I recall correctly.



3 star SMG it seems.

It seems that even with her skin I do not know. Nader SMG, interesting… LULZ who cares when SKORPION DAYO exists. And hornt Z62.
Soul, he who does tons of Anal, forgot a doll? Come on. Who even anal-ed EVO3?

A few moments later

Hass did.


All I have to say: she’s about to start her journey with a fire pokemon, click below for link to Pokemon Gamepress.

Smol EVO3, looks cute. The detail I like the most is the little guinea pig or guinea pig-sized hamster on her shoulder that in the damaged art has an expression that screams "I didn't sign up for this!" while falling. Overall a solid skin, but not much interest on my part in these batches.
Edit: probably a hamster since that's what her shirt says.
Also can't appreciate the amount of visible wounds she has in her damaged art. Big oof.

EVO3 is one of those dolls that I don't particularly like above others, but I'm always happy to see her when I get the chance, so I am happy to see her get this skin, it's really cute.
This barely looks like EVO3 to be honest. If not for the utter lack of redheads in GFL, I’d have said this was another doll’s costume.
I’ve always wondered how few redheads we have in GFL, seeing how Yuzhong seems to have a big thing for them. cue in 6P62.

TMP - Black Cat Kindergarten

tmp children skin cover
Literal jail bait.
Loli skin of a loli, either way, prison.

Honestly matt

Kawa, why couldn’t you dress up like TMP?

[BEEP] you for putting this image in my head.
B r u h
Normal art is cute, standard objections apply. Damaged art is no, standard reasons apply.
Damaged art reminds us why lolicons should cease.
Oh, I’ll give this skin a ++ for the dinergate cat, it’s gut.
Why is that dinergate a mouse? I can’t say much about this skin, except that it’s bland. Nothing really stands out, and I can’t quite like it. Damaged art is a big no.
Kawa, when cosplay TMP?
Matt, plz stop. There are kids crying in the corner, people traumatized. Plz stop.
Adam, you want to cosplay?
Nope. I’m outta here.
Brazil variant of [REDACTED] is escaping quarantine.

This is all you get:


GP would like to notify that the following picture has been redacted for privacy reasons.

No Kawa TMP to you.

Welp, I’m going to jail. Adam became a commie redactor. Beard, lock me up and throw away the key.
Don’t worry, I’ll visit you.

Crally lost the RNG

I promised myself to not pull it.
Sorry Adam, I now simp for Kawa. Considering it took me a few pulls, I’ll say it’s whatever.
Fine, let’s do it properly. This skin looks tidy. Nothing extraordinary, just what children needs to wear. Simple, neat, tidy, but fluffy nonetheless. A skin that makes you want to hug her. I still need to check if I have TMP. And if I need to throw this to the Typhons.

Everyone has simped for Loli Kawa. Y’all coming to jail with me.


I didn’t, Thus I stand above all you Kawa simps.

The best thing on the skin is the cat dinergate. Overall a sidegrade to regular TMP. Was never a doll I really bothered with, so there's that. Skin looks clean but it's really just bait for whales who like this kind of skin to open their heart (and wallet).

So, I think I consider this to be the best TMP Skin, at least for normal art, And in one sense, it's the least bad damaged art of her skins (which says something), although in another it's not, so overall Meh points.
Why the hell TMP got a loli skin at all confuses me, because maybe it's just me, but she's always seemed more loli than not to begin with, which might go a long why to explain why I tend to forget she exists. Also, someone explain why she's carrying a flashbang to school? I'm pretty sure that's very illegal.

Nothing to offer here. TMP is bait, any reasonable person can see that, and this skin just turns it up to 11.
Timpy cute, a big improvement over her base art, would be fun to cosplay if not for my legs being so freaking fat >:(]

FAMAS - Bird and Forest Whisperer

famas children skin cover
But why th-wait, what the fuck, FAMAS has a loli costume?!
Her artist: give FAMAS a mod so people use her and she getsget a new skin. MICA: oh but she has a new skin. The new skin:
Jail* time
Hon hon, oui oui baguette. Je mange la poire.
Miam miam c’est très bon
1st: please stop making me have to remember how to read french. 2nd: Why this skin when Halloween exists?! Actually, how did I forget this exists.
What about the french? Why are we talking in french?
It literally means: I eat the pear.
Je parle bien le France. Soul, parle Français.

NO. I refuse to embarrass myself by trying to type in french, even if I used to be able to read enough to almost survive in a french jungle.
I enjoyed my four years of french well enough, just being a filthy American I never ended up using it so I fell horribly out of practice and knowledge.

