CT Ranking: Playpen Unit Tracker

Article by Cleista
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The Playpen Unit Tracker tool allows players to track the movement of enemy units in Continuum Turbulence Ranking within the Fog of War.

As long as the user diligently tracks which enemy units they have killed, this tool can apply an iterative algorithm to simulate enemy unit movement, allowing you to predict enemy unit positioning without vision and accurately plan pathing to grab Supply Points

All instructions are included, so make a copy and good luck ranking!

Playpen Tracker SpreadsheetPlaypen Tracker Folder

Note: If too many users are viewing the spreadsheet, it may enter HTML view. In this case, click the "Playpen Tracker Folder" and make a copy of the spreadsheet from the right-click menu there.

The top right corner also occasionally desyncs on Turn 3 due to an in-game bug - please manually fix it if you notice a discrepancy. 

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