2.5 Anniversary Dev Letter #28 Recap

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It is time for Dev Letter #28, but this is no ordinary Dev Letter, it's a special 2.5 Anniversary Edition which as you will see, is set to impress! From a long awaited type of Story Content, to a new rarity with new kinds of units, to even more challenge content, and there is more there that came from! As for additional freebies, we will be getting 5 Seal Crystals and 1500 Coins for every 500 Reposts, but as for the special edition of Happy News, it's time for Phantasma and Michael to present to us just that!

Repost Campaign! In order to participate, you must follow @TouhouLW_Global on X (Twitter) as well as Repost their Dev Letter Repost Campaign Post to potentially win merchandise autographed by the one and only ZUN!

Celebratory Freebies!

From BGMs via the Discord Popularity Poll to Ultra Festival Forever Prayers, to Rituals, to even a special version of our monthly Login Bonus, this 2.5 Anniversary is sure to provide some awesome freebies!

Player's Choice BGM Login Bonus Winners are:
Yuyuko Saigyouji (L1, A6, A7, R2)
Alice Margatroid (L1, A6, A7, B5, Z3)
Yukari Yakumo (L1, A6, A7, C3)
Doremy Sweet (L1, H5)
Keine Kamishirasawa (L1, H5)

This month has a bunch of awesome rewards from the Monthly Login Bonus, including an Epic Paper Doll, Relic Paper Disk and a Divine Paper Doll, as well as Seal Crystals!

2.5 Anniversary Rituals! Includes Festival and Ultra Festival Friends who were released by May 2023!

It's back! Our Ultra Festival edition of the Forever Prayer is on its way, starting on November 24th!

You win, I win, Everyone Wins Campaign makes its return! As usual, all you need to do is to log in for 30 Days to win 600 God Crystals, 50 Seal Crystals and 1 Exchange Ema!

Fantasy Rebirth

It's that time for the happy Fantasy Rebirth news! Not only were Toyosatomimi no Miko and Hata no Kokoro's Fantasy Rebirth costumes unmasked, but the date we have desired for their arrival now sits at November 24th, leaving just over 2 weeks of warm waiting! However, the Four Temples of Hifuu: Code Bm3 that are Watatsuki no Yorihime (B3), Watatsuki no Toyohime (B3), Sagume Kishin (B3) and Kaguya Houraisan (B3) are also joining in when it comes to those special Mirrors, with the Watatsuki Sisters arriving on November 17th and Sagume and Kaguya coming on the 24th!

We also get our monthly dose of Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 upgrades set to arrive on November 24th. This time, we have more Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Upgrades to look forward to, all for Koishi Komeiji (L1), Clownpiece (L1), Junko (L1), Marisa Kirisame (Z1) Yuyuko Saigyouji (R2) and Youmu Konpaku (R8). To sum up this collection of upgrades, they are pure, powerful, shocking, scorching hot, skilful, here to make a killing as well as never misses! Is this foreshadowing for what the Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 upgrades entail this time around? Maybe...

You might have noticed 2 newer names up above, and there is a reason for it! To be released in the near future, Clownpiece and Junko arrive with not just their Fantasy Rebirth costumes, but a loaded Progression Tree of Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Upgrades! In addition, Hecatia Lapislazuli's Fantasy Rebirth and her Costume is Falling as well!

To those who desire their Fantasy Rebirths, November 24th is the day Toyosatomimi no Miko and Hata no Kokoro's Rebirths will rise like the Rising Sun!

The Four Temples of Hifuu: Code Bm3's Fantasy Rebirths are imminent!
The Peace Temple, Watatsuki no Yorihime (B3): November 17th
The Plentiful Temple, Watatsuki no Toyohime (B3): November 17th
The Truth Temple, Sagume Kishin (B3): November 24th
The Love Temple, Kaguya Houraisan (B3): November 24th

November 24th marks another batch of Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Upgrades!
Spell Card Enhancements: Koishi (L1), Junko (L1), Clownpiece (L1), Marisa (Z1), Yuyuko (R2), Youmu (R8)
Last Word Enhancements: Junko (L1), Marisa (Z1), Yuyuko (R2), Youmu (R8)
Skill/Passive Enhancements: Koishi (L1), Junko (L1)

Hecatia, Junko and Clownpiece getting Fantasy Rebirth with pure and awesome costumes in the future? Hell yeah!

An additional detail regarding Fantasy Rebirth is that at the end of November, it will be possible to do Mirror of Rebirth Stages up to 6x a day!

1000 Nameless Mirrors of Rebirth are given to all players!

An Eventful and Paw-some Pillaging (Plus More Content!)

