Arknights CN: Operator Alter Version Preview

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Alter Arrivals

Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

Hello everyone this is Arknights Dev Team.

The first Operator Alter mentioned in the Thank-you Celebration stream will be available soon. You can obtain alter version operator – [Purgatory] from [Who Is Real] event missions. The Operator Alter versions have brand new ways of attack, skills, arts, archives and voice lines.

Operator Alter versions share the Trust with the original Operator. An Operator Alter version mission will be available when you acquire both the original Operator and the Alter version.  When the original Operator and Alter version reach certain conditions you will receive rewards such as materials, LMD , Battle Records, etc.

  • The original Operator and Alter version don’t share skins
  • The original Operator and Alter version can’t join battle together in the same squad
  • Once you select an original Operator or Alter for your squad, you are not able to select the other (E.g.: If you have Purgatory in your team, selecting Lava to join the team will replace Purgatory. You also cannot select the other as Support)

Operator Alter version RIIC Base Skill is different from the original Operator and they don’t share morale, however, original and Alter versions cannot be assigned in the base at the same time. (E.g.: When Lava is assigned to a facility (including a Dormitory), if you assign Purgatory to any facility, Lava will be unassigned)

The [Who Is Real] event is estimated to arrive in early February

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