A Different Kind of Easter

335 full
Obtained From: Event


Level: 10
Agility 55
Yang Attack 55


Base Ability
When Spell Card is used, own Agility 1 level UP (2 turns).
When Spell Card is used, own DMG from dwellers of Hakugyokurou 25% DOWN (2 turns).
Max Ability
When Spell Card is used, own Agility 2 levels UP (2 turns).
When Spell Card is used, own DMG from dwellers of Hakugyokurou 25% DOWN (2 turns).


Story 1
Youmu Konpaku has black, shoulder-length hair and two swords with red blades. With her all-black attire, one's eyes can't help but be drawn to the focused look on her face. If you catch yourself thinking, "There's something different about her," the chances are she's thinking the same about you.
Story 2
With her pink hair, Yuyuko Saigyouji's adorable nature is on full display. She wears a highly decorated light blue and white kimono. Her signature hat has a spooky-looking triangle of white cloth attached. There's a chance she looks slightly different from the Yuyuko you know, but there's no doubt they're both the real deal.
Story 3
Easter takes place in the outside world every spring and serves the purpose of celebrating and remembering the revival of a certain religious figure. Today, Easter is celebrated in many different ways by people in many different countries, with Easter eggs and the Easter bunny being staple features of the festivities. However, Easter celebrations are not yet common in Japan. This is perhaps because the timing overlaps with cherry blossom viewing parties, the start of the new academic year, and company recruitment parties, as well as the fact that few Japanese people have religious reasons to celebrate it.
Story 4
Disciples of the Sword Almost a year ago to the day, a martial arts contest was held inspired by the outside world's Easter celebrations. Everyone attempted to do something fitting for the occasion, with some honoring cherry blossom trees with dance routines and others praying for the revival of some unknown war god. However, it seems the main objective for the day was to have fun. That was THIS Gensokyo's version of Easter.
Story 5
With pride on the line, those with strong fighting spirits gathered once again this year, each burning with the desire to be crowned champion. Last year, a young fighter sliced her way through the many fierce competitors and emerged victorious. With her slight build, one wouldn't imagine her capable of dual-wielding a long sword and a short sword, but now, their red blades draw the gaze of her vengeful opponents. With her master's heartfelt cheers spurring her on, she stepped into the arena once more...