Anime NYC 2017 Fate/Grand Order Panel

Hi everyone! I'm Hakurai, and welcome to Haku Channel! This time, I'm bringing you the highly entertaining Anime NYC FGO Panel!

Welcome! For those that don’t know, we actually have the Localization Producer for FGO here, Albert Kao. Please give a round of applause!


Come on, louder!



My name is Albert Kao, the Localization Producer of FGO.

Thanks, thanks, I feel the love, guys. Thank you. I’m not just some random intern-kun passing out posters.

Can I get a refund for that shout out?


Fate/Grand Order is now available on iOS and Android. If you haven’t downloaded the game, I don’t know why you’re in this room.

If you did download this game, thank you for your support. It’s been a few months since launch, and we've been doing pretty good. We entered the top charts, the top ten, for the past couple of events. We‘re here to stay. Don’t worry about the server randomly closing and wondering “Where’s my money?” We're good.

Has everyone played the GUDAGUDA Honnoji event? Got your permanent copy of Nobu yet? Now for the salt: Who got Okita?

Rate-up is NOT a lie, okay? I got Okita Souji too.

The event is until November 24th, so don’t miss your chance. Make sure to get GOLDEN HEAVEN every single day so you get your points. If you play GOLDEN HEAVEN every day, you’ll get your permanent copy of Nobu.

Well, if you need to get to NP5, well… Get grinding? Don’t be stingy with those apples, use them!

Eh... Christmas?


So, GUDAGUDA Honnoji! Make sure you’re playing if you’re missing Scales, those Void Dusts, Eternal Gears, this is the time to get them. You have until November 24th to do it.


Second Archives: If you run out of 300 slots in your second archive, now you can use Mana Prisms to expand your second archive for both Servant and Craft Essence.

The ability to save multiple Support lineups: You won’t be stuck with one Support lineup anymore. You can save Support lineup depend on the event or lineup, or what your friends asking for(your so-called friends).

A quest information display: For each quest, the map information shows what monsters appear, what drops for each quest. That doesn’t just appear for Story and Free quest, but also for the upcoming events as well. So you know what event is worth losing sleep over.

Servant multi-lock: you now lock multiple Servants at once instead of having to click-lock, click-lock. Makes everybody’s lives better.

Thank you for the info…

I appreciate the enthusiasm... Japan doesn’t even have this at this point.

Now hold on to your seat, take a deep breath…

I said, eventually, we’ll release stuff about the same time as Japan, but I never said we won’t release them earlier!

FGO Thanksgiving Special


Fate/Grand Order Thanksgiving Special!

It’s kind of our token of gratitude. Thanks, guys, for playing the game and paying my rent.

We’ll be doing the Thanksgiving Special between November 22 to December 1st. In case you don’t know, that’s next week.

Everyday we’ll have login bonuses. What you get for your login bonus, you ask?

Login Bonus

11/23 4:00 ~ 11:24 3:59 UTC

  • 8 ALL ATK Fou 3*

  • 8 ALL HP Fou 3*

  • 1 Summon Ticket

11/24 4:00 ~ 11/25 3:59 UTC

  • 12 Saint Quartz

  • 1 Summon Ticket

11/25 4:00 ~ 11/26 3:59 UTC

  • 16 ALL 4* Blaze of Wisdom

  • 1 Summon Ticket

2017-11-23 4:00 ~ 11-26 3:59 UTC

That’s about seven black keys. Next…

We’ll be adding three items to the Mana Prism shop:

Mona Lisa
Grab Bag 2017
Material Grab Bag 2017

If you want to know what’s in there, check the news when we post them. If you’re tired of grinding materials, we’ll make your life a bit easier. All this stuff will be available in the Mana Prism shop. You don’t have to spend real money, but we all know where Mana Prisms come from.

Now now, hold on to your seat. Deep breath, but what’s coming will blow your mind. I hope. This reaction better be good, or else…


Who has been reading GUDAGUDA Order?

Not the full room… I’m not very happy about that.

For those that don’t know, to give GUDAGUDA Honnoji more context and setup the event, we localized GUDAGUDA Order. It was originally released in Japan before launch, to help setup the introduction and setup the characters. We localized all of it.

It was a pain in the butt because of all the references. We all know Mordred will be in the game now?

Eh, yeah…

Wow, I don’t like that reaction. If you have time, please read the GUDAGUDA Order.

Just in case you don’t get Scathach and wonder what she looks like, the Scathach Trial Quest will be available in Chaldea Gate. You get to experience what Scathach plays like, to see if you really want to drop like… $800 on her.

After you cleared the Trial Quest, you get one Summon Ticket.

It also gives a bit of story element, more context, to how the character is like. I think you’ll enjoy the game a bit more.

...I lied about holding on to your seat. It’s Thanksgiving. You really think the Pickup Summon is the only thing I’m going to give you?

A Pickup Summon is just meh compared to the next one, to be honest. Sure we have Scathach, but Scathach is not guaranteed.

How many people tried Tamamo no Mae and did not get her?
How many people tried Okita Souji and did not get her?
How many people tried Francis Drake and did not get her?


This time, really take a deep breath.

Thanksgiving Celebration Summon!

A special 10x Summon that guarantees a 5* SSR Servant!


Yep. It’s a 5* Guaranteed Summon. If you have been saying 1% drop rate is a lie, it’s 100% now.

However, this is the same as Japan, so paid quartz only. Just putting it out there, so we don’t get a gazillion Emails about how we lied.

5* Guaranteed Summon uses only paid Quartz. 30 Paid Quartz for one guaranteed 5*.

It’s 30 paid Quartz, but you get one guaranteed 5* from this lineup.

You’re welcome, by the way. You feel the love?

I know it!

To celebrate us here at Anime NYC, we’ll be giving away 10 Saint Quartz.

How soon you’ll get it? It’ll get it before Scathach comes out. You can pool it with the 12 you’re also getting. If you have 8 right now, that’s like 10 Black Keys.

(pointing to the audience)

That guy is the reason for Black Keys. If you feel stressed and need to talk to someone about Black Keys, talk to that guy right there.

That’s actually the end of the presentation, so let’s do some Q&A.

You heard the man! Let's move on to the Q&A next!

Part 2: Panel Q&A

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