Special Rescue Event October 2023

Article by Zeseling
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After over two years, EN is finally having another Rescue Event.

For those of you who are new, this is basically a farming event where chapters 1->6 of story campaign gain an additional drop on the boss stages, and you can earn Pity Medals from farming. The shop will also only have one copy of each Doll, so if you want multiple MG338s you'll have to keep farming the boss she drops from.

Pity System

When farming maps while a major event is active, every time you defeat an enemy that could drop an event drop 3☆, 4☆ or 5☆ dolls you will also get Nova or Platinum medals which function as a Pity system.

3☆ dolls can be exchanged for 300 Nova medals, 4☆ dolls can be exchanged for 400 Nova medals, while 5☆ dolls exchange for 500 Platinum medals.

Excess medals, or medals that are not needed for dolls can also be exchanged for Cakes, and older guides will state this is one of the better sources of cakes. As of writing this, we have the Coalition shop where you can buy thousands of Cakes for a pretty cheap price, so this is far from important anymore.


old event pity example

Example of an old Event's Pity.

Should You Farm?

As is always the question for any event with farmable Dolls, which ones are actually worth picking up?

This time around, this is fairly simple and there's only one of these Dolls that are actually meaningfully useful.

Chapter 6

MG338 is a 5☆ MG from the Limited Doll Pool. She is very strong, with a Skill that gives her Highest-FP targeting and she doesn't need to reload as long as she's not top DPS.

Highly recommended to farm.

You may also want to consider grabbing some extra copies:

Chapter 5

AUG is a 5☆ AR from the Limited Doll pool. She is not particularly useful.

If you are missing her, you may want to pick her up for collection, as there's no telling when she'll be available again.

Chapter 4

PA-15 is a mostly useless 5☆ HG from Production.

She does have somewhat low rates, so if you are missing her you may consider farming her... or just keep crafting HGs.

Chapter 3

DSR-50 is a 5☆ RF from the Limited Doll pool.

If you are missing her, you may want to pick her up for collection, as there's no telling when she'll be available again.

Chapter 2

P90 is a strong 5☆ Main Tank SMG from Production. Her rates are somewhat low.

If you are missing her, you may want to consider farming her.

Chapter 1

64 Shiki is not especially good, and is also one of the most common 5☆ production ARs.

Not recommended to farm.


6-4e farming infographic by Rev.

If you have Agent you can Pilfer+Frugal using the Para method.

If you don't have Mod3 Defy, you can use the older slightly more expensive farming recommendation below:

Older 6-4e farming infographic by Rev.

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