We love new events, and we also like sequel-esque ones too, and when it comes to another Phantom Thief Events, will the three Friends with new costumes live to tell the tail? Scratch that, of course they will! Introducing Code Name: Picara ~Five Tails~ where Chen, Rin Kaenbyou and Mike Goutokuji are all looking to get their paws on some valuable treasure!

"Code Name: Picara ~Five Tails~" Introduces three Phantom Thieves who wish to get their paws on some treasure! Also comes with an Epic Paper Doll and a Relic Paper Disk for 100 Rare Event P!

In addition to the paw-some costumes for Chen, Mike and Orin, we have an event point bonus if any of the limited costumes above are acquired (Youmu, Kanako, Mamizou, Yuugi, Yuyuko, Reisen, Aya, Chen, Sanae, Alice and Yukari)!

Free Packs that are available until the end of the year!

Speaking of new, Elemental EX has a new stage in the sun, being, well, Sun EX! Going up against the Komeiji Sisters of C3, an awesome Story Card in the form of Let The Oil Money Flow will have a new home via this stage, previously being available via C3 Kogasa Tatara's Epic Prayer!

Sun EX is here! VS Koishi Komeiji (C3) and Satori Komeiji (C3) in the sunlight, this will be available from November 10th to December 8th!

Returning as the Stage's obtainable Story Card is the awesome Let The Oil Money Flow, as well as a special exchange with Limited Story Cards!

Meanwhile, the climb continues in the Scarlet Devil Tower, because another 10 Floors will be available starting November 17th, taking us up to Floor 330! In addition, a campaign is being held where you can get yourself an Exchange Ema, which may be of value for both new and old players!

Floor 330 will be available on November 17th, as well as a new Campaign with an Exchange Ema available!

For those who love new Manga that is Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy, it's time to meat a new installment titled Meat Prayer! Illustrated by Zounose and set to be available from November 24th? What else could we meat in this story?

A new installment of Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy!

It's time for 2 new tracks to enter the rhythmic world of Reimu's Great Exorcism! I'm Alright! and α Decay will be available on November 24th which will also be when we get limited tasks that give out 30 Seal Crystals, 2 Paper Dolls and a Friend Ritual!

And finally, we have our monthly Ritual and Prayer Pool Updates, as well as a limited Daily EXP Quest and a 2.5 Anniversary Edition of Limited Daily Quests!

From November 11th to December 15th, a Limited Daily EXP Quest will be available, and will give a ton of EXP for your Friends!

From November 11th to December 15th, a 2.5 Anniversary Limited Daily Quest will be available!

And now for a special edition of additions to the Standard Prayer Pool for Friends, Story Cards and the Guaranteed Ritual + Exchange Ema Pool!


Keiki Haniyasushin and Misumaru Tamatsukuri have sculpted and crafted their way into the Standard Prayer Pool!

Saki Kurokoma and Seija Kijin turn the tables and get a leg up as the newest entries to the Guaranteed Ritual Pool + available via Exchange Emas

In addition, another 5 Story Cards join the Standard Prayer Pool: Fireworks Bullet Battle (5★), Tiger and Dragon (5★), The Owner of Kourindou (4★), Burning Trinity (4★) and Blood Moon Singing Contest (4★)!

Reimu's Great Exorcism comes with 2 new tracks: I'm Alright! and α Decay, as well as a campaign that will give Seal Crystals, Paper Dolls and a Friend Ritual!

Hifuu: Code L? and the Genic Genesis

And here is what the last 1-2 weeks of teasing on the Official LostWord Global Channel have been leading up to! At long last, introducing another instalment of Hifuu LostWord called Code L? coming as Act 1, and a pair (or quartet?) of Friends ready to shake things up in this game, but more on the latter a little later...

Hifuu LostWord: Code L? Act 1 Releases on November 10th!

Now about that duo/quarter of Friends, on one hand, we have LR1 Renko Usami (Investigating a Certain Makai God) who is accompanied by the PC98 era's very own Shinki, but on the other is LM1 Maribel Hearn (Interpreting an Evil Spirit), and yes, that is the one and only Mima alongside her!

There is a lot that separates these Friends from others we have seen, from their rarity as Genic Friends, how they appear in Prayers, Home Screen and Party Formation, a Genic-Exclusive type of Skill known as Resonance and much more!

But let's break it all down. Genic Friends have the same Max Stat Total of 7575, just like a usual Relic Friend, and in addition, they also require Relic Paper Disks, which means that you won't have to worry about any other Limit Breaking items for them!

