3rd Anniversary Dev Letter #33 Recap

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to Touhou LostWord Global and welcome one and all to the 33rd Dev Letter, presented by Phantasma and Michael, with some cool new graphics! This succeeds the most recent Livestage on Discord, also with Phantasma and Michael!, This Livestage went over some of the 4th Anniversary JP Live Stream contents that may or may also not have been coming our way, in pure fashion! Of course, this also comes with a campaign post where for every 500 Reposts, we receive 10 Seal Crystals and 3000 Coins!

Now it's time for this Epic edition of Happy videos, news and images that came our way during Anniversary season, kicked off by a special message from the one and only ZUN!

Touhou LostQuiz!

Before we put a spring in our step when it comes to the happy news, a few little trivia questions were scattered across this Dev Letter. Let's go over them all now!

For the first question, if you guessed A: Remilia Scarlet (C3), fate might be on your side because that was the correct answer! Mystia Lorelei (H5) was released before the 2 Year Anniversary, Yuuma Toutetsu (L1) was released after, and Marisa Kirisame (Cz1) released after the 2.5 Anniversary, with the correct answer herself released right on the 2nd Anniversary as number 200!

As for the second one, if you voiced your answer to be D: 165, you got it correct again! Yep, 165 is a lot!

For number three, well there was a slight mistake on Michael's part with the answer (we all make mistakes, don't worry!), as it was not in fact D: Kasen Ibaraki and Yukari Yakumo, the 2nd set of friends to get their own Fantasy Rebirth. A: Nitori Kawashiro and Youmu Konpaku was the 4th set, with B: Sakuya Izayoi and Hong Meiling being the 6th set. So who is left? Ah yes, C: Reisen Udongein Inaba and Sanae Kochiya!

For the penultimate question, the universal meaning for "F" in the universe code lore is in fact C: Formula! No Fiber, Fiction or Fantasy!

Now for the last one, well let's wait for a bit until we put that egg into the LostQuiz basket! Will it be 2, 3, 4 or 5?

Everyone's a Winner! (ft. Fumo and MVs)!

Who doesn't love Fumo? Who knows, especially when there are not only three new Fumos in the fray including a Spontaneous White Beauty, a Tiny Ghost Mistress and a Legendary Vampire Hunter, but we also have an Alice Margatroid Deka Fumo! The multiversal three will also be available at Anime Expo 2024 as well as from an Everyone Wins Campaign! Who will be gifted such wholesomeness?

Three awesome fumos for F1 Koishi Komeiji, R2 Yuyuko Saigyouji and E1 Sakuya Izayoi!

Everyone Wins! All you need to do to get yourself 600 God Crystals, 50 Seal Crystals and an Exchange Ema is to lot in for 30 days! But who will be lucky enough to get a fumo?

A Massive Alice Deka Fumo!

We also take a look back at some numbers, mostly relating to the MV Project! Including the amounts of Participating Illustrators, Voice Actors, MV Project Songs, Original In-Game Tracks and Special Global Music Videos!

We also had an influx of new MV Project additions on Spotify as of May 3rd!

While they haven't been the most common, they are welcome all the same! We also reminded ourselves of the Overseas Covers of MV Project songs, including RichaadEB, Caleb Hyles, Pomu Rainpuff and Frozen Starfall because they will be part of their own Login Bonus!

And of course, we have to mention the now-unmasked MV that is Spread your Wings by Touhou LostWord feat. cluppo × TUMENECO! You may recognise that TUMENECO flare from a certain other miraculous MV!

A look back on the game, with some cool statistics!

The May 3rd additions to Spotify regarding the MV Project!

Kokoro's new MV 'Spread your Wings'!

Login Bonus including the MV covers by RichaadEB, Caleb Hyles, Frozen Starfall and Pomu Rainpuff!

Universal Fantasy Rebirths!

