Yesterday Once More

Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Increases ATK to 110% when attacking aerial targets
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 160
atk 48
Talent Information
Every 2.2 seconds when deployed, restores 1 Skill Point to all deployed Sniper allies that have an Offensive Recovery skill; this unit restores 1 SP every 1.8s when there is another Sniper Operator deployed
Unlock Information
Deal a total of 100,000 damage with Archetto (excluding Support Units)
Clear Intermezzi SV-4 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Archetto, and cannot include any other Sniper Operators as members


Module Description

During her years of wandering, Hildegard had visited many cities across Terra and witnessed all manner of wonders. One day, she happened across a small village near Ursus, which was almost completely isolated from the outside world. The residents here had never cared about things like faith or future, working tirelessly only to fill their stomachs. But in this village, there was a young girl who knew the history of the Landen Guard and remembered the teachings of the Lateran Pope, as her grandfather had fought alongside the Landen Guard in his younger days. Although these experiences had long since turned to old memories, and the old memories simplified into bedtime stories for a little girl, their power to promote belief in salvation had not waned. In the eyes of the little girl, Hildegard's arrival fulfilled the promise of salvation in the teachings and prophecies. So, during that harsh winter, as the little girl lay dying, she implored Hildegard to give her a Lateran funeral, using her one and only precious glass bead as payment.

Hildegard prayed quietly for the girl, according to the teachings of the Lateran:
'When this land disappears, so too desire disappears. But those who serve the will and purpose shall have eternal life.'

Since embarking on her journey, Hildegard has been collecting stories, artifacts, and legends left by the Landen Monastery and Guard, organizing them into a notebook. It contains an old medal purchased from a destitute wanderer, a strange Sarkaz bedtime story about the Landen Guard, and even a review of cystymilk bread by a famous food critic from the Yan.

'Like in a certain story my father told me when I was little, no matter how far you wander in the forest, even if you lose your way, as long as you follow the breadcrumb trail you left behind, you can always find your way home.'

'But in the story, aren't the breadcrumbs eaten by a fowlbeast, leaving the boy lost in the forest forever?'

'Uh... Anyway, what I mean is that as long as those who need it hold on to faith, the story will survive alongside drinking and merriment. No matter how far you've wandered, Landen Monastery will always be there if you are willing to look back. It's all worth commemorating.'

This is where Hildegard's optimism comes from. Although she has imagined several possibilities for the future of Landen Monastery, whether it is forced to close due to poor management or destroyed in the chaos of Terra, the greatest challenge is that the ideals and functions the monastery represents are no longer needed by the people, or even the Lateran. But despite such worries, and despite disappointment and setbacks time and time again, she has never stopped.

The teachings of the Lateran tell us what we see is not that which we see, it is what we do not see. It is the unseen that is eternal.

'Of course, I think if we compiled the collected stories and legends about Landen Monastery into a book, we just might be able to... raise some more money!'