Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Zuo Le] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Zuo Le

Credits:  Jetroyz, Setsura


"Doctor, my name is Zuo Le. The number of operators in Rhodes Island is almost catching up with the ones in Yan. Sui Regulators should have sent someone over long ago. In fact, we have sent an official letter before. However, your company seems to have forgotten to send a reply?”


He is another government official whom we can't afford to offend, right? We all know he is closely monitoring Rhodes Island's archives, but what else can we do?

When will Closure provide a clear solution? This time he almost got into the archives with a forged badge of the Human Resources Department! How come this investigator from Yan knows everything? He said he learned it when he investigated fake seal cases before, huh?


"Sui Regulators finally sent someone here. If they don't take any action, it will be difficult for me to just sit back and ignore them."

"This is a matter within the scope of my responsibilities as a Sui Regulator, so there is no need for the Central Judicial Office to worry."

"But if you are investigating, shouldn't you change your clothes? The Candlebearer's uniform is too conspicuous."

"It's not as conspicuous as the attire of the Central Judicial Officer, Auntie."


  • Artist: Jiurijiuhao (Czerny/Luo Xiaohei/Rathalos S Noir Corne/Silence the Paradigmatic)

  • CN VA: Li Jiaxiang

  • JP VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Talents and Skills

Rarity: 6★

Archetype: Guard [Enmity / Musha]

Trait: Cannot be healed by other allies Every attack recovers 70 HP to self

Talent : When deployed, gain Attack Speed and SP recovery speed Berserk effect (reaches the maximum effect at certain HP lost)

Talent : When attacking, has a certain chance to gain 1 SP. When HP is below a certain percentage, the chance increases

Skill 1: The next attack deals increased damage. When HP is below a certain percentage, deal 1 additional hit. When HP is below an even lower percentage, deal 2 additional hit. Can hold charges


Skill 2: Immediately lose a certain percentage of current HP and gain Barrier equal to a certain percentage of Max HP. Increase ATK, Block Count and attack multiple enemies equal to Block Count. Barrier has stack limit and gradually decays after the skill ends


Skill 3: Immediately perform multiple slashes, each hit dealing Physical damage to multiple enemies ahead (the last hit has increased damage and Stuns the targets for several seconds). While casting, the HP recovery effect from Trait is changed to gaining Barrier equal to multiple times the HP recovery Barrier has stack limit and lasts for several seconds


Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art
Guard [Soloblade]

Full E2 Art

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