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  • Modules were first introduced during the Summer Carnival event (CN: 8/3/2021), and act as equipment that Operators can select to bring into a stage.
    • Modules provide bonus effects (as listed in the below table).
    • Modules provide some improvements to the Operator's stats (click on the Module for the details).
  • To Unlock an Operator's module (click on the Module for the details)
    • Certain Level and Trust requirements must be met
    • Some materials must be spent
    • Some missions must be completed.
  • Module Data Blocks are needed to unlock Modules and are a limited resource, so players should be selective about which Modules they unlock.  6 Star Operator Modules require 4 Module Data Blocks to unlock, 5 star modules require 2, and 4 star require 1.  Sources for obtaining Module Data Blocks:
    • 4 free with the Module Training
    • 1 Free each week through weekly missions.
    • 4 per month from the red cert shop.
    • 4 per month from the yellow cert shop
    • 2 in the shop for each new sidestory-farm-event (not in reruns or the min-story events)
  • By default, Operators that have new modules will start equipped with a default module that has no effect. These default modules are not listed on this page.
  • Module info can also be found on each Operator's page.
  • A List of Operators with Modules and the module info can also be seen using filters and views in our interactive Operator list here.
  • A priority Guide to Modules can be found here:

Module List

Slower / Decel Binder
Support / Instructor
Dualstrike / Swordmaster
Duelist / Dreadnought
Enmity / Musha
Long-Range / Deadeye
AoE / Artilleryman
Close Range / Heavyshooter
Anti-Air / Marksman
Heavyweight / Besieger
AoE / Multi-target Medic
Wide-Range / Therapist
ST / Medic
Fast-Redeploy / Executor
DP-Drain / Merchant
Substitute / Dollkeeper
Puller / Hookmaster
Chain Caster
AoE / Splash Caster
Charge / Mystic Caster
DP-On-Kill / Charger
Skill-DP / Pioneer
Healing / Guardian
Normal / Protector
Release Status
Operator Rarity
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