I had three years of French, and I hated every second of it.
Confirmed convo has been overtaken by France.
I don’t want to speak French as much as I don’t want this skin, even if it were free like her Halloween. As much as it may feel cute or something for some, I just really don't feel it. Besides it's a skin you must pay for, for a doll which even baguettes won't use.
FAMAS halloween is a serious contender for best improvement base art to skin in GFL.
Regardless of the upgrade, getting skins for a doll you'll never use is meh. Paying for them is insanity.
Sheele, I want to eat your baguette uwu Editors note: I'm sorry what?


Please keep all baguettes eating behind closed doors.

Oh mother of god, I have to plead the fifth more?!
Not gonna lie, if it wasn’t for the gun, I couldn’t have told you this was FAMAS. Would instinctively say AN-94 because of her hair. I wonder why.
My two cents: Hair’s a tad too green, and eyes too deep a blue to be 94, but the resemblance is certainly there. I’d say it comes from how her hair is parted, the how the light green hair and deep blue eyes looks like 94’s white hair and cyan blue eyes.

The 94 connoisseur has spoken.
On a different note, I am sad, especially about her damaged art. However, one to note, this skin is not bad, if I'm looking at the purely aesthetic and artistic angle. Why? Becausethe colors the artist picks are good, it doesn't prick our eyes looking at it, the natural touch fits on FAMAS. There's a tragic feel to her damaged art.
Still, idk, nothing really clicks to me, but I do love her color, mainly due to myself liking green a lot.

This is actually not bad tbh. Of all the things to put on the T-Doll, the oversized boots stand out the most to me, and adds to the Children's Day-feeling of this costume. The artist here definitely did a good job with this one.

You know, some time ago I lived in my friend's house for like a month and since I neither went to school nor had a job at that point, most of my days there were spent gaming away, cleaning the house and taking care of my friend's little sister. Basically, I was a mom for a while. and loli famas really reminds me of that time. She looks like she's about the age when she can speak in sentences you understand but you cannot even begin to grasp the thought process behind them, so about 5 to 7 years old.
This is probably the best years of taking care of a kid because of just how fun it can be. Around this time a child's interests and tastes start to develop, you buy them toys they like, and take care in activities they pick, and, to be perfectly honest, I would freakin love to play paintball, asg, or something of the sort with my younger siblings/kids, it'd just be so chaotic and fun (maybe modify the guns so the kids don't get hurt tho) and that is exactly the vibe famas here gives me.
And, of course, after a good time playing in the dirt, one has to bathe, and while kids at this age mostly can bathe on their own, sometimes you have to help them was their hair, and to me, that's just a really lovely time, I mean, parenting, man :) good vibes all 'round.
Famas just really brings me back to the time I was pretending to be a mom, and despite how depressed I was back then, I really treasure that time because of how fun it was to take care of and play with my friend's little sister.
TL;DR kawa wants to adopt a kid.

X95 - White Rose Girl

X95 children skin cover

X95 is the only skin that I feel it’s a children’s skin, yet at the same time it doesn't. Her comfiness and wholesomeness apart, I always had a hard time figuring if she’s young, or if she’s just a midget. If you told me this is her default, and her default art is her children’s day skin, I probably wouldn’t have known better.
Looks very precious, 10/10 would protecc, no I aint spending 2600 gems on a loli skin.

But y tho? X95 already looks like a child.
The only actual loli skin I respect for an unknown reason. Maybe because it doesn't look so different, I don't really know.
Would protect, will not get on principle, will extol the virtues of X95 being precious after Matt’s announcement.
Matthew pleads the fifth.
Try and convince me this isn't just Darkest Dungeon Negev's little sister.

She is not the sister, she's the party priestess.

should I be putting this here?

if not for that horrendous pricing and Alfa's skin, honestly, I’d rate this skin best of the batch. What should I say? It's a young X95. Her clothing pattern doesn't change much, and tbh, X95 looks the most mature out of all this skin batch. By the way, what are her hands doing posing like an X there? A kamehameha? Well, I'm a bit scared when a young lady looks at me with those eyes on damaged art. Man. I would've bought this skin had it not been 2588 gems.
Looks good, straight up a younger version of X95 with the same traits, and more cuteness. Probably the only competitor for Alfa in this, yet comes at the ridiculous price tag of 2588 gems. Also, I don't get why you must offer oath certificates in the child bundle. Mica wtf.
Isn’t that the usual thing they bundle for value? Not much else other than maybe tokens to bundle to pad value.

However you feel the value diminishes. Like, it’s not the value of the skin.

