Arknights: Guide to the [CC4 Lead Seal] Recruitment Updates!

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New Operators will be added to the Recruitment Pool as part of the upcoming CC4 Lead Seal.  In this article we'll go over the new Operators being added, their tags, and the impact it will have on the current state of Recruitment.

Use Your Rare Tags!

All Tags will be refreshed when the recruitment changes are implemented.  So if you try to save a Top Operator Tag to try to get Magallan, you are going to have no Magallan and a lot of tears and regret.

Use any rare tags before the recruitment update!

Note: Recruits that start before the reset and end after the reset will use the pre-reset pool, not the post reset pool

Tag Lists and Impact for the New Operators

Tag List: Top Operator, Ranged, Supporter, Support, Slow, DPS

Guarantee Combos to get this Operator: Top Operator + Supporter, Top Operator + Slow, Top Operator + Ranged + DPS + Support 


  • Note that Magallan does NOT have the Summon Tag despite being a Summoner.
  • The following Tag Combo no longer guarantees SilverAsh: [Top Operator + Support + DPS]

Tag List: Senior Operator, Ranged, Sniper, AoE

Guarantee Combos to get this Operator: none


  • The following tag combos offer the best chance for getting Executor: [Senior Operator + AoE + Sniper] ,  [Senior Operator + AoE + Ranged] which give a 50% chance of him or Meteorite.  Also note that these tag combos will no longer guarantee Meteorite.

Tag List: Sniper. Ranged, DPS

Guarantee Combos to get this Operator: none

New 4 Star and Up Guarantee (Yellow Cert):  None

New Tag Combo Lists and Recruitment Resources

There will be no change to the lists of Tag combos that guarantee 5 and 4 Star Operators.  For example, here is the  4 Star and up Guarantee Yellow Cert Tag Lis.  More lists and info can be found in the recruitment guide linked below.

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