Costume Shilling #Error: A Summer with Ceia?


Sit back, and enjoy a summer vacation, by yours truly.

NTW-20: OP. Blazing Sun

We’re opening up Shilling with a very important question: Where’s Mars to explain why Dolls can even get a tan?
That said, this skin shows she has more than just her bottom half going for her. Pretty, cute, totes would share shaved ice with. 8/10. Tan in her damaged art is probably a bonus for some, but not really for me.

Have it.


NTW was my first 5* so I have a bit of a soft spot for her. I did want to get her a skin eventually, either this one or the maid one one of these days. Anyways, one of the earlier summer skins, it's pretty classy as far as skins go. I'm not sure if the stripes on her swimsuit have any meaning or are just standard designs. She trades in her tiny hat for a pair of shades, which I will almost always approve of.

Her damaged art is interesting because it implies that T-Dolls can tan. T-Doll technology is amazing to imitate melanocytes.
I'm not shilling this skin.
I'm sorry NTW, I just kinda don't like this skin at all.

This skin suffers, not from being bad, but from not being as good as other NTW skins. NTW was the last RF I got from production back when I was still collecting them, and by then I had gotten her maid skin from lucky bag (which I bought to try and get Starry Cocoon) . Since then I've also gotten her knight skin, which makes her look badass. The beach skin isn't bad, but it just ain't up to par with the others. Still a good skin, I guess, if your thing is NTRW and swimsuits.

It's an early skin, her later skins just get better and better.
Not sure about most timelines, I'm a fairly recent player. I bow to the dalaos.

Alright alright, shilling an old batch huh. I'm down for this. Something to know about me: I love summer skins. Next to bridal, it's my favorite type of seasonal. So, suffice to say, I like all of these coming skins. So this NTW, as much as I like it, I am still fine to say I feel it's one of her weaker skins. Ntw really has been blessed with a treasure trove of official art. Her mod art, her maid skin, the knight skin, she's really loaded and this one kinda does fail to stand out. Still nice though. Her swimsuit is cool, and I like those sunglasses. Good skin.

I like thighs. This is all.

A few hours later...

Alright, here I come fashionably late, I'll do my best. It's an okay skin. This is actually one of the first beach skins i've ever gotten, and i certainly didn't appreciate it much for a doll that I didn't yet have. It's a simple, timeless design as far as bikinis go - horizontal stripes for both her top and bottom, and a Red skirt for a lil' bit of modesty. Said modesty flies out the window with her uber tanned appearance - commanders, this is what happens when you don't personally and meticulously and lovingly apply sunscreen to your T-Dolls! It's pretty decent. Nothing outstanding, but nothing bad about it. Maybe a different colour scheme would be better to reference her south african origins. I'd rate this a 3/5.

NTW's in an odd spot with skins. I've always had some troubles with her face, specifically her mouth, and thus, her mod skin is the superior skin, but this one isn't too bad. My opinions about NTW’s face aside, this skin is very back to basics in terms of summer skins, which is perfectly fine, and I think works in its favor, as trying to get overly creative can backfire massively, even if it's not my favorite ntw skin. There's not a lot to say design/art wise, (although I'll say that my experience is that one goes from pale to burned, not paled to tan). Kickass shades are always good in my books. Overall, in a vacuum, fine enough.

You say her mod skin is superior just because of thighs.

This post is sponsored by Jake, a Helproom Sensei in GFC discord server.

I mean those help but it really is the best skin imo, and not just because of things.


Things? Thighs? What's the difference?

One of those is guaranteed to be comfy to lay your head on. That's the difference.

Five-seveN: Cruise Queen

Have it. Salt for you, bunny for me.


Haha guys look she has the cs:go skin lmao mica are so quirky.
One of the horniest skins, lowkey want.
For one of the horniest dolls, fight me.

I got that skin trying for something I've forgotten. *the sounds of furious checking* was a summer radiant rerun. Oh. Right. I think I wanted springchan summer. Got 5-7 lewd bunny summer. Not a bad trade though.

Didn't this skin just get slapped with the censorship bat?
She did?
Yeah, less booba and a frilly skirt thing, I believe.
You have that censor?
God, I remember being around for EN's censorship debacle. What a load of [REDACTED] that was.

Oh that was a riot. Old versus new 5-7.


