Medic Environment Analyze System

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Attack Range expands
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 60
atk 30
Unlock Information
During battle, have Ptilopsis use Enkephalin 8 times (Ptilopsis cannot be a Support Unit)
Clear Main Theme 4-9 with a 3-star rating; a non-Support Ptilopsis must be deployed during the operation, and any other Medic Operators or Defender Operators are not allowed for the remaining units


Module Description

'If Originium really has the ability to store information, and we are able to decode and translate it, then Columbia's science and technology will surge forward by leaps and bounds!'
'I've encountered a bottleneck. Current electronic computational devices are not able to handle the enormous amount of information contained within Originium. I need a more suitable computational carrier...'
'Having a person do it?! This is certainly a bold line of thinking. I... have to give it some thought.'
'The prototype decoding device using a human computational carrier has been manufactured. Now, I just need a test subject with a clear mind and quick reflexes, preferably with a good understanding of computers and data.'
'Subject selection complete. Subject codename: Ptilopsis.'
'There is nobody in Rhine Lab more suitable than she is. Though my supervisor advised me to keep the experiment a secret from her due to its risks, I still informed her of the various possibilities that might arise during this experiment. This is my line in the sand, as a citizen of Columbia, and as a person.'
'She agreed! She agreed! I knew it, I just knew she'd agree! I knew she'd be the one!'
'I've already taught her the key points and operating procedures of the preliminary phase. She's a quick learner, and tomorrow, the experiment will begin. I trust we will join hands to usher in Columbia's future.'
'The experiment has been going very smoothly, and all the data has fallen within the control range. We'll keep following this pace, and soon enough... Just a little more... Wait, no, no, no! This shouldn't be happening! H-Hurry, unplug her––'
'The failsafe mechanisms activated in time, but... she still sustained injuries... Her brain...'
'And the Originium infection...'
'(Short, intermittent sobbing sounds)'
'The higher-ups have already sent for emergency dispatchers, but, but this...'
'It's my fault... It's all my fault...'
'Based on the information she received before, I made a chip that can be inserted inside the body. This chip should be able to replace a portion of her brain's functions.'
'Several of the department heads seem quite fond of this suggestion. Hmph. I know what they're thinking.'
'The implant procedure was successful, but she's unresponsive.'
'She's awake! But her language functions... seem to have some problems.'
'She told me, another voice appeared inside her head, one that did not belong to any of the languages she knew. It placed a huge burden on her psyche.'
'Only the use of machine logic language could soothe the pain.'
'She is the first person in Columbia to survive a chip transplant operation. This is a pioneering achievement.'
'But the world through her eyes seems to have become something altogether different.'
'I also implanted a chip into my own brain, and the wound still aches, but I want to know how the information inside the Originium has changed her.'
'What exactly is that voice?'
'I will reproduce the experiment.'
––Rhine Lab, Recording of Project *UNKNOWN* Director during her lifetime