And now for the Fantasy Rebirths to look forward to! Firstly, rising from the Animal Realm will be the costumes for Yachie Kicchou and Saki Kurokoma! Look forward to their arrival on May 24th!

Future Fantasy Rebirths to look forward to are the S-Series Trio of Friends that is Satori Komeiji (S2), Rin Kaenbyou (S5) and Utusho Reiuji (S5)! Alongside them will also be the Despicable and Disastrous Joon and Shion Yorigami as well as the Imperishable Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei and Keine Kamishirasawa! All of the above doesn't have a confirmed arrival date as of now, but their time will come eventually!

Saki and Yachie coming with their Fantasy Rebirth on May 24th!

No longer buried will be the Fantasy Rebirth costumes for Satori Komeiji (S2), Rin Kaenbyou (S5) and Utsuho Reiuji (S5). Funnily enough, this is before L1 versions of Rin and Utsuho get access to this!

Five Fantasy Rebirths on the horizon! Joon Yorigami, Shion Yorigami, Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei and Keine Kamishirasawa!

We also have a look back on all the universes there are up to this point! Emphasis on "up to this point" but we have all kinds of Known Universes to gloss over really quickly!

L, A, B, C, E, F, H, R, S, T, W, Y and Z! Will we get more letters in the future?

Known Universes and some of the corresponding Friends!

An Eventful Spring in our Step!

You may have noticed some foreshadowing earlier, and one of those instances lie in the newest Event to look forward to! Introducing Parallel Prayers ~A Spring Chronicle~! However, you may have also already noticed this isn't like any other event, as it appears there are a pair of partners in pink when we scratch the Spring surface!

But of course, we also have our usual new Event Costumes, this time coming from Remilia Scarlet and Satori Komeiji with their new costumes (yes, L1 Remilia has many costumes now). These costumes provide some event bonuses as well as the usual Limited ones!

We will also be greeted with those awesome returning New Year-Themed Costumes too, and while they may not have an event bonus, they are welcome all the game!

Our new Spring Event, with a Relic Paper Disk, Epic Paper Doll, lasting until the end of May!

And yes, those are some new-ish faces you see there! Alongside Satori and Remilia in their costumes includes:

Sanae Kochiya (Legacy of Steel and Steam)

Suika Ibuki (Verdant Green Kishin)

Flandre Scarlet (Vibrant Sister of the Devil)

Koishi Komeiji (Blossoming Eyes of Love)

Yukari Yakumo (Tiny Great Youkai)

Wait, small Yukari too?!?!

Satori Komeiji and Remilia Scarlet's new costumes!

A Collection of Limited Costumes are returning with a bonus in Event P/Rare Event P accumulation!

Also returning with their similar Event Bonus are those awesome New Years Costumes!

There also comes a new Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy Installment!  Introducing Moriya Shrine's Omikuji Gacha, available from May 16th to May 30th, how many donations will come as a result of this manga?

More manga with Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy!

There also comes the Scarlet Devil Tower, which opens up Floors 391-400 on May 24th. Another Milestone will be achieved soon!

We finally made it to the 400 Milestone in Scarlet Devil Tower, and yes that is an Epic Paper Doll you can get by clearing it!

New Friends Galore!

So much to go over in this section!

Yes, 2 Friends from the aforementioned new Event will be coming our way! The first of those two is Flandre Scarlet (Vibrant Sister of the Devil)! She is an Epic Friend and is a C-Series one at that, but her universe code will be C5>. Yes, ">", or "greater than". Anyways, she comes as a Destroy-Class Friend like her L1 self, and she comes with CRIT ATK II and some Burn anomalies to name a few things!

She also has an original theme titled Harubure by Girls Logic Observatory!

C5> Flandre Scarlet arrives as one of two Epic Friends in pink!

The three Voice Actors for C5> Flandre Scarlet!

C5> Flandre's BGM, titled Harudare by Girls Logic Observatory!

