Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Dorothy] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Translation Credits: Jetroyz and Satsuma


"Hello, I'm Dorothy. Yes, I'm the director of Rhine Lab Originium Technology Application Section... Dr. Silence has introduced me to Rhode Island? No problem, you can just call me Dorothy."


Dorothy Franks? Uh, I seem to have heard this name somewhere, where did it come from...

Oh! Is that the burger joint that was advertising recently? Or some TV show star?

No, neither! I remembered that I had heard of this name when I was still in college, and I even quoted her theory in my graduation thesis!

Is she a director of Rhine Lab now? That's amazing... But a director, why was she sent here? Has the cooperation between Rhine Lab and us really reached this level?

Wait, you said the person in this photo is Franks? This is impossible, she is so young?!

Heavens, I thought that someone who could publish so many academic papers, be cited by college students year after year, and even be a director of Rhine Lab, must be someone a bit older...


Um? You ask what am I doing? Do you even need to ask!

Of course, preparing some questions, waiting for Miss Franks to come, and then ask her for advice! This is a rare opportunity!


Dorothy is a 6★ Specialist [Trapmaster], the first 6 Star of the Archetype, who's kit has options for debuting, Binding, Slowing, and AoE Arts damage.

Talents and Skills

ArchetypeSpecialist [Trapmaster]

Trait: Can use traps to assist in combat, but traps cannot be placed on tiles already occupied by an enemy

Talent 1: Can use multiple Resonance Devices (can carry a certain number). The first enemy that steps on each will trigger its effect. After deployment, immediately summon multiple Resonance Devices within Attack Range.

Skill 1: When Resonance Device is activated, deal a certain amount of Physical damage to the target and reduce their DEF for several seconds. When skill is activated, immediately gain 1 Resonance Device.


Skill 2:  When Resonance Device is activated, deal a certain amount of Physical damage to all nearby enemies and Bind them for several seconds. If the Resonance Device only affected 1 enemy, increase the Bind duration. When skill is activated, immediately gain 1 Resonance Device


Skill 3:  When Resonance Device is activated, deal a certain amount of Arts damage to all nearby enemies and Slow them for several seconds. Other Resonance Devices within range will be activated after a delay. When skill is activated, immediately gain 1 Resonance Device


First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

Dorothy will be our first 6★ Specialist [Trapmaster] , an archetype that deploys traps onto melee tiles that trigger when an enemy comes within range. Unlike summoners, traps do not take up deploy slots, but they also cannot be deployed on a tile that an enemy already occupies.

Dorothy's kit can serve multiple purposes, depending on the skill used. When using Skill 1, the traps deal physical damage and reduce enemy defense, a potentially useful tool for physical damage buff/debuff strategies. When using skill 2, the traps deal physical damage and bind enemies, with the bind time increased if there is only one enemy affected.  This skill looks very similar to Magallan's skill 1, which is arguably her most effective meta skill. Skill 3 looks like it came straight out of Bomberman. It does AOE arts damage in a long cross shape while also slowing any enemies hit. This skill looks like it could be visually and tactically fun to use.

For units like this, it is very difficult to predict their impact on the meta.  They typically represent alternative styles of play which can be very fun to players that are interested, but tend to not be incredibly relevant for high difficulty meta.  They do seem to be more relevant at times for more general content, or some of the alternative game modes, like integrated strategies or SSS.

Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art
Dorothy E2

Full E2 Art

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