Should You Pull? Prayer “Smol God of Steel and Storms Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

If you wood like a strong Wood breaker and supporter, go for it. As we March into the third month of 2024, more of our W-Series Friends are following the footsteps of the Nio-Oni, with the next one in line being W2 Kanako Yasaka (Moriya’s Official Tiny God) who can be obtained on the Smol God of Steel and Storms Ultra Festival Prayer! Yes, “smol” is in the Prayer title! This Prayer comes with a Descending Step-UP starting with 600 God Crystals, and it also comes with two Story Cards, a previous 5★ one and a new 4★ one to claw away at! So with that said, wood this smol version of Kanako Yasaka be worthy of our faith?

This Support-Class Friend is very true to her role when it comes to helpful buffs for the team such as Yang ATK, Yang DEF, CRIT ATK, Spirit Power, Accuracy and more! Appearing on her Skills, Spell Cards and even in her ability when it comes to Boosting and Grazing for Yang ATK and Yang DEF respectively, allies will be sure to benefit from her faithful support, especially the Yang-based ones. As for Spirit Power, however, W2 Kanako not only does well with supporting allies with it, but with 2 Skills, she can reach 3.50P off the jump, and with her Ability, she can benefit from Freeze/Paralyze anomaly inflictions, which in the case of Paralyze, there are some bullet lines across W2 Kanako’s kit that can help with just that.

As for breaking…well it’s quite impressive when it comes to the sheer amount of Wood breaks W2 Kanako is able to potentially pull off! Let’s see, 5 Wood on Spread Shot, 4 Wood on Focus Shot, both Spell Cards having all 6 lines of Wood, and a Last Word with 3 Wood lines, yep, this tiny god being a great Wood breaker is an understatement! When paired with a certain Relic Ghost with the ability to inflict Wood Weaknesses on enemies, this can be huge here! However, if you don’t have access to that, there could always come a situation where a Friend might need a secondary element for her to fall back on, which isn’t possible for this Friend in question. However, she does have a bit of a shocking anomaly breaking trick up her sleeve, being her Paralyze breaking accessibility on her Spell Card 1 and Last Word.

If you are looking for a mighty damage dealer, then sadly, W2 Kanako doesn’t quite fit that role. Firstly, her Killer range isn’t the most impressive, although in some cases, they could come in handy, and secondly, her general damage output is a little lower than one might expect compared to other Ultra Festival Friends. Given she is a Supporter, that might not be the biggest of concerns for some, but if damage output is crucial against harder stages, this could be an issue.

However, let’s paws for a moment as we go into another edition of Story Card spotlight! Naturally, the returning 5★ Story Card, Thunder Beat is a viable option for W2 Kanako’s Spell Card 2, as it boosts Wood and Energy. As for the new 4★ Story Card, which is Cat on Duty, it can boost Yang ATK of all allies by 1 Stage if used by a Supporter (3T), and its universal effect is to increase the team’s Evasion by 2 Stages (3T).

Featured Story Card "Thunder Beat"!

Featured Story Card "Cat on Duty"!

Now back to the Official Tiny God, is she worth going for? Well if you are desperate for Wood breaks, need a solid Yang-based Supporter and/or just like Kanako Yasaka in general, by all means go for it! However, if none of the above applies for you, you are focused on higher damage output or are struggling with saving up Seal Crystals, it won’t hurt if you need/want to skip her. As alluded to earlier, it could be a lot of fun to pair W2 Kanako alongside L80 Yuyuko because of that Wood Weakness infliction, so maybe that could be a factor for some too. So while it’s completely up to the player, this isn’t a mandatory Prayer if you are covered for Wood breaks and strong Support-Class Friends.

But for those who are keeping the faith for this smol official tiny god, best of luck to those who are going full steam ahead on this Prayer!

Quick Overview

W2 Kanako Yasaka is a Support-Class Friend who keeps the faith for her team by providing them buffs in Yang ATK, Yang DEF, CRIT ATK, Spirit Power, Barriers and Accuracy, as well as coming with a large amount of Spirit Power gain potential and Wood breaks.

Moriya’s Official Supportive God

W2 Kanako is a Support-Friend through and through, and she comes with a good chunk of helpful ways to benefit them, especially the Yang ones. From Yang ATK, to Yang DEF, to CRIT ATK, to Spirit Power, and to Accuracy, it can really prove useful! On top of that, they can also be long, fruitful buffs that can both last up to 4 turns and can grant up to 4 levels of it! An ally potentially lacking from at least 1 of the above will definitely appreciate the faithful benefits from this Tiny God!

Mountain of Spirit Power

On top of the above, W2 Kanako has access to additional Spirit Power benefits for herself on top of for the team. With Skill 1’s 1.50 Spirit Power and Skill 3’s 1.00 of it, she gets to 3.50P off the jump, with her selfish Skill 1 and supportive Skill 3, that access to 3P and beyond helps a lot, especially since Skill 1 has a 3 Turn Cooldown! However, alongside her aiding further with Spell Card 1’s Post-ATK, her Ability allows her to benefit from Freeze and Paralyze anomalies by gaining 0.20 Spirit Power for every layer of either getting inflicted, which W2 Kanako can do for herself with some of her own bullet lines.

Electrifying Amount of Wood Breaks

W2 Kanako has an exceptionally large amount of Wood breaks to work with, commonly appearing in both Shots and both Spell Cards. With 5 lines of it on her Spread Shot, 4 lines in her Focus Shot, and 6 lines on lines on both Spell Cards 1 and 2. If any enemies are weak to Wood, or you have a certain Relic Ghost with Wood Weakness infliction, the breaks will be coming and damage will be effective!

Wooden Eggs in an Elemental Basket

As amazing as W2 Kanako’s Wood breaks are, should any target, or targets not have a weakness to Wood, there isn’t exactly anything to fall back on in terms of elements (her Last Word has 1 line of Earth, Metal and Water each), although there are some slight ways of inflicting and breaking Paralyze anomalies to back it up.

Tiny by Stature, Tiny by Killing Power

One thing especially holding back W2 Kanako unfortunately is her Killers not quite being super strong in comparison to other Friends. Ones like Human, Beast, Beast Youkai and Fairy are decent and can land on some enemies in key stages, but it’s not as notable of a range as other ones out there. To add to that, her general damage on her Last Word, due to some factors such as lack of Hard Scaling appearing commonly and a lacking boost in elements effective/resisted against enemies, isn't quite as huge as other Ultra Festival Friends out there. But who knows if W2 Kanako will grow up to be a real powerhouse one day!

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