Dev Letter #26 Recap

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Welcome to Dev Letter #26 with Phantasma and Michael! Caroline might not have been present for this Dev Letter, but the Happy News remains. Like last month, we have a lot to go through with some awesome news, updates and more under the moon. We will also be getting 4500 Coins and 15 Seal Crystals when reaching 1500 reposts on social media, so without further ado, let's get into the Happy News!

MV Project + Yuuhei Satellite

Like last month, we'll be going over the MV Project's recent happenings again. This time, Byakuren's MV "Holy Again" which is a blissful arrange of Byakuren's theme is in the spotlight! This was first revealed on the 33rd JP Live Stream with Yuuhei Satellite where we also saw more of what went into Yumeno Rote's artwork regarding Remilia Scarlet from the very first MV!

In addition, Yuuhei Satellite answered some questions on the last JP live stream such as the behind the scenes of their MV "The Heat of my Fingertips", as well as having fans from overseas!

Byakuren's MV Project details for "Holy Again"!

The 33rd JP Live Stream with Yuuhei Satellite, as well as statistics for MVs that the same circle contributed towards!

The Heat of my Fingertips: Over 1.7 Million Views!

The Heat of my Fingertips cover by Pomu Rainpuff: Over 200,000 Views!

Moon Reverie Over 480,000 Views!

Yumeno Rote's Concept Art of Remilia Scarlet in her MV!
You also have a chance to win Touhou LostWord merchandise autographed by Yuuhei Satellite themselves, but you have until September 18th though.

Fantasy Rebirth

And with that said, it's time to delve into what to look forward to in terms of Touhou LostWord, starting with Fantasy Rebirth! We will soon be getting access to all the Anima modes from our protagonists from Hifuu: Code B3 (Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Youmu, Reisen, Sanae) as well as everyone from the Hifuu: Code E9 Story (Meiling, Koakuma, Patchouli, Sakuya, Flandre and Remilia)!

Now for costumes! So far, we've been on a roll with new Fantasy Rebirth Mirror Stages, with Suika Ibuki and Yuugi Hoshiguma recently coming in with their costumes, but following them closely will be Tewi Inaba and Sumireko Usami on October 19th!

But which Friends will succeed them, you might ask? Well, Toyosatomimi no Miko followers and Hata no Kokoro fans will look forward to November, which is when their desirable costumes and Fantasy Rebirth is planned to be unmasked!

The following Ultra Festival Friends will soon be getting access to their Anima Modes:

Reimu Hakurei (B3), Marisa Kirisame (B3), Sakuya Izayoi (B3), Youmu Konpaku (B3), Reisen Udongein Inaba (B3) and Sanae Kochiya (B3)

Sakuya Izayoi (E1), Flandre Scarlet (E1), Remilia Scarlet (E9), Hong Meiling (E1), Koakuma (E1) and Patchouli Knowledge (E1)

Tewi Inaba and Sumireko Usami's Fantasy Rebirths (and their costumes) will both be available on October 19th!

Toyosatomimi no Miko and Hata no Kokoro to be next for Rebirths in the future! (November 2023)

New Content (Event, Tower, Manga, etc)

New content! Last month prepped us for 2 new events to come in the future, one of them is only days away now, and it is called Gensokyo Delivery Service Supportmates! It comes with a Relic Paper Disk for 100 Event P, but for the first time for LostWord Global, also comes with Blank Mirrors of Rebirth in the Exchange Shop! That on top of all the food delivered by Kutaka, Nitori and Takane is appreciated!

In October however, prepare yourselves for a spooky switcheroo event with the Grassroots Youkai Trio, Wakasagihime, Kagerou and Sekibanki!

The new event named "Gensokyo's Delivery Service Supportmates" is being delivered to us very soon!

All the costumes above will provide a 10% increase in Event Points and a 20% increase in Rare Event Points if obtained, delivering those points quicker than usual!

Wakasagihime, Sekibanki, and Kagerou Imaizumi will be starring in a new event next month!

Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy fans, rejoice! Because we have a new installment  coming on September 28th titled "A Chilling Business Venture" with illustrations done by JILL. Some of the manga will be posted on the game's X / Twitter account too! 

Look forward to more Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy later this month!

In addition to the new above comes Scarlet Devil Tower providing us with another 10 floors, taking us to Floor 310 on September 21st!

September 21st will be the day where you will be able to climb your way up to Floor 310!

And to wrap up this magical segment, prepare yourselves for the arrival of the Finale to Chapter 2 Extra 1! When will it arrive? Who knows, but fate will decide that!

Speaking of fate, who is this new variant of Remilia Scarlet and what role will she play in the story?

Chapter 2 Extra 1 Finale coming soon!

As well as all the new content comes a little adjustment coming very soon, where the Auto and Full Auto buttons will be merged and the x2 button will be moved as well!