Interestingly, she looks less sexable, more cute. Also, frills! Ceia my man, frills.
Yeah but that kinda ruins it imo, not even letting the horny talk. She just too big for this to work on her.
I can agree on the upper part. Lower though is hella skimpy.
I'll be honest, I just think the frills look bad here, double so when compared to Suomi.
Maybe cos the frills are short? Usually, a frilled swimsuit is longer.

As for this one, I prefer the uncensored one. The panties man. There’s a reason why I run these kinda panties myself.


Those panties do be juicy. Kinda want a Suomi summer with these.

The GP team would like to clarify that Ceia means his Vtuber model. As of July 2020/2, to our knowledge, Ceia has not dressed up high panties himself.

I still wanna [REDACTED] 5-7. I wholeheartedly blame Desti for that. I can’t unhornt how I see that skin anymore.
Ironically, that which makes her OG skin so juicy it kills this one.

Ceia is a fan of high rises I see. The censored version does look less horny but more in line with what you would probably see someone wearing at a beach. It's weird because thematically, there's less you can do with less. Unless the lack of substance is the theme. Another older skin, this time the emphasis is horny. If it were released today I wonder if her swimsuit would have a black and white theme going on. Or if they'd pull a 5-7 dress and slap another color scheme on her

Another victim of censorship batch v2

Please hold, your Costume Panel devolved into degeneracy, service will resume shortly.

Someone remind me to draw a 5-7 later. Her eyes... Ugh. It's not so pronounced in this skin tho so it's okay. Though, what am I supposed to shill when all she wears is just a top, a bottom, and a little belt on her right thigh? I guess Suisai's skills in coloring her belly is amazing.

Disclaimer, anything I say may sound like criticism but I like her swimsuit even if I don’t have it. What I do have is every single 416 costume. Swimsuit and wedding 416 when mica?

We already have 416 wedding.


While those are good questions, back on topic, I got 5-7 summer out of lucky bag sometime. Did not feel lucky.

Out of the lucky bag into the [REDACTED] jar.
Hey now that's no way to talk about my girl.
Weeeeeew boi, 5-7 coming in hot. Now, this really is kinda as basic as it can get for summer skins. Whack on a black bikini, done. I still like it cause... It's a swimsuit lol, but it doesn't have much charm if you get me. I do like how she keeps her cute collar and bowtie, as well as the bunny ear ribbon. Also that sundae looks delicious. Overall, though, I feel 5-7 has better skins on offer. I personally have both her bridal and Christmas skin and both of those are great. The bridal skin does suffer from the same 'basic' problem though not quite as much, but the Christmas skin is really the standout. But that might be a shilling for another day.
Yes, the sundae…
I want to [REDACTED] over those [REDACTED] [REDACTED]s. I've said enough. I also want to pin her to the bedframe and [REDACTED] until her body [REDACTED].

Here's my horny origin story, funnily enough. Cube+ was running, I was feeling pretty good after 93 runs for five-seven, and I was looking at my meagre token stash.


You’re an idiot
But you’re our idiot.

Yolo radiant pulls are the best.

It's Desti nerding time!

To say I didn't expect five-seven is an understatement. The only reason I can think of besides sheer dumb luck is that five-seven was already horny for me. >:3 I ain't gonna lie. I wish I had her Christmas dress. It's beautiful, it's blue, and it would perfectly complement queen in radiance. But the sexiest costume Five-seven has? Yeah I'll take that. Hell fucking yes. It's skimpy, Five-seven's sexy, what's not to love about it? You have to be an absolute tool to deny the appeal this skin has. What the fuck am I supposed to describe besides 'skimpy bikini'? Okay, I'll bite. Besides the tantalising front-tie top she's got, Five-seven is also wearing a layered bikini bottom. This means it's like she's wearing a low-waist bottom over a high-waist thong. Spank me and kiss my butt, it's a deadly sexy combo. The pointless collar and thigh strap, along with her ever-present matching black hair bow complete the picture. I can see why China decided this was too horny to be left alone. That said... They've made it even cuter. Where before Five-seven's panty left very little to the imagination, the frills now make her costume far more enticing. I would pantse (is that the right spelling?) Five-seven on the beach in broad daylight for the sheer thrill of showing her off to everyone. Her damaged art is like, one out of a hundred different scenarios where i would plausibly ruin her costume for the hecking fun of it. And then we can do the rest later in [REDACTED]. 5/5. Will never not be horny for this costume on Five-seven.

You missed the chance to make it 5-7/5.