As for how they appear when you are using them for Home Screen or Party Formation, for example with LR1 Renko, if she is selected for Home Screen, it will just show Renko, but in Party Formation, it will show Shinki instead. In Prayers and such, however, it shows up with both of them. This is a similar outcome with Maribel and Mima as well.

Regarding Resonance, both LR1 Renko and LM1 Maribel's Skill 3 are unique in the sense that 2 of its effects are actually dependent on how many Friends are present at the front guard, with Genic Friends counting as 2 Friends instead of 1. Taking LR1 Renko's Spirit Power effect on Skill 3, the increase for the front guard is 0.25 x the number of Friends there, and with it being used by a Genic, the minimum gain is 0.50 and the highest possible gain right now would be 0.25 x 6 = 1.50 if there are 3 Genics at the front. While there are only 2 new Genics instead of 3, there will be more where that came from a little later...

For a few extra bits of information that makes these Genic Friends stand out, we have their themes not only THLW Original BGMs, but also have vocals, and they are pretty awesome. In addition, their Voice Actors contribute to both Genic Friends on top of including 6 credited Voice Actors, which is a neat little detail. In addition, when it comes to upgrading them to Rank 4 to unlock the unique Skill 3, you will require a Max Limit Broken 1★ Story Card for both Report #1 and Report #9.

In your Prayer Result and Journal, both Renko and Shinki/Maribel and Mima show up. For your home screen, it will be just Renko/Maribel and in your Party Formation, it will be Shinki/Mima.

LR1 Renko Usami (Investigating A Certain Makai God) will be available for 2 weeks, alongside Shinki! Comes with Rank II Yang ATK, great ways to gain Spirit Power, and of course, she comes with a Resonance Skill pertaining to Spirit Power and DMG. The greatness of these buffs are dependent on your Friends on the frontlines, with Genics counting as 2 instead of the usual 1.

All Voice Actors for LR1 Renko and Shinki:
Voice 1: Nakagawa Akiko and Honnizumi Rina
Voice 2: Mori Nanako and Mizuno Kakeru
Voice 3: Fukuhara Kaori and Nakajima Megumi

LM1 Maribel Hearn (Interpreting an Evil Spirit) will be present for 2 weeks, accompanied by Mima! Comes with Rank II CRIT ATK, Burn and Blind anomalies, and that all-important Resonance Skill, this one being for CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate. The greatness of these buffs are dependent on your Friends on the frontlines, with Genics counting as 2 instead of the usual 1.

All Voice Actors for LM1 Maribel and Mima:
Voice 1: Honnizumi Rina and Nakagawa Akiko
Voice 2: Mizuno Kakeru and Mori Nanako
Voice 3: Nakajima Megumi and Fukuhara Kaori

LR1 Renko's BGM, an arrange of Shinki's theme from Touhou 5: Mystic Square!

LM1 Maribel's BGM, an arrange of Mima's theme from Touhou 2: Story of Eastern Wonderland!

Relic Paper Disks for Limit Breaking and brand new 1★ Story Cards for reaching Rank 4 are vital for our new Genics!

These 1★ Story Cards can also appear as drops via the new Hifuu LostWord story as well as through certain tasks...

...Like this clear campaign for Hifuu LostWord! Includes 1 Relic Paper Disk, 8 of each 1★ Story Card and 30 of both Dragon and Serpent Scrolls (3) each!

Want to test out these brand new Friends and what they are like? Have no fear, as there will be Trial Quests for both of these Genic Friends, where you can use them as Guests!

VS Divergent Spirits, Relic Collection and a New Scoop!

And what about VS Divergent Spirits, one may ask? Well prepare for trouble, and make it double (thankfully not quadruple)! Enter Shinki (LR1) and Mima (LM1), both stages have their Story Cards you can win during the upcoming 2 weeks, being Makai God's Descent and Evil Spirit Possession! In addition, there will be a Clear Challenge Campaign that will provide you with some awesome rewards once you clear certain tasks!

If you still have Relic Paper Disks to spend or you may have missed out on any of the following before, have no fear, as the 2.5 Anniversary Relic Friend Collection features the first 8 Relic Friends and has Shared Exchange Points as these Friends are rotated around until they have all appeared twice!

Ayayaya, we still have more to cover in this section? I see, a new scoop courtesy of Bunbunmaru News! It looks like Aya Shameimaru (Pseudo Shikigami: Zendouki Gigaku) will be available in her Prayer on November 17th!

Not 1, but 2 new VS Divergent Spirits Stages: Mima (LM1) and Shinki (LR1)!

The Story Card: Makai God's Descent which is suited for LR1 Renko Usami!

