Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Degenbrecher] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Credits:  Jetroyz, Setsura


"Degenbrecher. Codename? You can just think of it as my name. I've read the contract, and my work content doesn't seem to be any different, just a different person to protect."


When walking into the waiting room, Degenbrecher couldn't help but feel a little emotional.

When she first came to Kjerag, this station couldn't even be called a building, it was just a simple open-air platform. Today, its decoration and the crowds of people around it were no less lively than what she had seen before.

Although she had followed Enciodes from this station to the snow-capped mountains countless times in the past for a long time, and although this trip to Rhodes Island was a vacation trip she proposed herself, she was a little surprised to find that she actually felt a little bit reluctant to go.

"Sister Degenbrecher." A voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked back and saw that it was a messenger and some familiar villagers.

"I told Enciodes there is no need to see me off," she said.

"I know. However, the folks heard that you are going on a far journey this time, so they forced me to lead the way so they can see you off." The messenger laughed, and Degenbrecher could tell by looking at his expression that he must have been the one who took the initiative to do this.

"Degenbrecher, please be careful when you go out. These things are all our heartfelt wishes, so please take them with you."

"Yeah, come back often whenever you have time."

The villagers spoke a lot and kept stuffing things into Degenbrecher's hands. It was as if Degenbrecher is a youth who is going to leave her hometown for the first time.

The former three-time knight's competition champion just nodded, accepted the gifts from the villagers, and then thanked them. As if that has always been the case.

The bell rang and the train slowly entered the platform. She turned around as it was time to depart.

However, listening to the sounds of farewell behind her, she knew that she would come back.


Talents and Skills

Rarity: 6★

Archetype: Guard [Dualstrike / Swordmaster]

Trait: Normal attacks deal damage twice

Talent : When dealing damage, there is a certain chance to increase ATK and Disarm the target for several seconds

[Disarm]: When blocked, unable to perform normal attacks

Skill 1: The next attack deals Physical damage twice to several nearby ground enemies


Skill 2: Slashes several ground enemies within range ahead 2 times; when attacking blocked enemies, slash 3 times instead. Talent 1 activation rate increases to 100% and every slash deals a certain amount of Physical damage. Can hold charges


Skill 3: Degenbrecher performs multiple slashes, each dealing a certain amount of Physical damage to several enemies. Increase Talent 1 activation rate to 100% and continually drag enemies towards self with certain force. Thereafter, deal another hit of Physical damage and drag enemies towards self with greater force


Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art

Full E2 Art

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