I had to go check if any of my 5-7's were using this skin, and I also apologize in advance if I write hoxy instead of her name somewhere in here. While I dodged a lot of memes that one is seared into my brain (and is also faster to type which doesn't help). The answer is no, which is odd, I've got enough dupes I sorta thought, even salted about it, that I'd have put it on her somewhere. I'm blind and dumb.

Much like NTW, this is a skin carried by its simplicity, although somewhat in the other direction, given that even after being censored, the ratio of clothing to not clothing is still solid north of 90% if I had to guess, and this one leans hard on the fact that 5-7 is hot. Which to be fair, is a very compelling argument, I might be dead inside but I can safely say that 5-7 is quite attractive. She retains all of her signature elements, and is wearing heels on a beach for reasons I guess? Including the just enough smug look that sells it. The banana gun is weird, I like ice cream so that's fine. Overall, a good skin. The censor still looks slightly off to my eye, can't quite place my finger on it, but overall retains the power of good skin. I feel obligated to score it 5/7 just for the sake of silly.


How is her score with rice? Soul gave a perfect score I see. But rice can improve on perfection.
Dude, you could serve Five-seven to me with uncooked brown rice and she would still be perfect to eat.
5-7 is objectively superior to rice, do not recommend combining with rice, recommend combining with ice cream.
Good swimsuit, good doll, if you like 5-7 this skin will do good for you. It's a skin and not a costume because there's way too much skin and way too little costume.
Ethy bunny-seven simper confirmed. 416 no longer wants you.

Springfield~~ Stirring Mermaid

Don’t have it.


I'm still disappointed the parasol isn't the gun.
Lowkey one of the best summer skins in this game. 10/10 want. 10/10 would whale for.

I always have a problem with summer skins in that they're a concept I hate, probably more so than any other, but that they're very often executed so well that I can't ignore them because they're so good. This batch, this skin specifically are the epitome of that In part because I want springfield to tuck me into bed, all meanings of the word.

The only thing I remember about this skin is a doujin.
I know that one.
Beautiful Pristine Elegant Very canoodling on an evening on the beach vibes. May lead up to sex. Totes want to snuggle against her.

I mean. It did end up in sex.


I love how she picked a swimsuit that makes her feel mature but also young.
Will lead to sex. 1903%
1903 is the rifle's number right?. M1903 Springfield or smth like that?
Yes. You're reading it right, the odds that I will end up having sex with springfield if she wears this bikini is over 100%
Heh. She also wears the panties Ceia likes no?
Very good skin, personally prefer it to the anniversary skin she has. There's just a charm in the simple beach clothes, wide-brim hat and parasol she has, that makes her look extra appealing. I can see why they'd make a doujin with her in this skin super solid execution of a concept, 10/10

Insert johnny bravo meme here springfield is amazing, mica plz give her a Mod. Anyway, this skin is hot hot hot. Mama has the killer hat, the nice breezy looking top, the beach... Skirt? (idk what it's properly called, the blue fabric tied around her waist and acting similarly to a skirt). She's more than prepaRed for a day at the beach and I wish to spend that time with her. Top stuff.

As that one jackie chan movie said..."nice rack".

Cracks knuckles I am here to beat all you simps off my wife with a bayonet! This goes without saying, but this is one of my favourite summer costumes! Springfield's all packed and ready to hit the beach - but only with a beach umbrella of her own, a wide-brimmed hat for herself, and an ice cooler full of drinks and ice-cream we shall inevitably empty in the pointless endeavour of enjoying cold things under a hot sun. The instant you look at this, there's no way you can look at anything besides the sunglasses dangling enticingly from her cleavage. Springfield is stacked - every costume shows her off, no doubt - but she remains modest and doesn't show off her cleavage much. It's her halter top that makes up for the eye candy - four straps covering a ring on her chest. It hints to you of the sheer weight and burden she bears every day. As soon as she's done setting up, missy Springfield needs a massage! And Springfield keeps it classy as always with a long skirt and simple yet elegant sandals. Sure, you can see her cute bottom beneath the skirt... But I can do that later. The beach is to be enjoyed with her company, not just her ass. Damaged art: someone has come to ruin this glorious day and they're going to [BEEP] pay for it. They snapped her bikini top early! I was planning to rip it off myself, but it's literally in tatters. Her hat has holes in it, and I'm sure I would have liked to wear that myself. If you're invading my beach with Springfield and I don't care where you're from, who you work for, or why you're here - you're the bad guy who just made the worst decision of your pathetic overdue life. Bye-bye.

