Key Card / Bingo Event: Dessert Vanguard

A new Key Card Event for Girls Frontline EN, Dessert Vanguard, will be available starting Sep. 28th! The 8-line reward this time is FNC’s “Candy Thief” costume, just in time for Halloween festivities.

FNC "Candy Thief"

Candy Thief normal
Candy Thief damaged

What is a Keycard Event?

A Key Card Event is also known informally as “bingo” in the GFL EN community, for reasons that will become abundantly clear in a moment. Here’s a snapshot of the event page from one of EN’s previous Key Card events:

bingo example screenshot

The event board consists of a 6x6 square containing the numbers 1-36, randomly distributed for each player. When all six numbers in a row, column, or diagonal have been filled in, the corresponding reward on that line is earned. 

For example, completing the row [10, 9, 22, 16, 32, 30] in the above board will award the player with 10 Dummy Cores. 

Additional milestone reward packages can be claimed after completing 1, 4, 8, and 14 lines. Assuming rewards are similar to the last Key Card event, they will be as follows: 

  • 1 Line: All 4 Resources * 3000

  • 4 Lines: T-Doll Contract * 10, Quick Production Contract * 10, Quick Repair Contract * 10, Quick Training Contract * 2

  • 8 Lines: FNC's "Candy Thief" Costume

  • 14 Lines: Challenger Medal * 1, Token * 50, Calibration Ticket * 200, Advanced Training Data * 300

Each day, all players receive 6 randomly-generated missions, with the option of unlocking 3 more once the first 6 have been completed for a total of up to 9 missions per day. 

  • Each mission rewards one Key Card upon completion, which can be used to draw a totally random number from the board and fill it in. 

  • Drawing a duplicate number will reward 10 points instead. 

  • After accumulating 100 points (10 duplicates), a targeted draw can be performed to fill in any number of the player’s choice. 

Event Missions

Assuming the quest pool remains the same as the last two bingo events, they will be randomly selected each day from any of the available missions listed below. The missions have been grouped by type for convenience:

Challenge - Normal Mission Challenge and clear a Normal mission 3 times. (Complete any normal map)
Challenge - Night Mission Challenge and clear a Night mission 1 time. (Complete any night map)
Challenge - Emergency Mission Challenge and clear an Emergency mission 2 times. (Complete any emergency map)
Battle Master Clear 10 battles with S rank.
Eliminate Armored Machine SF Forces Eliminate 10 armored machine type S.F. enemies in victorious battles. (Tarantulas and Nemeums count)
Eliminate Machine Type S.F. Forces Eliminate 20 normal machine type S.F. enemies in victorious battles. (Dinergates count)
Eliminate Humanoid Type S.F. Forces Eliminate 30 humanoid type S.F. enemies in victorious battles.
Boss Hunter Eliminate 5 bosses in victorious battles.
T-Doll Rescue Rescue 10 T-Dolls in total from missions or battles (Auto-Battles do not count). (Any T-Doll drop, including the mission clear drop, will count as a “rescue” - this has nothing to do with the hostage rescue mechanic introduced in later chapters.)
Resource Consumption
T-Doll Enhancement Perform 5 T-Doll Enhancements.
Equipment Enhancement Perform 5 Equipment Enhancements.
T-Doll Contract Consumption Consume 4 T-Doll Contracts.
Equipment Contract Consumption Consume 4 Equipment Contracts.
Quick Production Consumption Consume 4 Quick Production Contracts.
Quick Repair Consumption Consume 4 Quick Repair Contracts.
Manpower Consumption Consume 1500 Manpower. (Auto-Battles do not count).
Ammo Consumption Consume 1500 Ammunition. (Auto-Battles do not count).
Ration Consumption Consume 1500 Rations. (Auto-Battles do not count).
Parts Consumption Consume 500 Parts. (Auto-Battles do not count). (An efficient use of 500 parts is the minimum 500x4 fairy recipe in Heavy Equipment Production.)
Battery Consumption Consume 100 Batteries. (Write at least 34 Combat Reports, or spend the batteries to upgrade any facility)
Calibration Ticket Consumption Consume 30 Calibration Tickets.
Gifting Give 10 gifts in total. (Combat Reports count as gifts)
Like Meister Like others' Dorms 20 times.
Random Visit Perform a “Random Visit” 10 times.
Collecting Friend Batteries Collect batteries from a friend's Dorm 10 times.
Collecting Hearts Collect 10 hearts in total, from either T-Dolls or Kalina.
Friendly Greetings Chat once with a friend.
T-Doll and Equipment Acquisition
Acquire HG T-Dolls Obtain 3 Handgun T-Dolls.
Acquire SMG T-Dolls Obtain 3 Submachine Gun T-Dolls.
Acquire AR T-Dolls Obtain 3 Assault Rifle T-Dolls.
Acquire MG T-Dolls Obtain 3 Machine Gun T-Dolls.
Acquire RF T-Dolls Obtain 3 Rifle T-Dolls.
Acquire Equipment - Accessories Obtain 3 pieces of accessory equipment.
Acquire Equipment - Magazines Obtain 3 pieces of magazine equipment.
Acquire Equipment - Body Gears Obtain 3 pieces of body gear equipment.
Cumulative Logistic Support Complete 12 hours of Logistic Support in total.
Mission Report - Quick Production Obtain a Quick Production Contract from Logistic Support.
Mission Report - Quick Repair Obtain a Quick Repair Contract from Logistic Support.
Mission Report - Equipment Production Contract Obtain an Equipment Contract from Logistic Support.
Mission Report - T-Doll Contract Obtain a T-Doll Contract from Logistic Support.
Using Friend Echelon Use a friend's echelon 3 times.
Combat Simulation Complete 2 Combat Simulations.
Skill Training Undergo T-Doll or Fairy Skill Training once.
Auto-Battle Complete 1 Auto-Battle.
Acquire Lollipop Acquire 1 lollipop. (Sell 2★ or 3★ furniture)
Acquire Ice Cream Cone Acquire 1 Ice Cream Cone. (Sell 4★ furniture)
Acquire Cores Acquire 3 Dummy Cores. (Dismantle 3★ or above T-Doll, or complete the daily quests that award them.)

Missions do not retroactively count your actions performed! Therefore, it is recommended to look at and complete the first 6 missions each day ASAP before doing the actions that are limited per day, to avoid leaving certain missions like “Collecting Friend Batteries”, “Collecting Hearts”, or “Ambassador of Likes” in an uncompletable state.

Is completing the entire board possible?

This Key Card event lasts 21 days, with each day allowing a maximum of 9 Key Cards from missions to be obtained. 

Assuming no missions are missed, this is a total of 21 * 9 = 189 random draws plus at least 15 targeted draws from duplicate numbers, making it all but certain that diligent commanders will be able to fill in all 36 squares. 

Commanders new to Girls’ Frontline may not be able to complete all 9 missions each day, so they will have a slightly harder time completing the entire board. Nevertheless, by saving their targeted draws and completing as many missions as possible, even new commanders will complete the 8 lines needed for FNC’s costume, and have a decent shot at filling in the entire board. 

How can I optimize my draws?

Since using a targeted draw increases the chance that the next random draw will land on a duplicate, it is recommended to avoid targeted draws altogether until you have enough points to fill the entire board in one go. 

Girls' Frontline FNC Bingo (Key Card) Board with 7 open slots and 700 points, allowing for full completion by using the targeted draws.

This will not only grant the earliest possible 14-line bonus, but also allow the maximum number of Key Cards to be saved. (Key Cards are converted to calibration tickets at a 1:5 ratio after the event is over, while points are wasted.)

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