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This is a bit more of a mixed grab bag than the Attack class prayer. While all the Friends on it range from good to great, their roles are a bit more divided than before - Kasen is a Solo nuker/farmer, Mokou is a solo nuker with some Burn support/breaking, Remilia is a mix of some DEF DOWN and offense, Kaguya is a great Hard All targeting Nuker, Doremy's a good All targeting farmer and nuker who on rare occasion misses out on damage due to being Killer reliant, and Suika's a fantastic All targeting farmer and nuker alike with great DEF DOWN. Whilst it's generally a good banner overall, this banner is at its best if you either want multiple of the Friends on offer, or if you're aiming to spark one, due to them all getting Rate UP. Note that Kasen, Suika, Kaguya and Doremy are Festival, and as such are not in the General pool.

Quick Overview

+ Extremely damaging All targeting Last Word at 1 Power that hits hard in shorter fights or longer fights alike
+ All Last Word inflicts 2 Levels of Yin & Yang DEF Down for 3 Turns
+ Graze provides 1 Level of Yin ATK Up for 1 Turn for entire team
+ Second Spell Card provides 3 Levels of Accuracy Up for 3 Turns for Suika’s entire team

-LW is entirely metal at 1 Power, so she might run into some problems with Metal resistant foes for farming.

+Highly damaging All targeting Last Word with fantastic Hard scaling that hits hard right away and scales well too for longer fights
+Average access to two elements, Fire and Metal. She's also got Wood access if you're willing to burn her Last Word on that.
+Gains a lot of Spirit Power

-Selfish attacker with no utility outside of Breaks
-Kaguya's second Spell Card hurts herself

+Very strong All Target Last Word that does critical damage against many characters
+Spammable Sure-Hit Star break on spread shot for 0P
+Yang DEF down debuffs to support Yang-focused team
+Power Link to further support team

-Solo Spell Cards with only 2 Star/Earth breaks
-Damage will struggle on enemies that avoid her Killer properties (Non-humans, Youkai, or Lunarians)
-Selfish Attacker- Quick to self means she goes in before any debuff support

+ Powerful Solo Last Word that deals high damage in 1 turn and an incredible amount at 3 Power
+ Access to both Water and Earth element

- Entirely selfish damage dealer with no utility
- Although she doesn’t entirely need support, for the rare fight she does self Quick can make it tricky to support her.
- The number of Element Breaks on her Spell Cards is merely average; both Spell Cards and her Last Word have 1/1/2/3 Breaks at 0/1/2/3 Power.

+ Very damaging All Last Word at 1 Power, scales extremely well with additional Power
+ Fantastic team support in 2 Yin DEF Down to all foes and an additional 2 Yin DEF Down to one foe.
+ 2 Fire Breaks at 1 Power on Solo Spell Card, 1 Fire Break at 0 Power on All Last Word, with an additional 2 at 3 Power.

- Only has Fire Breaks, and only on one Solo Spell Card and All Last Word
- Damage to secondary targets is not as impressive

+ Solo Last Word has incredible damage potential, even without team support
+ Good access to Burn barriers, which she can Break with her All targeting Spread Shot
+ 2 Yang Def Down on 1 Foe is decent offensive support

- Unusually frail, as both of her Spell Cards consume a lot of HP - will likely require healing support
- Deals fairly low damage for a Solo attacker without setup time
- Spread Shot requires 3 Power to Break Burn Barriers
- Utilizing all of her kit at once will require unusually large amounts of Power.

Suika Ibuki

Based off of the legendary Shuten-dōji, Suika Ibuki is an extremely atypical oni. Whilst most of her kind favor brawn alone and being upfront, the joyous, often immature and playful Suika is not below trickery - to use a western mythology example, one could consider her the Loki to the average oni’s Thor. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that she knows two of the Sages of Gensokyo, Yukari Yakumo and Kasen Ibaraki, quite well. Still, in spite of her ability to plot and cause mischief, like most oni Suika prefers to party the days away instead, and get drunk. So drunk that she claims hasn’t been sober for hundreds of years - the purple Ibuki Gourd she carries with her helps her stay drunk too, being an infinite source of alcohol.

In combat, Suika has the typical oni super strength and speed, but packs something else too: the ability to manipulate density and sparseness. In other words, she can make something heavy and hot, or cool, light, and eventually cause it to dissipate into mist. On top of this, she can make numerous copies of herself, as well as shrink to the size of a marble or expand to the size of a giant - her petite frame is not to be underestimated, because she could quite easily crush anyone underfoot.

