Arknights: Episode 8 Hidden Lore Stages EG-1 to EG-5 Unlock Requirements!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Hidden Lore Stages!

Episode 8 has 5 story-only Lore stages that are hidden until their unlock requirements are met.  If you want to figure it out yourself, clues are given in the unlock stages to help you out.  In this first section we'll give you the clues, and in the second section the unlock requirements

The Clues

  • EG-1 Clue: Stage R8-8If you wish to prove yourself before a legend, you must first approach perfection. Only the commoners shall bleed. Only the noble shall face slander.
  • EG-2 Clue: Stage M8-6 - Though some friends may be willing to share your pain, you should perhaps reach out to them. And some may never have been your friends in the first place.".
  • EG-3 Clue: Stage M8-8 -  "An origin, a purpose, a fate, a demise. A tragedy that claims the Herd, all of them. Who can truly choose their own life?"
  • EG-4 Clue Stage JT8-3 - Split flame with sword, defeat the past with the present, and confront the chaotic with one’s self. Rage, and know no compromise. Rage, and keep no silence.

Unlock Conditions

  • EG-1Unlock Condition: Clear R8-8 with Talulah having 50% or more HP when she enters the enemy entry point (red box).
  • EG-2 Unlock Condition: Clear M8-6 with Rosmontis and all ShieldGuards still alive.
  • EG-3 Unlock Condition: Clear M8-8 with Mephesto left alive.
  • EG-4 Unlock Condition: Clear JT8-3 with Amiya (Guard) in the Squad.
  • EG-5 Unlock Condition: Clear END8-1 after clearing EG-1, EG-2, and EG-4.
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