Kaguya's Impossible Request (Moonlit Festival Edition)

Ever since the advent of the Relics, one question came to mind for some: What would happen when we reach Moonlit Festival with Reisen and Kaguya? Well now that time has come, as L80 Kaguya Houraisan (Moonlit Festival)'s time is now!

She is a Technical Class Friend with a 33% increase in elements effective against any enemies, has a 133% Hard Scaling on her Last Word, uses Burn and Paralyse anomalies for defensive buffs, and most importantly, provides a brand new mechanic, where she can make her enemies weak to Moon for a number of turns!

Some of you might be wondering what happened with Reisen? Well, only time will tell...

Kaguya Houraisan (Moonlit Festival) arrives with a brand new mechanic!

Introducing a new mechanic: Inflict Elemental Weakness! An enemy may be subjected to become weak to a specific element for a number of turns.

As usual, L80 Kaguya comes with 3 Friend Voices, voiced by Mizuno Saki, Ono Yuko and Akesaka Satomi!

As usual, when a new Relic Friend arrives, so does a new Ruins of Memory Story, which means a copy of the Story Card Kaguya's Moonlit Festival will be up for grabs once this is complete, but more on this card later!

A new Ruins of Memory for Moonlit Festival is on the way, as well as a copy of the Story Card: Kaguya's Moonlit Festival

VS Divergent Spirits + Pools

Like last month, we saw some new additions when it comes to the Standard Prayer Pool and Guaranteed Ritual & Exchange Ema too!

In addition, we have a lot to go over when it comes to VS Divergent Spirits, from a whole month of new stages, to another arrival to the Divergent Spirits Ritual Pool, to even a Clear Challenge that rewards you with 10 Seal Crystals per weekly Divergent Spirits Clear and 1 Divine Paper Doll!

Another month's worth of additions to the Standard Prayer Pool, Guaranteed Ritual Pool + Exchange Emas and even some more Story Cards!


Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and Yachie Kicchounext to come out of their shells for the Standard Prayer Pool

Junko and Toyosatomimi no Miko are now more pure and desirable in the Guaranteed Ritual Pool + available via Exchange Emas

Eat and Walk (5★) and Ancient River (5★) are the latest Story Cards to arrive in the Standard Prayer Pool!!

VS Divergent Spirits comes with a new Stage: Eirin Yagokoro (L1). Alongside this is the Story Card called Kaguya's Moonlit Festival!

It's roadmap time! This month comes with new stages galore, including one that L80 Mokou has been expecting for what may feel like an eternity in her immortal life...
(NEW) September 8th: Remilia Scarlet (A6) + The Heat of my Fingertips!
(NEW) September 14th: Eirin Yagokoro (L1) + Kaguya's Moonlit Festival
(NEW) September 21st: Sakuya Izayoi (L1) + Silver Gale
(NEW) September 28th: Koishi Komeiji (F1) + Choose an Animal Spirit

In comes some special tasks! Clear a VS Divergent Spirits Stage once per week, and you can get yourself 10 Seal Crystals. Clear 2 of the VS Divergent Spirits Tasks and you can get yourself a Divine Paper Doll!

The VS Divergent Spirits Ritual Pool will be stacked up that little bit more with another Friend in the form of Eika Ebisu joining in!

Player Appreciation!

It's Player Appreciation time! These are always welcome to have in the game, such as brand new Errand Rewards, some Freebie Prayers, Guaranteed Festival Friends, a limited Daily EXP Quest via Daily Stages, and...a nightmare? That's strange, this was supposed to be happy news, although what this does bring is probably something a lot of people were dreaming would come!

Improved Errands on September 14th, including Superior Incense as well as Incense Burners!

Star EX will be coming with a new difficulty: Nightmare! This will be available from September 14th to October 12th!

In addition, there will be a Star EX Battle Stage Exchange Shop from September 14th to October 19th! This Exchange Shop also comes with Limited Story Cards, as well as more goods like Names Mirrors of Rebirth and Spirit Power!

In addition, any released Fantasy Rebirth Costumes that you have acquired will grant a 5% bonus in Star EX Event Points for the Exchange Shop!

It's freebie time, since the following 2 weeks will also give out 10 Free rolls every day, with a total of 150 rolls!

From September 21st to October 26th comes a Special Guaranteed Ritual! 10 Days of logging in gives a guaranteed L1 Festival whereas 20 Days of logging in grants a guaranteed A-Series or L1 Guaranteed Festival

We have a Limited Daily EXP Quest available for the next week!

Player Appreciation Roadmap, including VS Divergent Spirits, Star EX: Nightmare, Free Prayers, Guaranteed Rituals, and more!

For 72 hours on 2 occasions this month, there will be an opportunity to get an Ultra Festival Friend, with Step 5 guaranteeing one of the six Friends available.

Welcome back to the Phantasma Pack! Available straight after the Dev Letter for 3 Days.


That's all this Dev Letter had to offer this time around! Hopefully you enjoyed all the happy news, and with that said, thank you as always for supporting Touhou LostWord!