Monthly Roadmap: November 2023 (v3.02)

New Client

The new client version is v3.02.

This client adds Gray Zone, Logistics being able to be repeated up to 6 times and various other changes.

For a summary of all the changes in this new client, see the page below:

Frontline Protocol

The next Frontline Protocol banner preview features a skin for M1895 (Nagant).

New Luffberry Chess Season

This new season includes a skin for M1897.

Ranking Rerun

There will be a ranking rerun of Isomer+.

The map is somewhat changed since the original, more details will be added when we get closer to the event.

Gacha Skin

The gacha batch is the Wuxia batch foreign had last year.

This batch includes an L2D for Type56-1 as well as regular skins for General Liu, VP1915, 4 Shiki, Ak5 and a shop skin for QBZ-191.


There will be a rerun of Intruder as well as a new seasonal ringleader Halloween Executioner. She's not much better than base Executioner.

Monthly SPEQ

Mica didn't put it on the roadmap.

T-Doll Production Batch x4

Mica also did not put this on the roadmap, but said it was coming in a discord comment.

This production batch includes the following Dolls:

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