Should You Pull? Prayer “Purrfect Bakeneko Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Depends, but maybe it’s worth it to paws and consider. It’s been a long time, but the A7 Yakumo Family is finally here! We had both A7 Yukari and A7 Ran last year, and with A7 Chen finally arriving as we kick off September 2023, we have our purrfect Yakumo trio from A7! Speaking of Purrfect, the Purrfect Bakeneko Festival also comes with an Ascending Step-UP (60 God Crystals on Step 1) as well as 2 Story Cards in the spotlight, 1 new and 1 already existing, but we’ll shou more about that later. For meow, it’s time to go over what this bakeneko pawvides!

The kitten’s kit is a rather interesting one, as there is rather great purrtential here, whether it be from low cooldowns on Skills with rather useful effects, or just being able to hold her own with self-sustainability. Like her L1 self, each Skill provides the same amount of Spirit Power, but it’s not all the same, as while it’s 0.60 on each instead of L1 Chen’s 0.75, these skills have ways that make up for it, having considerably lower cooldowns, and even Skill 3 having a little bit of team suppawt regarding it, which is always a plus. Speaking of which, this is also backed up by Spell Card 1’s Post-ATK having more Spirit Power for the team, which is definitely helpful. A7 Chen’s Skills from 1 to 3’s cooldown durations are 2, 4 and 3 turns in that order, and while the first Skill is rather simple in execution, a quick Spirit Power battery in that Skill is definitely great for her.

Delving more into A7 Chen’s Skills, she can debuff the Yin DEF of her enemies via Skill 2, as well as subject an enemy with 4 layers of Freeze with it. Skill 3 also inflicts the team with Freeze anomalies which is either a good or bad thing depending on what kind of allies she has in the moment. As for how this benefits A7 Chen, she can use Burn and Freeze anomalies to buff her own Agility, Accuracy and Evasion which is important considering her awkwardness with Accuracy in general, even with some Accuracy buffs on some bullet lines. A7 Chen is also slightly awkward with Yin ATK to some extent too, because even with her Yin ATK buffs on Spell Card 2 and Last Word Pre-ATKs, maybe for some, the Yin DEF debuff on Skill 2 might not be enough, but conveniently, a certain fox youkai has what it takes to really provide those necessary buffs that A7 Chen may be missing.

A7 Chen does however have quite a lot of CRIT ATK buffs/CRIT DEF debuffs, some CRIT ATK buffs that benefit herself and some that are good for her team. If she can connect any Killers, that will go a long way for her, and while her Killers aren’t paw by any means, they aren’t the most spectacular. Having Shrine Maiden, Magician, Maid, Incident Resolver, Shikigami, Beast, Beast Youkai, Cat, Human and Youkai Mountain, you can definitely find a good chunk of enemies to take advantage of this on. In addition, even if any enemies resist A7 Chen’s elements, she can boost their power by 30% so they can still be decent in that regard, and with how purrplexing they can be, it can benefit her, especially on her Last Word. It also has 2 Earth bullet lines and the following having 1 bullet line: Fire, Water, Metal and Wood, and with these elements only appearing on just 1 Shot/Spell Card outside of her Last Word, the interesting element here is Wood, as it appears on her All-Targeting Spell Card 1 all 6 times! This could single handedly keep A7 Chen from being bad with elemental breaks, but if not, she can also break multiple Freeze anomalies via any Spell Card or Last Word, which could come in handy in some way.

So now that we have gotten our paws dirty with A7 Chen, it’s time to shou off some Story Cards that accompany this Prayer! First up is a pre-existing 5one called Figure of Hourai which has some Technical-exclusive effects, although it’s hard to make A7 Chen specifically make use of them, as they boost the Friend’s CRIT Accuracy and Yang DEF. Next up is a new one called Tiger and Dragon! It’s a 4★ card and has Shou and Meiling here. The effects boost Body and Energy by 25% and 15% respectively, which isn’t amazing, but it’s something.

