Should You Pull? Attack Class Prayer (June 2022)

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Should You Pull?

Probably. The Class-only Prayer was something LostWord Global has done way earlier in its life, which can be found here if you want a flashback, but with even more Friends released since then and a special deal, the prayer has become much more worth it! For one, instead of having 3 Festival Friends and 3 General Friends, this banner comes with 9 Featured Festival Friends, all of which will be listed below. While some of them are rather outdated and not suited for being full-on offensive nukes, such as Yuyuko Saigyouji and Watatsuki no Toyohime, others such as Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and the recently released Nue Houjuu are definitely some heavy hitters that are worth adding to your collection if you are lacking in power. 

This prayer is also special, only being able to be pulled with God Crystals for 3 times at maximum. However, the deal is sweetened by only costing 1/2 the God Crystals per pull, translating to 300 God Crystals per 10-pull. Instead of ensuring a single Friend, pulling on this Prayer guarantees at least one of the Featured Friends! And of course, given the 1st Anniversary festivities aren’t over yet, every pull will grant you 20 Fortune Dust rather than the usual 10.

The main caveat of this prayer, outside of only being for Attack Class Friends, is its runtime, giving you only 72 hours, from June 20th to June 22nd, to pull. Not only do you have to consider the currently running prayers, along with the prayers that are about to end on the 24th, but the limited durability of this prayer makes this the ultimate question: Does your team really need the extra firepower this Prayer can provide? If so, then this deal is a great choice for at least a little extra strength at worst. Otherwise, your crystals may be better saved for another Prayer.

Brief Tiering Overview

When it comes to Attack Class Friends, sometimes it can be hard to know when one is truly better than the other. I mean, their only purpose is to hit hard, why does it matter who does it? Upon closer inspection, Attack Friends depend on their Last Word’s scaling from Hard and Slice bullets, Killer bullets for ensured critical hits, and just offensive buffs in general to optimize their damage. Plus, some of these Friends have additional utility in the terms of debuffs and partywide buffs, so this section will be used to specify which Friend out of this batch is overall the “best.” Don’t let this take away from these Friends’ general value of being nukes, though! When paired with other Friends, they can still easily reach devastating damage numbers.

9. Joon Yorigami: Solo-Target Yang Nuke

By all accounts, Joon is just weird. She only buffs herself on her skills and offensive spells, but still does rather mediocre damage in comparison to many other, better Friends. Her main teamwide buff is on an Aid spell, and while those can be helpful in some scenarios, you’d really rather be racking on the damage rather than wasting a turn to only put on some buffs that even you can’t really benefit from.

8. Watatsuki no Toyohime: All-Target Yin Nuke

Toyohime has a slightly frontloaded Last Word, meaning she gains 2 extra bullet lines when only boosting once (2-2-1 for 1P-2P-3P respectively). This helps boost the damage she can perform instantly, or immediate damage, compared to other nukes, but outside of this and a few self-Yin ATK buffs on her skills, her damage will heavily depend on her opponents due to her Killer bullets. If she hits them, great! If not…her damage will definitely suffer more than other Friends. At the very least, she has her own Accuracy buffs to ensure more of her attack hits.

Hard scaling on Last Word: 15%/20%/25%/30%/35%/40%

7. Yuyuko Saigyouji: All-Target Yang Nuke

Yuyuko is a very straightforward, Yang nuke. While being greedy with the Yang ATK and Accuracy buffs on her skills, Yuyuko tries to make up for it with a Last Word that buffs her own Yang ATK even more and has both Slice and Hard scaling. Sadly, without a way to buff either of these stats herself and just going for raw Yang ATK, Yuyuko’s damage ceiling is actually rather low, making her fall off easily compared to other attackers.

Hard:  0%/50%/0%/50%/0%/0%
Slice: 50%/0%/0%/0%/50%/0%

6. Suwako Moriya: Solo-Target Yin Nuke

Suwako may be a backloaded attacker - one with a Last Word that really needs to be at 3P to be fully effective - but she can at least charge up her Yin ATK levels quite a bit from Boosts and her third skill. What really makes Suwako higher than the previous entries is her All-target 2 levels of Yin DEF DOWN (3T) on her second spell, something that benefits her and other Yin nukes. Otherwise, though, Suwako lacks the scaling or just power to be any more…powerful.

5. Toyosatomimi no Miko: Solo-Target Yang Nuke

Miko is your average, decent Solo-Target attacker that has a variety of buffs and methods to increase her damage by herself. She has some Yang ATK buffs and even buffs her own Yang DEF to make use of the Hard scaling of her Last Word. Although she does nothing to really help the Slice scaling, she gets some self-Accuracy support to ensure more damage. While she does do decent Yang damage, the strangest part of her kit is her first spell, as it is partywide Yin ATK UP, and her third skill, which is another Yin ATK boost. While she does have some Yin mixed into her spells, these buffs do absolutely nothing for her Last Word, as it is only composed of Yang bullets.

Hard: 0%/0%/0%/0%/0%/80%
Slice: 50%/0%/0%/0%/70%/70% 

4. Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu: All-Target Yang Nuke

Eiki is overall a mixed attacker, specializing in buffing both her Yin ATK and Yang ATK to optimize the damage on her spells. However, she still pulls through on her Last Word by focusing her pre-ATK buffs on Yang ATK, helping her damage on that front. Her third skill is entirely Yin-focused as well, helping her offensively both from Yang ATK and Yang DEF via Hard scaling. It helps that these scaling values are significantly higher compared to the above Friends.

Hard: 60%/70%/0%/90%/100%/0%

3. Shinmyoumaru Sukuna: Solo-Target Yang Nuke

She may be small, but Shinmyoumaru is definitely a threat when it comes to nuking power. She aims to increase her own Yang ATK and Yang DEF via spells through buffs that impact the entire party, along with more partywide Yang ATK through Grazing and self-Yang ATK on her second skill. As for her Last Word, she can reach 2P immediately thanks to her skills, allowing herself to gain even more damage with some good Hard scaling on the side. With a good niche in Star breaking thanks to a 0P Star break on her Focus shot and a Last Word entirely composed of Star, Shinmyoumaru is definitely a force to be reckoned with in terms of damage.

Hard: 80%/80%/90%/100%/0%/0%

2. Yuuka Kazami: All-Target Yang Nuke

Yuuka is practically the definition of Yang nuking, having the special ability to reach 3P on turn 1 thanks to all of her Spirit Power boosts on skills. With this, Yuuka can easily take advantage of her additional Yang ATK buffs, Poison anomalies on foes which debuff their Yang DEF, and even decent Human-Killer and Youkai-Killer bullets to optimize her damage in the blink of an eye. With all of this, what really holds Yuuka back? Well, outside of the damage, she has very little utility in terms of buffs or barrier breaking. This gives her less value for some fights and might even make her burn out in some longer ones.

1. Nue Houjuu: All-Target Yin Nuke

Nue is on the top of the list for both her devastating damage potential and just plain good utility in many fights. You can find her other uses, such as in barrier breaking through several elements and teamwide buffs, on her own page, so let’s just focus on the damage potential. All of her skills give her 3 layers of anomalies that grant 0.20 Spirit Power for each layer, providing an easy way to reach 2P on turn 1. Her Last Word is still backloaded, meaning 3P is preferred, but with the great Slice scaling on the attack at 2P, her good amount of Yin ATK UP on skills, and Evasion and Yin DEF (via Burn anomalies) debuffs, Nue’s damage via setup is both easy and practical for plenty of battles.

Slice: 80%/80%/100%/0%/0%/0%

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