Let's say tokens and oath rings make up 1080 gems or whatever. That means the skin itself is valued, according to them, at around 1500 gems, but you don't get to choose to buy it for that value, you have to purchase it for the full 2500 gems.
And while that doesn't change the value because you ARE getting extra stuff, it shuns away people who might consider it at a lower price tag.
Sure, let's say skin + ring at 1980 gems, still sounds like a better deal than the package there right now.
Now let me tell you, I have 8 rings sitting in storage. Do I get my point across that those should be optional? Make it like a McDonalds menu, you have the skin and you can get cheaper fries (tokens) and a drink (ring) on the side for cheaper.
I mean, they already, for some reason, base the cost of the skin on the rarity of the doll.
Just imagine, this X95 skin, priced at (let's say) 1588. You click it and there's an option like "add +100 tokens for 450 or 500 gems" and "add +1 ring for 400 gems".

Ethreain, Test or Cage? Choose one:

catpeekIguess?  catpeekIguess?  catpeekIguess?

Imagine being Johny Test and not Johny Cage. What a shame, you failed the test.
Why is that here?!
Eh, whatever, don’t buy bundles, just look up [REDACTED] like a normal person.

Ok, Doc confirmed a filthy lolicon, telling us to look up that.

This is X95?! I read it as QBZ95. Plz, my brain is fried from last night, I don’t want to go to jail.

DocMistake  DocMistake  DocMistake


While GFL is lagging, I decided to come here, and I find Doc suffering from brain not working.
Shut up Soul, where’s my Mori, and Aswatthama?!

In the same place as my dignity, self worth, and caffeinated beverages.

Anyway, I think the relatively light changes make this skin work almost okay for me, outside of being a loli skin and standard objections applying. This very much looks like someone who would grow up to be X95, and while I know that the idea of skins are supposed to show a different aspect of a character, considering the usual vein of these kinds of skins I'm okay with just 'regular but tiny'. Also, aggressively not sexualized, would headpat and hug, and protect, just like regular X95. Pricing however, is a kick in the junk.

Come over, I have Monster to share with you.

Gamepress is not sponsored by Monster.

Not much to say on this one. Heiwari does his job, which is nice. but X95 loses the mom friend vibes she had in her normal art, which I'm not very fond of. The outfit seems kinda... bland, like it's just a reskin of negev. I remember when there was a joke with her normal art and wakanda foreva, but not anything interesting. with the hefty price tag on this skin it kinda feels like just a waste of space. maybe people who really really hate her default art would buy this one, idk.

Come on, she looks more like a teenage X95. Add some more years on her, and I’d gladly take her out. She hits my type this time around. Don’t you agree, Desti?
X95 was already cute! She didn’t need a Children’s Day skin. I'd take her out for a date with her default appearance already. There's the Chinese saying 画蛇添足 (lit. add legs to a drawing of a snake) which means adding something unnecessary to the work will ruin it. And that's how I feel about this here. X95's default and damaged art already encompassed her personality perfectly - gentle, sweet, and lover of flowers, juxtaposed with an efficient, reluctant soldier in her damaged art. She was already charming and attractive, as though the battlefield was the last place she should be found working on. This costume is cute, but it just doesn't add anything else. Its colour and style isn't any different from her default appearance - hell, it looks completely alike at first glance. A palette change or different pose like the other costumes in this batch would have saved this review.

AK-Alfa - Rainbow-Calling Flower Fairy

ak alfa children skin cover
Soul! We must protecc our precious Alfa from filthy lolicons.
But y tho
Loli skin of a midget, either way, prison.

Ah yes. The skin that makes me even more irrationally angry than average because it could have been a good KSG skin but nooooooo it had to be a loli Alfa skin.

The way you said it kinda feels like it could have been a KSG loli skin. You want a KSG loli skin?

Good KSG skin implies not being a loli skin. If we get a KSG loli skin I will actually rage.

...Just kidding, I wouldn’t rage. I would just vanish into sadness.

Loli KSG would be great to hug.
While a cute daughter is fine, a cute daughter in combat is totally not fine.
Agree with Soul, loli KSG would be cute.
I catch you lewding smol-Alfa or smol-KSG, I will find you. and presumably do something horrible to you. or somethin.
Sorry, only pure "cheek pulling" and "education for the cute daughters" are in my mind. Jail is my home, but I'm not a certain individual.

Could have been a good alfa skin.
Could have been a good MG4 skin.
A good anything skin.
And it’s not even a good loli skin.

But my wording was right!

No it wasn’t.


Well, I have to say, looking at the dress code, colour, it’s good.

