Arknights CN: Maintenance Notes - For [Summer Carnival] Content Update!

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Article by Alyeska
Arknights Maintenance Bannr

Translation Credit - Nightsky

Complete Maintenance Notes

August 3 Maintenance Notice

Arknights will have a maintenance on 10 00 – 16 00, Aug. 3rd. During this period, players will be forcibly disconnected and unable to login. Please logout before the update to avoid any data loss. After the update, players will need to update their client to the latest version. This is a mandatory update.

Maintenance time:10 00 ~ 16 00, Aug. 3rd

Update description:

  • Client update
    This is a mandatory update.

Update contents:



  • New operator [Module] system (including operator archetype)
  • New current event theme in Combat Terminal
  • New operators join [Public Recruitment] permanently: [Blaze], [Greythroat], [Reed], [Broca], [Ambriel]
  • Update following operators’ [Operators’ Records]: [Ch'en the Holungday], [Fang], [Specter],[Sussurro]
  • Update following operators’ [Paradox Simulation]: [Fang], [Sussurro]
  • Data preload of [Standard Headhunting] & [Gold Cert Shop] begin at 04:00, Aug. 5th
  • New feature that shows out of circulation or unavailable etched medals


  • Operator Adjustment:
    • Lower the damage decay of each jump in the Trait of [Chain Caster] operators
    • Increase the slowing time in the Trait of [Chain Caster] operators
    • Increase the ATK stat of [Chain Caster] operators
    • Increase the healing amount on far away operators in the Trait of [Wide-Range Meidic] operators
    • Increase the ATK & RES stat of [Wide-Range Meidic] operators
    • Increase the ATK & Max HP stat of [AoE Caster] operators
    • Increase the ATK & Max HP stat of [Duelist Guard] operators


  • Tweaking the skill effect of [Tailor ·α/β], [Handcrafted·α/β], decreased the work duration needed to accumulate the rate (appearing high volumes order)
  • Tweaking description of some infra skills and their effect stay unchanged.
  • Adjust the order of some infra skills


  • Fix the mirroring error of vfx text in [Crossover series - Liberté//Échec - Surtr]
  • Add Animated Nian e2 arts
  • Replace some voices records and their text stay unchanged
  • Fix some text issue ingame
  • Optimize some ingame UI and text effect
  • Fix some known bugs
  • Further improve the stability of game client

Maintenance compensation: 5 OP 

Eligibility: All players who registered before 16:00, Aug. 3rd (including guest account)

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