Arknights CN: [Under Tides] New Enemies and Mechanics

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

[Under Tides] New Enemies and Mechanics

Translation Credit: Noël#4395


Sanity Damage

These otherworldly creatures of unknown origins will deal sanity damage. Sanity damage does not cause damage directly, instead accumulating ignoring any resistances that operators have; when it surpasses a certain threshold, it will cause a large amount of true damage and a lengthy stun.


Emergency Treatment

Equipment Aged civil treatment equipment from Iberian cities. Used for improving the physiological wellbeing of citizens. Activates when a friendly unit or Maintenance Automaton comes into close proximity, continually heals sanity damage accumulated by friendly units in a large radius; healing ability is greatly amplified when activated by an automaton.


Mechanized Maintenance Automatons

Time-tested Iberian Maintenance Automatons. It is uncertain how they still function at all. Capable of renovating and repairing equipment. Activates treatment equipment when placed nearby while also greatly amplifying its ability to heal sanity damage; do not decrease base HP when dying or entering target(blue box), but can be damaged by friendly fire.


Oceanbed Slip n Slider(huaji)

A sea scion that has made its way onto the shore. It waves its sturdy limbs. Deals sanity damage.


Sac-laden Crawler

A sea scion full of impurities. The density of its body tissue surpasses that of most alloys. Any sufferers of its sting will feel the sensation of being set on fire. Does not attack. Causes a large amount of arts and sanity damage in a radius upon losing certain amount of HP.


The Reaper of the Alms

A sea scion that will let loose ear-splitting screams. When it is interrupted in the process of storing nutrients, it immediately lashes out at any threat in the immediate area, until it stops to feel any and all life signs. Starts in "standy" mode, does not attack. Upon taking damage, enter "combat-ready" mode, gradually losing health and causing sanity damage to the area surrounding itself.


Complete missions in Under Tides to collect [Corroded Iberian Vinyls], acquire reward operator Gladiia

Corroded Iberian Vinyls: Vinyls that can no longer be played. Can be exchanged for resources from the long-time inhabitants of the city's wastes.

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