Moist Sword Bag

Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
When defeated, does not retreat and recovers all HP instead. However, Max HP -60% and ASPD +30 (Can only activate once every deployment)
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 300
atk 55
Unlock Information
Complete a total of 5 battles; You must deploy your own Skadi, and have Skadi defeat at least 5 enemies
Clear Side Story GT-6; You must deploy your own Skadi, and have Skadi defeat at least 1 Big Bob
Additional Information


Module Description

Skadi descends into the water.
Her skin is once again moisturized, and the familiar taste of briny water pours into her mouth.
She opens her eyes.
From here she can see the sunlight upon the ocean, the teeming of all sorts of marine life around her.
Skadi wants to stay here a while longer, but she is still sinking. A current pulls at her, trying to drag her into the ocean's depths.
Skadi does not resist.
Gradually, the light fades from her vision, the environment around her becomes pitch-dark, and the pressure around her continuously increases. The only information about her environment reaches her through the water's flow and echoed sounds.
But, it makes Skadi feel at ease. It is the environment she is most familiar with. When she goes on missions with her companions as an Abyssal Hunter, she slaughters the Seaborn in waters like these, and returns to that city sitting on the sea.
But right now, only icy water surrounds her.
She begins to feel lonely.
She is about to arrive at the sea floor, where an underwater city flickers into view.
Once upon a time, these Ægir technological marvels could illuminate the bottom. But in today's memories, this city-cluster still emits a radiant glow.
At some point, the city became both distant and unfamiliar.
Skadi belongs to the sea, but she does not belong there.
She falls onto the sea floor, motionless.
She is lonely.
A song suddenly sounds out through the sea.
A song of nature without words, without emotions.
She hears it.
The surrounding 'creatures' follow the sound and approach––
They grow more numerous. Yet more numerous.
In the Ægir's shattered light, they appear––
Sea Terrors, Seaborn, and the unparalleled Behemoths of the sea.
Almost reflexively, Skadi stands up, the Ægir greatsword appearing in her hand.
After grasping the current's flow around her, she charges at the swarm of monsters in front of her. Several vague shadows accompany her in her charge forward. They are clad in outfits similar to Skadi's, and wield Behemoth-slaying weapons.
At that moment, Skadi feels––
Skadi wakes up. She is lying on a bed, with medical equipment around her still running.
A Rhodes Island psychiatric operator is staring at the readings on the device, the hand that had produced that snap still suspended in midair, the other hand continuing to jot down notes.
'How do you feel right now, Operator Skadi?'
'I feel––
Very good.'