We also have a VS Divergent Spirits stage where we face C5> Flandre too! However, it is worth noting this stage's Story Card, titled Spring in the Underworld actually benefits a certain other partner in pink! 

As usual, this comes with the Luck Card, It's Just Like I Heard! But who gets a spring in their step from the new Story Card here the most? Well...

One of two new VS Divergent Spirits Stages: VS Flandre Scarlet (C5>)!

...That Friend would be C5> Koishi Komeiji (Blossoming Eyes of Love)! Again, she is a Destroy-Class Friend like her L1 self, and she comes with team CRIT Accuracy II, Poison anomaly utility and her version of Stored Power, increasing the team's damage output by 15% for every Barrier available!

She also has her own theme titled Innocent Malice by GET IN THE RING!

C5> Koishi Komeiji spontaneously blossoms as the other new Epic Friend!

All three of C5> Koishi Komeiji's Voice Actors!

Into the spring ring is also C5> Koishi Komeiji's theme titled 'Innocent Malice' by GET IN THE RING!

As for the VS Divergent Spirits stage against C5> Koishi, this one has a Story Card perfect for C5> Flandre Scarlet titled Girl in a Locked Room! Of course, this also comes with the It's Just Like I Heard Luck Story Card!

One of two new VS Divergent Spirits Stages: VS Koishi Komeiji (C5>)!

With those two Epic Friends revealed, as Caroline would say, there is more! To the (dis)pleasure of some, a new Rarity known as Pure Friends! Known as White Festival in the Japanese Version, what we know is that these have included Friends who appeared in Hifuu LostWord Code L? Ep. 5!

Introducing the Pure Rarity!

And the first of the Pure Friends to come is L0g Sanae Kochiya (Broken Line of Forsaken Rites)! Like her L1 self (I sense a pattern), she is a Heal-Class Friend and as a Pure Friend, she has a Stat Total of 8700! She also comes with a brand new Mechanic, known as the Great Boundary! This will change the background in the stage and it will become the Moriya Shrine for three turns. It will also benefit not only L0g Sanae but also her Yang Allies for 3 Turns (as well as weaken Yang enemies for the same number of turns!

L0g Sanae has arrived for your faith and donations!

The three faithful Voice Actors for L0g Sanae Kochiya!

L0g Sanae Kochiya's beautiful theme titled 'Again in the Dream' by Foxtail-Grass Studio!

A quick look at the new Great Boundary Mechanic!

Trial Quest time for L0g Sanae Kochiya, as well as both C5> variants of Flandre Scarlet and Koishi Komeiji!

Of course, you may be wondering how exactly this Pure Friend Rarity will work when it comes to L0g Sanae's availability. Well let's just say it won't be the happiest of news sadly. There are three ways of doing so.

- The first method is through other Epic Friends such as C5> Flandre and C5> Koishi's Prayers! However, there will be no Rate-UP for L0g Sanae.

- The second method is by spending 600 God Crystals on a dedicated God Crystal-Only Prayer to her, with a Rate-UP.

- And last, but (not) least is not the most financially friendly, as it requires you to spend money on Pure Prayer Exchange Ema Relay Packs. Doing all of the Steps will cost roughly $300 which is quite the hefty cost.

It's also worth noting that not only is there no Exchange Point availability for them, but the only way for Pure Friends to be Limit Broken as of this moment is through duplicate Friends. Needless to say, it's next to impossible for players who don't spend money to get a Max Limit Broken L0g Sanae Kochiya, and even if you do spend...$300 is quite the sum.

The three ways of getting a Pure Friend like L0g Sanae!

She could appear in one of the C5> Friends' Prayers, but it's VERY unlikely.

She can appear in a God Crystal-Only Prayer with Rate-UP

And for a surefire method for Max Limit Breaking, there is the option to donate $300 to the Exchange Ema Relay Packs. In other words, 4 Nintendo Switch games worth of money.

