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Period: 2023-09-27 ~ 2023-10-11

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The Moons Ever Clear Login

The Moons Ever Clear Login

Event time: September 27, 16:00 - October 11, 03:59

Event description: During the event, players can participate in the three steps of pie crust rolling, filling preparation, and mooncake making to bake mooncakes 3 days before the event sign-in, and obtain mooncakes of corresponding styles (use to gain sanity*120) and Mid-Autumn Festival exclusives For furniture, if you sign in for 10 days in total, you can also receive activity rewards such as Orundum, module development materials, and battlerecords.

The first day (cake rolling): Chip Catalyst*1, LMD*30,000

The second day (stuffing preparation): Orundum*200, recruitment permit*5

The third day (making mooncakes): Mid-Autumn Festival limited furniture*1 , mooncakes (use to gain sanity*120)

Day 4: Data Supplement Stick*10, Skill Summary· 1*30

Day 5: Orundum*200, Furniture Parts*300

Day Six: Skill Summary-2*20, Pure Gold*20

Day Seven: Skill·Summary 3*8, Tactical Battle Record*10

Day 8: Orundum*200, LMD*30,000

Day 9: Data Supplement Device*3, Expedited Plan*5

Day 10: Module data block*1, Tactical Battle record*20


◆Please refer to the in-game expiration date for the mooncakes received during this sign-in event.

◆In this mooncake baking event, you can only obtain mooncakes and furniture corresponding to the selected mooncake style. Unselected mooncakes and furniture will not be obtained.

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