In LostWord, Suika’s cunning and raw strength manifests in a unit who excels in every area. To start off, her All targeting Last Word, Renewed Bloodsucker Doujigiri, both deals wonderful damage at 1 Power, making her a top tier farmer, but scales upwards with additional Power to deal nearly twice the damage. If that’s not enough for you, Suika’s Last Word is also blessed with Anti-Youkai and Human Bullets (meaning they will always crit if used on a Youkai or Human) - many enemies in the game are Youkai or Human, meaning Suika will often find herself dealing double damage just for free. If that’s still not somehow enough, it also inflicts 2 Levels of both Yin and Yang DEF Down for 3 turns against all enemies, providing exceptional team support.

That’s not all the oni has in store though. Her skills keep the trend up - her passive, Capable of manipulating densityallows her to provide her team with 1 Level of Yin ATK Up for 1 Turn each time she grazes. This is complimented well by her extremely defensive set of skills - all said, she’ll be getting 3 Levels of Dodge up, 2 levels of Yin DEF Up, and 2 self Barrier restorations - ensuring she'll always be able to use her Graze to support her team as needed, without having to worry so much about staying alive. Said skills also give her a total of 1 Level of Agility Up, which makes sure her Last Word will almost always go first, so her team can get the full benefit out of the DEF Down it provides. Finally, her second Spell Card, Night Parade of a Million Demons, also provides 3 Levels of Accuracy Up for 3 Turns for her entire team.

She’s no slouch when it comes to Barrier Breaking either. Her Spread Shot, Kishin's Will-o'-Wisp Art, has 1 Fire Break at 0 Power, which combined with her defensive skill set allows her to provide an everlasting source of Fire breaks, useful in the Scarlet Devil Tower where refreshing your Spell Cards is a limited resource. Her second Spell Card also provides an above-average 1/2/3 Fire Breaks for 0/1/2 Power, freeing up Spirit Power and Story Card slots for other purposes. Unfortunately she requires 3 Power for her other two Elements, Wood and Water, but them both being on her All targeting Spread Shot does mean she’ll often at least get 2 Breaks for her trouble.

In conclusion, the worst thing you could say about Suika is that her Barrier Break potential is merely solid and not amazing. She excels in every other area. You can’t go wrong pulling for the oni.

Kaguya Houraisan

Kaguya Houraisan, the Eternal and Instant Sinner, is one of the rare cases in Touhou Project of a character who is quite literally the myth they’re based off of. A princess from the moon who one day requested that Eirin Yagokoro create a legendary elixir for her - the Hourai Elixir, a medicine which makes one utterly immortal. However, once Kaguya consumed the elixir, she was permanently impure in the eyes of the moon (as drinking it associates one with death), and the princess was promptly executed. Which - did nothing, given she was now immortal. Afterwards, she was promptly exiled, which led her to live on the earth with a bamboo cutter. Eventually, tales of her beauty spread across Japan - leading to numerous individuals seeking her hand in marriage, and Kaguya in turn providing them with the famous Five Impossible Requests. In the myth, they were impossible because they were utterly fictional objects - in Touhou, they were impossible requests because Kaguya herself already owned all of them. Among the many suitors, the father of Fujiwara no Mokou also attempted to court Kaguya’s hand - which lead to numerous other things, and eventually Mokou became Kaguya’s eternal rival.

One day, Lunarian emissaries eventually descended to the earth to give her a chance to return to the moon, but Eirin came down with them, and helped Kaguya flee to continue living her life on earth. Afterwards, the two settled down in Gensokyo, which lead to the events of Imperishable Night. Since then, as Eientei has opened up to Gensokyo, Kaguya's done her best to settle into her new life and try to, for the first time, figure out her place in the grand scheme of things rather than sit around in a dull, static, unchanging mansion - well, when she's not busy holding expos, petting every rabbit in Eientei, and either hanging out with Mokou or dueling her eternal rival to the death. Sometimes both at the same time. 

Beyond that, she's kind of pampered, and constantly bored. She's still polite, of course, but her thrill seeking nature leads her to be a bit more reckless and wild  As an eternally bored princess always seeking out her next thrill, Kaguya’s here to lend you her aid, with her ability to manipulate eternity and the instantaneous - a bit of a vague ability, but far less vague is the assortment of treasures she has to chuck at your enemies.