There also comes a new pair of 1 Star Story Cards required to unlock L0g Sanae Kochiya's 3rd Skill which includes the Great Boundary effect! In comes Report #29 and Report #79, which are available as Luck Drops via Hifuu LostWord Stages.

The new 1 Star Story Cards required to unlock L0g Sanae's 3rd Skill! Also yes, the only way to Limit Break her is by obtaining duplicates of L0g Sanae.

Unlocking the Great Boundary Skill Effect, these cards can be obtained via Hifuu LostWord Luck Drops!

Approaching on May 24th and expiring on June 27th is an Advanced Challenge where we can take on an Ultra Hard Stage in a bid to win the Anniversary Scarlet Devil Tower Story Card! Will this stage be as ultra-hard as intended? Only time will tell!

Meanwhile, there is also going to be a Hifuu LostWord Code L? Clear Campaign including goods such as an Epic Paper Doll, Relic Paper Disk and more!

An Ultra-Hard piece of content to come, with a new Story Card!

Hifuu LostWord: Code L? Clear Campaign!

You thought those three Friends would be all that would be revealed, right? Well remember that question about the number of Friends revealed in this Dev Letter, well it's definitely not 2, and it is in fact not 3. Will it oni be 4 Friends or a massive 5?

Well our 4th Friend announced just so happened to find herself in the Parallel Prayers Event...and no, it's not the other Sanae Kochiya! Enter W1 Suika Ibuki (Verdant Green Kishin)! She will be released on May 16th and her Prayer will expire on May 22nd...which is only 6 days, so don't miss it!

W1 Suika Ibuki will oni be available from the 16th to the 22nd, so don't miss her!

If your answer was D: 5 Friends, you were correct, because announced in this Dev Letter are C5> Flandre, C5> Koishi, L0g Sanae, W1 Suika and now L80 Suwako Moriya (TataeLost)! Arriving not only on May 24th but also in a giant tank, she will be around as the next Relic available until June 6th! Will she TataeFind her way to you?

Steamrolling her way in her tank from late May to early June is L80 Suwako Moriya!

Anniversary Goods All Over!

Whew, that was a long section, wasn't it? Well hope that wasn't too overwhelming because there is still more to cover!

For some news pertaining to returning Friends, we were blessed with a Relic Friend Collection Prayer coming our way starting on May 24th and finishing on June 9th! From the very first Relic being Remilia Scarlet (The Heat of my Fingertips) to the 2024 ones like Kasen Ibaraki (PHANTOM PAIN), make sure to keep a close eye on all the Relic Friends' availability dates as the featured Friend will rotate every day!

Well when the above Collection Prayer ends, following up will be the Epic Friend Collection Prayer! All those F1 and C3 Friends we met along the way, as well as even Cz1 Marisa Kirisame, the Witch of Scarlet Dreams on Vacation can be picked up here, but again, remember to check for when they are all available as they will feature a different Friend every day until June 24th!

But wait...yes, there is more! What if that doesn't make you want to spend any Seal Crystals? Well you could get a new Epic or Relic Friend for free via the upcoming 3rd Anniversary Daily Forever Prayer, coming on May 16th and ending on June 13th! Any Friend that is L1, Ultra Festival, Relic or Epic released before the 2.5 Anniversary is up for grabs here! Yes, even Epic and Relic Friends, this should be the first time we have come across this! Best of luck everyone!

And of course, there are more Freebies too! What is 3 x 100? 300! And that's how many Free Prayers we will be getting on May 10th to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary with some Special Rituals! This will also be featuring Ultra Festival Friends, with some fairly straightforward tasks and 300 chances to get a beloved Parallel Universe Friend!

The Return of the Relic Rerun, coming soon!

An 'Epic' selection of Friends available here next month!

A Special Forever Prayer is approaching as we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!