The Story Card: Evil Spirit Possession which is suited for LM1 Maribel Hearn!
Limited Time Tasks for VS Divergent Spirits, including rewards such as a total 40 of both Dragon and Serpent Scrolls (3), 40 Incense Burners, 2 Paper Dolls, 2 Divine Paper Dolls and 1 Relic Paper Disk, all spread across the span of 3 weeks!

Relic Friend Rotation Season via the original 8 Relic Friends!
November 17th and November 26th: Remilia Scarlet (The Heat of my Fingertips)
November 18th and November 27th: Alice Margatroid (Sporadically Margaret)
November 19th and November 28th: Sakuya Izayoi (The Moon and Izayoi)
November 20th and November 29th: Fujiwara no Mokou (Silver Gale)
November 21st and November 30th: Satori Komeiji (NAЯAKA)
November 22nd and December 1st: Kanako Yasaka (Blue Goodbyes)
November 23rd and December 2nd: Youmu Konpaku (Disillusion)
November 24th and December 3rd: Flandre Scarlet (I'm Alright!)

Ayayaya, a brand new variant of Aya Shameimaru! I wonder where she could end up...

Buddies, Assemble!

From November 10th onwards, the wait will finally be over! The Buddy System is upon us, and it comes with all kinds of awesome stuff! From being potentially able to use 2 of the same Friend via Helper, to being able to add up to 50 Buddies, to also being able to send requests to Helpers used in battle, to even a new Buddy Point Exchange Shop! And yes, this will mean you can potentially have 3 Genic Friends at the forefront if your helper has just that!

Speaking of Buddy Points, You can gain 10 of them for every helper, although you can instead get 100 by using a Buddy's Helper, for a max total of 1000 Buddy Points per day! This also applies when someone is using your helpers, as when a new day begins, it will show up with up to 1000 Buddy Points gained from the previous day from other people using your Helper!

In addition, this comes with a special Buddy System Campaign! From November 10th to the end of the year, there will be Buddy Tasks that when completed, will grant a total of 200 Free Ritual Pulls!

And for those who may not have been aware, there has been a Buddy System Countdown on Discord where 5 Seal Crystals and 1500 Coins will be rewarded for reaching 200 total screenshots of Player Profiles. This target was smashed out of the park, but there is more where that came from! 10 Players who participated will be randomly selected and may win 50 Seal Crystals, 30,000 Coins, 40 of all Scrolls (3), 20x of all Tiles (3), 15 of every Book X (3), and 50 of every Incense!

Buddy System and Buddy Requests!

A preview of your Helper in Party Formation. And yes, thanks to this system, you can use 2 of the same Friend, for example, 2 L1 Youmu Konpaku!

Buddy Points Exchange Shop! Includes Materials, Burners, a Paper Doll, a Divine Paper Doll, and 2 brand new Story Cards!

Speaking of those Story Cards, for 20000 Buddy Points each per copy, you have Geidontei Girl on the left and Bibliophile on Duty on the right!

200 Free Pulls can be obtained when clearing all the Buddy System Campaign Tasks

On Discord, there is a giveaway where all you have to do to participate is share a screenshot of your Player Profile!

Packed with Packs

With our Buddies Assembled, let's go over a bunch of packs and bonuses, like how people will get 2x God Crystals on their first purchases from November 10th, a one-time Ultra Festival Exchange Ema Pack, a one-time Festival Exchange Ema Pack, some Anniversary Limited Packs including Limit Breaking materials and God Crystals and Paper Doll Collection Packs!

x2 God Crystals upon first purchases commencing November 10th!

An Ultra Festival Exchange Ema Pack, for one time only!

Anniversary Limited Packs!

A Festival Exchange Ema Pack, for one time only!

Paper Doll Collection Packs!


Let's go over a few final things that this Dev Letter full of Happy News still has to offer. For example, we have the 2.5 Anniversary Survey available from November 10th to December 15th which awards 5 Seal Crystals to all who complete it! In addition, we have a reminder of all the rewards to look forward to. And last but by absolutely zero means least, we have a new MV as part of the MV Project for Toyosatomimi no Miko! It is titled "Sentimental Signals" and you could say it serves as the Yin to the Yang of "Holy Again"!

The 2.5 Anniversary Survey!

A look at all the rewards you can gain during 2.5 Anniversary Season! Includes 3 Relic Paper Disks, an Epic Paper Doll, 3 Divine Paper Dolls, 5 Paper Dolls, Seal Crystals, Fortune Dust, and much more!
Sentimental Signals has released, and it is quite desirable!


With Dev Letter Number 28 out of the way, we can only hope you guys have enjoyed this special time for the game, with all kinds of enjoyment to look forward to! That said though, thank you as always for supporting Touhou LostWord, and here is to more exciting times!