There’s no better way to introduce Kaguya’s kit than to talk about the Jeweled Branch of Hourai, the pretty branch she's got in her hands. Allegedly a tree branch ending in gemstones, it’s the star of the show for Kaguya’s powerful All targeting Last Word - Hourai’s Sea of Trees. Due to possessing an extremely potent Hard scaling (meaning between 80% and 85% of Kaguya’s Yang DEF is factored in for damage calculation, depending on the bullet), it hits pretty dang hard, and even moreso if Kaguya is given a turn to hit 3 Power. This is complemented extremely well by all three of her skills - between them, Exiled Princess and Instant Determination grant her a whopping 1.5 bonus Spirit Power to work with on the first turn, and then between Instant DeterminationImpossible Tasks, her Character Ability, and her Last Word, Kaguya's boasting 6 Yang ATK UP, 8 Yang DEF UP, and between 2 and 3 Yin ATK UP even without Story Cards. That's no mean feat.

Beyond her Last Word, Kaguya also has pretty alright, though not quite spectacular Break abilities thanks to some extra treasures she’s got lying around. Divine Treasure: Buddhist Diamond provides 1/1/2/3 Metal Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power, and Divine Treasure: Salamander Shield provides 1/1/2/3 Fire Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power. Whilst both of these are rather average values, and a bit on the pricer side, the fact that both of them also give 1.5 Spirit Power on use makes it extremely easy for Kaguya to perform 3 Breaks per turn. Just make sure to watch out for the Rebound on Salamander Shield.

That’s about it for Kaguya however - a very potent selfish attacker with some Breaks on the side. She’s a princess, so perhaps it’s not that surprising…

Doremy Sweet

Doremy Sweet is the ruler of the Dream World, a mysterious world only accessible through the passage of dreams, as the name would suggest. Baku Youkai such as herself are capable of entering anyone’s dreams in order to learn more about the dreamer. While her powers are limited to the subject of dreams, Doremy is able to create new ones, change the flow of one’s dream itself, or even consume a dream and remove them from the memory of whoever formed it. It is quite terrifying, as she can eat anything ranging from a horrifying nightmare to a pleasant fantasy. Fortunately, she is rather sparing and wouldn’t abuse her power on innocent victims.

Ruling over dreams has provided Doremy with great knowledge, which she is not afraid to use to her benefit in LostWord. This can easily be seen in her All Target Last Word, Pillow Agarta. Exploring the dreams of humans, youkai, and lunarians, every hit of this attack is an ensured Critical hit to effortlessly boost its damage. Even if its spread is 1-3-1, this fact alone makes it a powerful tool for 1-turn farming and an even stronger burst for most difficult fights. Both Yin ATK buffs from her third skill, Dream Diary, and her Last Word itself will also work toward strengthening this Yin-only assault.

This doesn’t mean that Doremy is only good for raw strength. Most noticeable from the rest of her kit is the spread shot Doremy Popping, containing a Star element bullet at 0P to allow for spammable Star breaks in any fight. Her second skill, Dream Soul Manipulation, allows her to use her dream powers to debuff a target’s Yang DEF by 2 levels so her team’s Yang attackers can be more effective. Her two spell cards contribute to getting even more hits in, with Dream Sign: Eternally Anxious Dream increasing her own Accuracy by 2 levels and Dream Sign: Azure Dream Catcher decreasing an opponent’s Evasion by 2 levels for everyone to connect attacks easier.

The main downsides of Doremy come from what she lacks: support. Most of her abilities focus on boosting her own damage and accuracy rather than the rest of her team’s. Having both of her spell cards be Solo Target only isn’t great either, and while they do give 1/2 Star or Earth breaks at 0/1 Spirit Power (Eternally Anxious Dream for Star and Azure Dream Catcher for Earth), it is below average in terms of breaks. 

Neither of these points remove Doremy’s capabilities of demolishing any human, youkai, or lunarian in her sights. As a master of dreams, she is certainly a Friend that will give anyone who uses her the destructive power they desire. 

Kasen Ibaraki

Kasen Ibaraki, also known by her pseudonym Ibarakasen, is a woman who attempts to keep the fact she is both a sage of Gensokyo (a group of founders of the land, who work behind the scenes to keep it protected) and a oni a secret, claiming instead to be a simple hermit. Whilst her ability to keep either of these things a secret is somewhat lacking, she has a good reason to keep them hidden - neither sages nor oni have the best of reputation amongst the humans of Gensokyo, and Kasen wishes for the betterment of both human and youkai. Lately, she’s set her sights on Reimu Hakurei, attempting to scold and lecture her into a better person, almost like an adoptive mother - only time will tell if she can manage such a feat. Outside of her latest pet project, Kasen is a nice woman with time for just about anyone, if something of a hypocrite. She can tend to be more than a little gluttonous, and occasionally acts in ways one might consider less than ethical. But ultimately, she has the wellbeing of all (or at least the ones she deems the good ones) in mind. 

