Lvl. 2
Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
When healing allied units with less than 50% HP, increases heal amount by 15%
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 55
def 17
Talent Information
ASPD +15; +15% ATK while Skill 2 is equipped, +0.45 SP/s while Skill 3 is equipped
ASPD +18 (+3); +15% ATK while Skill 2 is equipped, +0.45 SP/s while Skill 3 is equipped
Unlock Information
During battle, have Shining use Auto Protect a total of 35 times (excluding Support Units)
Clear Side Story NL-5 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Shining, and allow no Operators to be defeated


Module Description

At the interval where evening crosses into night, more fall. These people flee for their lives from the battlefield, but sickness has captured them partway, with death shortly to follow.
A dying boy has lost the strength to struggle. His mother kneels at his side, but all she can do is hold him close, like one would their newborn. Sensing how the body in her embrace holds warmth no longer, a noise rises from her throat. It is more a cry than a shout.
Seeming to heed her voice, the boy's weak chest gives a light flutter. Then, another. The movements from the body's deepest parts grow distinct, as if what lifeforce has passed now returns again.
Practically leaping to her feet, the mother clutches tight the hands of the strangers who arrived here before them at some point. At a glance, she recognizes the two as Sarkaz, but whether they are the gospels of life or the emissaries of death, she can do little but beg.
The white-robed Sarkaz places her hand to the chest of the ailing. The black-cowled, instead, lowers her gaze down at them. What remainders of sunlight still strain past night's shade sink now into the pallid eyes of the dying. Gaze meets gaze again, between he and his mother. From their start to their end, the memories which engrave each passage of a person's life, and the emotions held therein, seep out from their selves, circling them together with the faint light of the setting sun. It is a light of no warmth, and ceases now to flow... simply, its journey is from the eyes of the dead to the eyes of the living. A teardrop falls from the mother's dried face, whereupon this instant elapses, and night finally enshrouds one and all as equals.
Shining silently watches the last wisp of twilight pale into the night.
'Legend holds that once, in ancient Kazdel, was a white-horned King of Sarkaz.' A cold voice from behind her. 'It's said they possessed the ability to weave sunlight. They made the evening their thread, and wove the Sarkaz's past, present, and future glory into the sky. Each soldier fighting upon the battlefield needed only to lift their head, and they would see eternity in a mirror. It led them to forget thoughts of life or death, and under the King of Sarkaz's command, they conquered all.'
'Legends of the sort are plentiful in Kazdel,' comes the white-horned physician's response.
'Placing the living in touch with the boundary between life and death both spurs their courage to rush into death, and leads them to perceive life as something not devoid of meaning. Thus, they bid a better farewell to their loved ones,' Kal'tsit recounts factually. 'Through your and Nightingale's treatment, the patient's final Oripathy flare-up has been suppressed in his terminal hours. The rapid growth of Originium crystals in his body has temporarily been pacified. You have not only aided him in his peaceful passing, but saved his mother too.'
'Hence why you haven't given the assassin staring at me a single opportunity.'
'When we first met yesterday, I noticed the look in your eyes as you saw Amiya. You knew who she was from the first moment, and had no intention of imparting your secrets to us, yet you did not hide that flicker of emotion.'
'What emotion?'
'Compassion.' Kal'tsit closely watches over Shining's eyes. 'Identical to what you showed here and now. It is a physician's gaze.'