Stirring Mermaid will never dethrone Queen in Radiance as my favourite Springfield costume, but it's definitely my number two. Whether I dream about reenacting the field on fire, or fantasising about the vacation I haven't had in... Oh god it's been five years. Ahem. I mean to say, this is the costume of my dreams and it's giving me unreasonably high standards for girlfriends. 1903 out of five. I love springfield.

Sorry but the simpleness of G36 swimsuit won my heart.

Crally won the RNG

I couldn’t resist simping for her though, forgive me Desti.

First things first, this skin has a lot of art that has brought me somewhat around on it, but I remain far more sold on her ballgown than this one. With that said, this skin is kind of interesting as a lot of it implies that Spring isn't going for a swim, she's just there to kill time. Which is kinda interesting. Either that or she's going all in on her team mom role and such. That's a really nice hat by the by. Overall, well executed, keeps her elegance while also adding back in the sexy, so I dig it, overall. Good skin, gimme that hat as a commander outfit item mica (unless it already is, and I'm a dumb dumb).

M1 Garand: Beach Princess

I will [Redacted].

I concur tyvm.
Goddamnit. You can't go [REDACTED]. Appreciate that beautiful top. That smile… Those fine legs. Such a shame she's not meta.

Ok, I will [REDACTED] as well. I love garand and love this skin. Thanks lolicept/belko for making me a Garand simp.

They're an artist that really likes Garand as well. I'm afraid I can't show any of their gGrand art here without heavy censoring lol... But it's very good stuff.

Don’t have it. Don’t care.
Doc is secretly inhaling large amounts of copium.

Red, because of you, I feel like rolling this skin again.

I thought this skin was free. Or at least I remember having it for free. Well, it's a nice skin. Can agree it makes Garand a lot more memorable than your average. *looks at smudged writing on hand* 3 star RF.

No, it's gacha, and I own one.
This skin shows how much potential Garand had, before she became forgotten. Such a cutie. Her dorkiness is over 9000. Still waiting on Fury doing Garand summer cosplay though.
When did he promise this?
Continuum Turbulence.
Do you have a print of that? I totes need a print of that.

#deleted-channel. Most you'll get is what made cut for Theater II.

I personally have an attachment to this skin, I just rolled it sometime ago. Weakest of the batch? I won't deny it. But, even then the simpleness of the idea of the swimsuit fits her quite well, she doesn't need to be flashy. But wait, I noticed something now, Quite bold of her using that high string bottom. Oh, and the flower fits her so well. One thing though, she might look plain. But that is just because of how well her swimsuit blends in to herself, so that it looks natural and nothing special. I like it though.

Overall good skin, but was never the biggest fan of M1 Garand and her proportions look a bit iffy on the skin to me. Good for whoever likes her I guess, but not a priority skin to get in this batch at all.

This batch makes me very hornt. It makes me wish my waifu would wear a swimsuit for me.

But Matt, Jill already does

Design-wise, it's fairly plain. It's almost beat-for-beat a match to NTW's. I suppose mica didn't want to get too adventurous with the swimsuits yet. I wish that maybe there were more references, either to allude to her rivalry with Springfield (M1 Garand was made after M1903, but the M1903 was used more and fabricated more) or just simply more Red-white-blue. I'll give this a 3/5.


To this day, I forget this skin is Garand, much like Serdyukov's beach skin just doesn't click to me as her. I can't really put my finger on why exactly, maybe it's the more open/happy feel as opposed to standard garand's more taciturn one. As a skin it continues the trend of being just fine, if unexceptional. Garand is very cute, and doesn't deserve to get bopped in the head with a beach ball as is implied by that damaged art. Also damaged art is fairly lowkey on the 'damaged' part, which I'm entirely okay with. Cute, rip doll, ping is memes. Do agree she needs a mod, or a speq or a something. I'll make a deal MICA, you give Garand a kickass mod, i'll write an essay about this skin, k? K.

Ok time to shill this skin properly lol. I love M1 Garand, I raised her to 100 on a lost bet and to be quite honest she's grown a lot on me. Shame she has no real use, her stats are solid for a 3 star but she just doesn't have the skill to make it work. Garand mod plz mica, release it alongside the Springfield one ok. Like the 5-7 summer skin, this one is fairly basic. Just a simple green bikini with a tied skirt. It's simple, but it's appealing, and would definitely be worth 3 of my black cards if I actually had a reason to field her.