On the battlefield, Kasen tries to keep her true abilities a secret - there’s nary a hint of the fact she’s an oni in combat, save for the fact she has rather overwhelming strength. She primarily favors guiding her beloved animals in combat to help fight on her behalf, but when that’s not enough, her seemingly bandaged right arm is actually entirely a fake. Made up of black smoke held together by bandages, she can use both the smoke and bandages to whip lightning, wrap up and fling her foes, and even manipulate it into larger shapes to use as a blunt weapon (such as a dragon’s maw). She can even use it to fire blasts of energy and rainbow colored spheres! 

In LostWord, Kasen brings all of these powers to bear as a selfish damage dealer primarily focused on Solo targeting attacks. The centerpiece of her kit is her Solo Last Word, When the Ice Melts, the Waves Wash the Old Moss's Beard (try saying that three times fast!), which is unusual for a Solo Last Word in that it can deal a rather high amount of damage both in short and long fights. This is thanks to all the buffs on her kit - already, her Last Word provides Kasen with 3 turns of 3 Levels of Crit Accuracy, and 2 Levels of Crit ATK, Yin ATK, *and* Yang ATK Up. This, combined with its unusually high crit rate of 20% and high base damage are already potent enough, but then her skills add even more buffs: her second skill, Qi Movement, bolsters her own Cri ACC by another 3 Levels and then her second skill, Ibaraki Box, both gives her 1 Spirit Power (to jumpstart her damage even in shorter fights) and another 2 Levels of Yin & Yang ATK Up. To finish this all out her passive, Ability to guide animals, grants her 1 Level of Accuracy Up every time she boosts and even increases her damage by 40% when her attacks are resisted - meaning resistances aren’t a problem at all for her. 

Of course, this is all just what she has access to right away, and it’s certainly enough to make her hit extremely hard turn 1, but sometimes you just need even more damage. In cases like that, Kasen has you covered - both of her Spell Cards also give her 2 Levels of Yin ATK, Yang ATK, and Cri ATK Up for 3 Turns. This can lead to her being able to reach 10 Levels of Yin, Yang, and Cri ATK Up in time for a Last Word on turn 3 that will certainly do enough damage to obliterate virtually anything you aim Kasen at.  Due to this, Kasen is useful for both farming and harder fights.

Outside of her Last Word, Kasen lacks any team-wide buffs or debuffs, and as such only has Elements for team support. Her access to Elements is merely average - 1/1/2/3 Water or Earth Breaks at 0/1/2/3/ Power on her first and second Spell Card, respectively, is pretty much just average. Her Last Word has the same but for Fire, but - you really shouldn't use it to Break. 

Overall, Kasen serves as a very powerful selfish damage dealer who’ll chip in some average Barrier Breaks on the side, and is a powerful asset to any player. 

Remilia Scarlet

The Scarlet Devil, Remilia Scarlet is one of only two vampires in Gensokyo, and a rather powerful one at that. As the owner of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia is an impulsive, proud, and boastful individual whose primary concern tends to be driving off her own boredom. As such, she hosts constant parties, investigates all sorts of novel things, and even hatches grandiose schemes and plots just for her own amusement. She also claims to be able to manipulate fate, but there’s no real proof of that.

Yet for all of her pride and impulsiveness, there’s a tender side to Remilia. She takes good care of her servants, and can be rather prone to act rather childishly. Even so, she’s not one to be underestimated, proving to be a rather fearsome foe in combat. She’s fast, brutally strong, incredibly tough, and can skewer anyone who crosses her with a laser lance made of scarlet-colored energy. She even utilizes cross imagery in some of her attacks to mock the very idea of the supposed weaknesses of Vampires. They don’t call her “The Scarlet Devil” for nothing.

In LostWord, Remilia Scarlet is a powerful attacker with some offensive support as well. Her Last Word, Scarlet Destiny, boasts rather impressive damage. Whilst never quite the strongest Last Word in the game, it still deals plenty of damage at 1 Power, and scales upwards to rather destructive heights at 3 Power - one could put her somewhere between Reimu and Yuyuko on her primary target. If that wasn’t enough, it also lowers the Yin DEF of all foes by 2 Levels, which is amazing support for Yin attackers. Her first and third skills, Magic Enhancement and Fate Manipulation, perfectly compliment this by granting her 2 Levels of Yin ATK Up and 3 Levels of Accuracy up - meaning she is perfectly accurate by herself, without the support of Story Cards or teammates.

