Poincaré Recurrence 1-Infi Farm

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1 Infi EX PR
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Poincaré Recurrence has two Infinity maps to farm the event's T-Dolls: Infi 1 which has 4 star T-Dolls and Infi 2, which has 5* T-Dolls

Because EX maps this time are rather easily farmable, we're only showing recommendations for EX maps.

For beginner Commanders who may struggle with farming certain EX routes, you can:

  • farm easier routes and use medals to buy the T-Doll
  • M4+1-2HGs or 1AR+0-1HG on normal
  • Strongest fairy in your armory

Credits to rosedrake#4975 for making some of the farming comps

Map 1


  • M4A1 Mod II (preferably Mod III)
  • SG (LTLX or M26 MASS are the MVPs), 1 link (it's cheaper, but 5 link also works)
  • Flash Ammo (to counter Rodeos)
    • If no Flash, use P22 (with SG on 6) or HS2000

Team formation:

  • Top route: M4 on 7, SG on 9, or on 6 if using Flash ammo
  • Middle route: M4 on 7, SG on 5
  • Bottom route: M4 on 7, SG on 5 or on 6 if using Flash ammo

Fairy recommendation:

  • LTLX: 24% FP aura
  • M26 MASS: 10% Aura
  • Others: Higher aura than the above, or add P22
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