Should you Farm: Eclipses and Saros

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Article by Soulmuse
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While I admit to not having high hopes, MICA has at least answered someone's prayers with this event. Behold, for PM-9 graces us with her presence!

What, you don't remember who PM-9 is? Don't worry, neither did MICA for a long time. She's mostly notable for that fact that PM-9 has not been farmable since her original release



Another fall from grace, KSVK was once highly prized for the (even then middling) AoE abilities of her Neural Upgrade, but has lost most of her value due to the unrelenting march of….progress? We’ll go with progress. Her base form is thoroughly unimpressive at best, and after you invest all the cores and fragments into getting KSVK to mod 3, you are still getting a middling RF with some weak AoE and questionable ideas about how to wear a pair of pants. For those looking for a more in-depth breakdown of the math, please consult Varz (sorry Varz).

You may wish to farm KSVK if:

  • You missed her in previous events

You may wish to skip farming KSVK if:

  • You already obtained her 
  • You don't need her Neural Upgrade



In short, no. With the progression of GFL and the increasing power scaling of handguns, SPP-1, and her strange underwater gun antics struggle to stand out, and we have yet to find a use for her obscene accuracy boost tiles. Her Evasion debuff Skill has long since been outclassed and passed over by the game, leaving SPP-1 dead in the water. 

You may want to farm for SPP-1 if:

  • You don't have her Already

You may want to skip farming SPP-1 if:

  • You have more than enough Handguns. 



Outside of collection, AUG has lost any luster she may have had in her heyday, and a unique speq does not fix this. Her lack of Damage, and Spray and Pray skill means that she cannot take good advantage of her belief that the RoF cap is for cowards, as even when she was new, AUG could struggle to kill effectively and enemy HP has only grown since those days, along with the proliferation of things like Armor and Shields on enemies. Relatively low powered tiles for modern GFL leave AUG without any major strengths to help her stand out in the limit field of ARs.

You may want to farm AUG if:

  • You like her Skins
  • You have previously not obtained her

You may wish to skip farming AUG if:

  • You already have her
  • There isn't much use for ARs at the moment and AUG isn't one of them that has a use. 



While PM-9 herself is not that great, please rejoice in that she has finally actually appeared, knocking one doll off the list of ‘never got a rerun’. Alas, this does not mean that she has good gameplay, buffing her own evasion, reducing her Damage and Accuracy and doubling hitting for her skill duration. Alas, PM9 is an SMG, and this means that she should not be doing the DPS of the Echelon, which makes her skill effectively just an Evasion buff, and that is not a roll in demand without at least some other bell or whistle in the modern GFL.

You may wish to farm PM-9 if:

  • You were not playing when she ran the 1st and only time

You may wish to skip farming for PM-9 if:

  • You already have her
  • Don't need more SMGs. 
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