300 Rituals, and the chance to get all kinds of Ultra Festival Friends!

With so much to take in, let's have ourselves a little Prayer Roadmap! It will go over all the new and special Prayers coming our way! But what is coming on May 30th?

What we do know is coming between May 10th and May 30th however, are a bunch of Daily Presents including the Touhou LostWord Story Card!

Also returning on this Anniversary train is the Daily EXP Quest, perfect for training your Friends and levelling them up, as well as the Limited Daily Quest!

Oh and who doesn't love Freebies? This includes Material Packs too, because after the May 10th Maintenance, you can get some for free!

A Roadmap of all the Prayers announced, barring a mystery arrival on May 30th!

Daily Presents coming our way, including the Touhou LostWord Story Card!

Level up all those new Friends you will get with this Daily EXP Quest!

Also have fun with the 3rd Anniversary Limited Daily Quest!

Who doesn't love freebies! Make sure to get these for FREE after maintenance!

That Anniversary Scarlet Devil Tower Story Card isn't the only Anniversary-themed Card that is being introduced during these times! In the upcoming Anniversary Story Card Campaign, players will be able to obtain multiple previous Anniversary Story Cards as well as a new Anniversary-Themed Card with Satori and Koishi!

For another year, we get a Reitaisai-Themed Story Card! And yes, we see Son Biten, Enoko Mitsugashira and Chiyari Tenkajin on the right!

But if you're looking to play the game again, or if this is your first time playing, there is a 3rd Anniversary Comeback Login Bonus including an Ultra Festival Exchange Ema to help jumpstart those players!

And of course, those Remilia/Satori costumes aren't the only ones introduced in this Dev Letter, as we got teased by some cool new costumes for Clownpiece, Koishi Komeiji and Sagume Kishin! When will we be introduced to these three?

A bunch of Anniversary Story Cards to obtain for free, including a new one!

21st Hakurei Shrine Reitsaisai, featuring Biten, Enoko and Chiyari! Oh and Yukari of course!

a 3rd Anniversary Comeback Login Bonus, featuring an Ultra Festival Exchange Ema!

Clownpiece, Koishi and Sagume look very dressed up for a certain future event, but what will their story entail?

And now let's steamroll through some additional Packs!

Final Bits of News!

We're almost at the end, but Anniversary is just beginning, and from May 10th's Maintenance to all the way in June and in some cases, July, this celebration saga is staying strong, as we see from a little lineup below!

We also have a look at all kinds of 3rd Anniversary Rewards, including those Rituals, God Crystals, Dolls and more!

Over on the Japanese side, there is going to be a Touhou LostWord Live Concert on June 22nd, with those cool looking versions of Reimu and Marisa!

As for the Discord side of things, there is also a CD Giveaway Campaign! In Touhou LostWord Official, you can post a message going over what your favourite Touhou LostWord piece of music is, and you may very well be one of 6 lucky winners! However, you have until May 24th to enter! For example, a certain person here is very torn between many of the Perfect and Elegant Sakuya Izayoi themes in the game, but if we were to choose one, we could go with PARLOR TRICK (E1 Sakuya's Theme)!

Everything announced in this Dev Letter to look forward to!

All the goods to look forward to obtaining via Login Bonuses during the 3rd Anniversary!

A little bit of Touhou LostWord Live news...or rather, Touhou LiveWord!

A little CD Campaign to take part in on Discord!


We made it to the end! Hopefully you managed to get through it all, whether it was the Dev Letter video or this very recap! Hopefully you also enjoyed the Happy News presented by Michael and Phantasma as well, whether it be the new Friends, the campaigns, the reruns, the Freebies, the special Forever Prayer, or something else! While the concerns with a certain Pure Friend (and her rarity) are justified, there is a solution for every problem, and with enough hope and faith, we will find a way! The last few years up to this point have been an awesome ride and hopefully it can continue for more than 3 years!

But with that said, thank for for supporting Touhou LostWord, and have fun during these celebratory times!