Singularity All-in-One Farming Guide

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All-in-One Farming Guide

11/24 update: Added 1HG MP7 drag route.

11/22 update: Updated Five-seveN farming video.

11/21 update: Added OTs-14 Groza farming addendum. Added Crate Farming route due to demand.

11/20 update: Added low-cost farming routes for Five-seveN and HK 416's Special Equipment, EOT XPS3. 

GFL YouTuber Ceia has again delivered an impressive farming guide for Singularity, this time covering every single farmable drop in the EN Singularity event. 


Thunder (E1-A2) - 0:00

MP7 (E1-C4) - 3:23

JS05 (E1-A3) - 5:29

DSR-50 (E1-B4) - 6:35

Five-SeveN (E1-C2) - 12:07

Five-SeveN (E3-1) - 14:16

UMP40 (E2-A4) - 18:32

M1887 (E3-2) - 19:35

HK416 SPEQ Short Route (E2-C4) - 22:01

HK416 SPEQ Long Route (E2-C4) - 24:00

HK416 SPEQ Agent Farm (E2-D4) - 27:31

OTs-14 (Groza) Farming Route

Alternate Low-Cost Paths

Some alternate, low-cost farming paths that'll save a lot of resources were found by GFL EN community members including Ceia, Arcus and Klaesz! The requirements are a little higher, so they're geared towards fairly established commanders.

Check out their videos below showcasing the clear routes. 


Note: Requires M4A1 Mod III, or Mod II with a better fairy (e.g. Artillery, Command).

HK 416 Special Equipment


4 chances per run. For reduced fairy requirements, can use 1AR (any self buffer or Zas). HG corpses are flexible. 

If you're unsure which units are worth farming, please check out the guide below. 

Crate Farming

The first map of the event can be farmed by any Commander. For anyone that has E2-C3 "Promotion III" unlocked, the below route can farm 10 crates in 30 seconds with no combat.