Suomi: Midsummer Pixie

I wanna be that starfish.

Don’t have it, Don’t care.
Inhaling copium because he can’t simp for Ceia

Adam, have the new censored version too.

Suomi got an Upgrade

Wew, I feel her bikini got even better.
I prefer the new censored one. Frills man.

Frills are lovely, yes.


Is that because of CN censor wave?

Oh look, something good came out of it.

Anyway, this is my 2nd favorite Suomi skin. I used to dislike it since her idle L2D animation has her scratching her boobs very often, but wedding Suomi showed up with:



That's a RIP.
How does Suomi handle the heat? She's finnish right? Anyway, this skin is summarized in one word: Plump. Everywhere I looked, it only emphasized Suomi's plumpness. Look at how the panties / bottom(?) hugs her waist, the skin indent and those plump thighs. Goodness. Oh oh, hair buns are cute. Anmi decided to go a different path and make her swimsuit a bit cuter with the frills. Other than that... Idk what to say, this skin is just so good.

Ohhhhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiiiii time to shill best girl Ceia ecksdee. Now that the entire crowd is laughing at the hilarious joke, this skin is nice. I don't know if I like this skin or her bridal skin more, probably about the same for me. It's another fairly basic getup, just a frilly white bikini and a loose jacket. But it's nice and cute and appealing. Don't really have much more to say on it. You're hot Ceia, I rate it.

Censored Ceia is trash. Lewd Ceia is where it is.
It's a nice change from the standard Suomi Ceia, I can see why people would want this costume. The best way to describe her is that she looks really soft and springy, makes you wanna poke her. Good horny vibes, very skimpy swimsuit, what's there not to love. Not gonna waste my tokens or black cards on it but a good, lewd suomeme regardless. Now if only some other dolls got the same attention as Ceia gets.
S h o c k e r

Lemme tell you something first, I wish I was the starfish so that I'd finally have an ass to eat. China being China, they've forced her swimsuit to be less revealing; but it doesn't work. Suomi's inherent appeal as a cutesy anmiface is simply too strong to be held back with a little piece of scrap clothing. Her thighs are soft and her body is curvy as always. Were it not for the price of eight black cards, or the fact that I missed both swimsuit reruns, I think I would have definitely rolled for this. Damaged art continues Anmi's proud tradition of butt flashing, and it's a great time to be alive, eh? But her back is really beautifully detailed as well. Makes me wanna push Ceia down, lather her back full of massage oil, and sit on her butt while massaging her tired and sore shoulders and really working out the knots. After all, she's got to be really tired after carrying all of EN's combined stupidity and shallowness those big, gentle guides around all day, right? Lovely skin. Pity I don't have it, or it would be a perfect rating. 4.31 out of 5.

Probably second-best suomi skin. Agree with Ceia, censored is better. I kinda want to go do a look at how her height in this compares to normal because she seems weirdly scaled compared to her gun, and not so in other skins. Super random but I do not understand how her bangs/framing bits of her hair don't drive her actively mad, but that might be my own growing hair catching up with me. Not sure why she's bringing her hairband to the beach, that's all quibbles. Suomi is very cute, and embarrassed Suomi is cute, but alas, I'm not going to pick this up even on rerun. Overall skin is good, will throw starfish at complaints about Anmi face. Also i don't think any massage can make up for having to endure pure unfiltered EN.


Ceia changing sides

This Shilling Episode is dedicated to Ceia who, at the time of this editing, announced his retirement from making content for Girls' Frontline 1 on YouTube. I, like many of you, have used his Farming guides and Walkthrough guides, and maybe even his Ranking guides, at some point, and so his retirement comes as a reminder of how long he, me, and many of you have been around, and how much of a positive influence he's been in the EN server.

I can say for certain that Ceia is a big part of what made me stick by when I started Girls' Frontline in 2019/2, I mean, January 2020. A respectable content creator, player, and a very nice and charismatic guy, I feel lucky that I got to know a bit more about Ceia as a person, and that Ceia joined the Shilling Panel. Will he stick around? Maybe. Shilling Panel will always have its doors open to him.

As the representative of the Shilling Panel, we'd like to wish Ceia all the best in his IRL commitments. As someone whose inspiration to help the community came in no small parts from Ceia, I thank you for being such a big part of my journey in Girls' Frontline.

See you around Ceia-chan.

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