Anyway, I catch you lewding Smol-Alfa, I shall

Vague threats that don't land because I'm not scary done, let's talk about this skin for a minute.
The good: It's not lewd. Fairly cute I guess, long poofy sleeves. The L2D animations are good enough at a glance.
The bad: What is with the gasmask exactly? Do not take assault rifles to Kindergarten (PS this word is weird).
The salt: L2D, and not a non-loli KSG.
If I had to rate the skin on its own, 100% on the protect scale, she 100% comes off as a younger Alfa, so, points...??? I really don't have a lot to say because otherwise, this will turn into a long philosophical tirade about my feelings about child skins and a bunch of other things that are well and completely beyond the scope of this little shitposting group of ours. I mean, the skins succeed at being what it is, without being bait for the FBI, so empirically I can call it a success, but principally I have strong opinions.
Regarding Alfa herself, I'll do another post later about her. Suffice it to say she's my third favorite doll, and pushing Barret back to 4th when she appeared.

The emote is of regular Alfa, so Matt escapes his bonk...for now.

Sorry Matt, I’ll try to find you a good lawyer. I know a brazilian guy who knows an Argentinian guy who knows a Chilean guy who can probably bail you out of jail.

Sounds very legit.

That doesn't mean I don't have questions


Sorry Matt, Soul’s stabbing you to death.

Nah, I’ll let him rot in jail a bit first, I’m stabbing you for that godforsaken game.

And thus, Shilling Panel came to an end



No, it hasn’t, I need my slave/slave master alive. Stand by for more shilling.

Very cute skin overall. The banner showing up every day gets annoying though.
Appreciate that they aren't lewding smol-Alfa, but doesn't seem that interesting of a skin overall. I like the detail of her thermos flask, the animation where she honks her head, and the damaged art really gives a "protecc" feeling, but two loli batches back to back was a bad move, and there's not enough to make me roll for it. Maybe if I knew more about her.
Expectantly waiting for Muse to go on his discourse about why Aalfa is great

Hope I won’t disappoint. I honestly couldn't tell you why I took one look at Alfa's design (Normal Alfa, not loli Alfa) and was already sold, but same thing happened with KSG, so I blame Nico somehow or another, although I'll 100% concede to same face and twiggy legs allegations. But enough about art.
Prior to the Griffon story, we didn't have that much for a character for Alfa beyond her character card, which already had my attention as a Sci-fi nerd, and as someone who grew up on a lot of astronomy and such, already went over well. Am nerd, other nerds are great, other nerds who are also cute girls are ++++. Collecting odd things is a habit I also get on with, although in my case it's legit weird random nonsense (I have a jellyfish in a resin block for instance), less something concise like beer bottles....and now I'm pretty sure I sound like a weirdo.

I'm going to push back on the characterization of her as a drunk that a lot of people seem to have, because there is almost no evidence of this, beyond saying she likes beer, which as someone who likes an occasional beer, and knows at least one person who probably counts as a drunk, and has known several before, does not make one a drunk, or even close too it. Only her Damaged line hints at it so heck off 'K? K. Rant over.
I can also 100% sympathize with being bad about asking people about your interests or seeking out groups that share your interests, although in my case it's less pride, more being bad at people. See Smol416 for opinions on pridefulness, although Alfa isn't as bad about it, being more standoffish than anything else, which is accurate to me.
Her Dummy Linking Line 'This will increase the number of people I can speak to ... wait a minute. Isn't talking to yourself a little sad?' hits a little close to home as well, actually quite a few of her lines do NGL.
Her Griffon Story is A+, things with character growth are excellent. Go read, is good.
Today I learned, 4k character limit is Nitro Nitro, not nitro classic. Discord ya twits.

Soul shill reminds me I need to stop metaing and go read bond stories because that's 30% of what is good in GFL.

Only reason I haven't read a lot of bond stories is that I have to farm login dolls in Campaign.

HAHA, joke’s on you, I farmed all painpeko campaigns.

I cleared AW and Cube+ only. Only one I farmed was Singu for 416 SPEQ
Hit me up for farming tips on AW and Cube. Deep Dive onwards Ceia was already doing farm vids. Soul, this reminds me, since I farmed those godforsaken cancers, I could do a farming guide on them.

Soul is unsure why Adam volunteers for more work.

Please do, now we can use friend echelons there. Campaign clear guides and farms would be pretty neat. There are coming soon....ish.

The thing on my mind here actually is why Alfa actually has a vacuum flask - the kind to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold - but it's empty in the damaged art.
I guess she finished all her water or something.
All I can say is that Alfa's cuteness is working exactly as intended.


No Omake this time around, we got too much shitpost as it is.

Besides, for some reason, Adam is off to overworking again. Time to exercise my powers as Gamepress overlord boss for some bonking.

Meanwhile, lookout for the next episode. We going on a beach trip with Ceia!

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