There is a caveat to this; she deals roughly a third less damage on her secondary targets. This is due to her second skill, Gaze of the Devil, lowering a single target’s Evasion and Yin DEF by 2 Levels. Combined with her Last Word, this means one target will suffer significantly more punishment than the other two - perfect for taking out a priority target. Do note this damage loss doesn’t impact her farming ability, as Full Auto will always target a boss, and side enemies are typically far frailer.

Remilia has one additional flaw outside of this somewhat narrow focus - she is also somewhat lacking in Barrier Breaks. She has access to only Fire, and on only one Solo Spell Card, Divine Spear: Spear the Gungnir, that provides a rather average 2 Breaks at 1P. With that said, a team utilizing Remilia typically will not need to break foes - if you make sure to bring other Yin attackers, the Yin DEF Down that Remilia provides will often be enough to get the job done, without having to go for a Full Break. 

Overall, Remilia is unquestionably a top tier unit, combining both powerful offense and Yin support into one. You can’t go wrong with her. 

Fujiwara no Mokou

Once, Fujiwara no Mokou was merely a human, and a nobleman’s daughter, with little else notable about her, forbidden to leave the house and being an unwanted child. Then one day, her father attempted to court the affection of the legendary Kaguya Houraisan, only to be sent on an impossible task and humiliated for his loss. Angered by this, Mokou sought to seek revenge on Kaguya - only to fail, as Kaguya had fled before Mokou could enact her revenge. She heard that Kaguya had left a pot of medicine for the current emperor - and instead opted to seek out that medicine, and attempt to steal it. She found out that the medicine was the legendary Hourai Elixir, stated to make those who consume it immortal - and then promptly consumed it for herself.

More than a thousand years have passed since then, and the now immortal Mokou spends her days battling Kaguya to the death, leading individuals through the Bamboo Forest of the Lost to Eientei, and casually starving to death.She's something of a loner and laid back, although for those who manage to get through to her (pretty much mostly just her best friend, Keine Kamishirasawa), she tends to be rather blunt and speaks openly.  In battle, she utilizes flames that she, herself, is not actually immune or even resistant too - instead of showing even the slightest bit of caution, Mokou simply opts to abuse her immortality and fights recklessly until the pain's too much and she can't keep going any longer. 

In LostWord, this reckless fighting style manifests itself in a rather unusual Friend. A Solo Lost Word nuker with some degree of team support, Mokou’s most notable trait is her ability to gain Levels of Yang ATK Up from her Spell Cards, and apply 2 Levels of Yang DEF Down on a single target and gain 2 Levels of Yang ATK Up with her second skill, Immortal Intimidation. If allowed to do this, and then spend 3 Power on her Last Word, Phoenix Rebirth, Mokou can absolutely obliterate a singular target, dealing twice the damage that even Yuyuko can at the top end.

The benefits don’t stop there. In the process, Mokou can also apply a fair amount of Burn Barriers to all foes thanks to her second Spell Card, Hourai: South Wind, Clear Sky -Fujiyama Volcano-, and 2 Layers of Burn to a single target with her first skill, Remote Ignition. Whilst Burn barriers can serve as useful support for Yin attackers, Mokou can also instead opt to Break them with her Spread Shot, Mind of Fire, although she will have to spend 3 Power to do so. 

All of this power comes with a price, and in Mokou’s case, it’s that her utterly reckless fighting style leaves her losing tons of health every time she activates a Spell Card, due to both having Rebound on them, which consumes HP upon every hit. This damage can’t ever kill her, but if she’s brought down low enough, even a small hit will knock her out. Her third skill, Fate of the People of Hourai, can partially heal her but it won’t be enough by itself - Mokou will need some mix of healing support and careful use of Barriers to avoid dying to a stray enemy hit. 

Additionally, Mokou is extremely Power hungry for maximum performance - between her Last Word nigh-on demanding 3 Power, her second Spell Card benefitting massively from at least 2 Power, and her Spread Shot needing 3 Power to Break the Burn Barriers the second Spell Card sets up, she’s going to need Power support from either her teammates or Story Cards. Her access to Elements is somewhat lacking too, having only Fire access and somewhat subpar values at that - though this is offset by her Burn Barrier Breaking. Finally, her damage output without 3 Power is somewhat lacking for a Solo unit, which also compromises her ability to farm 1 Boss 1 Wave Lunatic stages, as they tend to have much higher health.

Overall, if you want a nuker who deals good damage output, can provide team support in the form of single target Yang DEF Down and Burn Barriers, and can Break said Burn Barriers, Mokou’s your girl. Just make sure to keep her alive, well supplied with power, and keep in mind it takes a few turns for her to get going.

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