Featured Story Card "Figure of Hourai"!

Featured Story Card for "Tiger and Dragon"!

Needless to say, the spotlight aligns purrfectly in A7 Chen’s favor. This Technical-Class Friend definitely has a solid case for her, and while she isn’t purrfect in terms of her kit, she definitely has some strong aspects of it that are to her advantage, like quickly being able to gain Spirit Power via Skills, as well as decent CRIT access. While it’s slightly difficult for her do outpurrform some fellow Technical Friends like A7A Reimu and A7B Sakuya (sounds familiar?), it’s definitely worth considering giving this feline a chence, even if it’s just as little as 60 God Crystals via Ascending Step-UP. In addition, some may also want to complete their A7 Yakumo collection now that A7 Chen can finally join A7 Ran and A7 Yukari, and A7 Ran can find herself working very well with A7 Chen. Otherwise, if you feel content with the Friends you have and/or are low on Seal Crystals, there will be a next time, please wait warmly until then…

To those who are feeling pawsitive and wish to pick up a beloved bakeneko from this Prayer, best of luck to those who wish to pick up the shikigami’s shikigami, but remember to keep her away from water!

Quick Overview

A7 Chen is a Technical-Class Friend who can gain Spirit Power rather frequently, has great CRIT ATK/CRIT DEF support and can actually hold her own decently well with the help of her low cooldown Skills.

Generally Self-Sustainable

Whether it be her low cooldowns in her Skills as well as her consistent supply of Spirit Power as a result of it, or her decent mix of CRIT ATK buffs and CRIT DEF debuffs as well as even able to maintain any anomaly buffs on herself by being able to gain Barriers via a Spell Card, A7 Chen definitely has what it takes to survive and keep piling on both buffs and debuffs.

Surprisingly Decent in some Areas of Suppawt

Not only does A7 Chen have quick ways to gain Spirit Power, but both Skill 3 and Spell Card 1 grant the team 0.60 and 0.80 Spirit Power respectively! In addition, CRIT ATK buffs can even be be gained through Skill 3 as well as on her Last Word’s Pre-ATK, and in some cases, her debuffing potential in the form of Yin DEF and CRIT DEF debuffs, especially the latter, can definitely be taken advantage of rather well!

Purrplexingly Mixed Elemental Bag

A7 Chen’s lack of focus on specific elements might be a downside in some cases, but can also possibly be taken advantage of via her ability to increase damage resisted by any enemies by 30%. Her Spread Shot has 3 Earth, her Focus Shot has 4 Fire, Spell Card 1 has a whopping 6 lines of Wood, Spell Card 2 has 3 lines of both Water and Metal, and all of the mentioned elements appear again in her Last Word with Earth appearing twice. While the consistency isn’t the greatest here, at least her attacks (barring Last Word) don’t have more than 2 elements, even if varying between 5 different ones. If you’re looking for breaking barriers, A7 Chen’s access to Freeze anomalies can still mitigate any issues from her elemental management.

Skill 3 Freezing the Team. Baka Neko?

This is either a positive or a negative depending on how teammates deal with Freeze anomalies. If they are immune, unaffected by, or benefit from Freeze, this works perfectly. Otherwise, it could be a pain for them to have a chance of their turn order being messed up.

Somewhat Awkward with Accuracy and Yin ATK Buffs

While technically A7 Chen does have her own Accuracy and Yin ATK buffs appearing in her kit, what makes it awkward is that her Accuracy buffs are either available via various bullet lines, or through her Ability to inflict herself with Freeze anomalies (via Skill 3) thus increasing her Accuracy. In terms of Yin ATK, she has them on Spell Card 2 and Last Word Pre-ATKs which make this a little more manageable, not to mention that additional Yin DEF debuff potential. Conveniently enough, a certain kitsune mistress that this bakeneko looks up Supports her greatly when it comes to making up for these buffs!

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