Arknights CN: Maintenance Notes - For [Invitation To Wine] Content Update!

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Article by Alyeska

Maintenance Notes - For [Invitation To Wine] Content Update!

Arknights Maintenance Bannr

Translation Credit - Nightsky


Complete Maintenance Notes

Jan. 25th Maintenance Notice

Arknights will have a maintenance on 10:00 – 16:00, Jan. 25th. During this period, players will be forcibly disconnected and unable to login. Please logout before the update to avoid any data loss. After the update, players will need to update their client to the latest version. This is a mandatory update.

Maintenance time: 10:00 – 16:00, Jan. 25th

Update description:

  • Client update.  This is a mandatory update.



  • [Permanent Returning System] available
  • Data preload of note paging of [Phantom & Crimson Solitaire], Monthly Team and Request Missions.
  • Add Dynamic Effect of [Dusk] e2 art
  • Add Dynamic Effect of costume [0011 Series – Unfettered Freedom – Nian]
  • Add [Operators’ Records] of the following operators: [Ling], [Nian], [FEater], [Swire]
  • Add [Paradox Simulation] of the following operators: [Nian], [FEater], [Swire]
  • Add CN Voices of the following operators: [Ling] (Including Dialect), [Lee], [Blacknight], [Kroos the Keen Glind], [Nian] (Including Dialect), [Dusk] (Including Dialect), [Saria], [Warfarin], [Projekt Red], [Zima], [Lappland], [Specter], [Blue Poison], [Ropes], [Matterhorn], [Shirayuki], [Gravel], [Gintano], [Gumi], [Orchid]
  • Add exclusive module of the following operators: [Nearl the Radiant Knight], [Skadi], [Flaebringer], [Franka], [Matoimaru], [Conviction], [Lee], [Mr.Nothing], [Jaye], [Ling]
  • Data preload of [Standard Headhunting] & [Gold cert shop] begin from 04:00, Feb. 3rd
  • New [Custom Voice] in Settings - Voice Settings
  • New Network Checking Feature in Resource Loading Interface


  • Modified UI of some enemies units
  • Optimized the position of art /costumes in combat


  • Optimzed the Decoration Mode in Dorm
  • Add Rotation Feature of some furniture
  • Tweak the name & description of some infra skill, effect stay unchanged


  • Fix the abnormal effect of relic [Hand of Scratch] in IS
  • Fix the abnormal range of temporary recruitment operator in IS
  • Optimize the avatar of the following costumes: [Coral Coast Series – Summer Flower FA018 - Eyjafjalla], [Raythean Striker Series – Overload - Liskarm]
  • Optimize the logic of notification of downloading extra resource
  • Optimize the warping logic in [Production Station] & [Processing Station] in some situation
  • Fix the incorrect operators’ art in some AVG
  • Fix the issues in some operators’ archives & voice lines
  • Optimize the size of some sfx
  • Optimize some UI
  • Optimize the crashing issue on some models of phones

Maintenance compensation: 5 Originite Prime

Eligibility: All players who registered before 10:00, Jan. 25th

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