Blocks 3 enemies

Operator Description

Cardigan, Defender Operator of Rhodes Island, will run to the battlefield to provide reliable defense for the squad.

Operator Quote

If only she could quiet down for a while...

Obtain Approach

Operator can only be obtained through Headhunting (Gacha).
Headhunting: Yes Recruitment: No
Release Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Release Date (Global) 1/16/2020


Potential Item

Cardigan's Token A sled made of hard wood. It makes you look forward to seeing snow.


Max HP +6%
Max HP Up
Lvl: 55
Max HP +12%
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval


SP Cost:
Initial SP:
SP Charge Type
Skill Activation
Skill Effect
Restores HP by 20% of Max HP
Restores HP by 23% of Max HP
Restores HP by 25% of Max HP
Restores HP by 30% of Max HP
Restores HP by 32% of Max HP
Restores HP by 35% of Max HP
Restores HP by 40% of Max HP
Detailed Skill Info
heal_scale 0.2
heal_scale 0.23
heal_scale 0.25
heal_scale 0.3
heal_scale 0.32
heal_scale 0.35
heal_scale 0.4

RIIC Base Skills

Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Factory, capacity limit +6 and productivity +10%
Liveliness Lvl: 1
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Dormitory, restores +0.2 Morale per hour to another Operator assigned to that Dormitory whose Morale is not full (Only the strongest effect of this type takes place); furthermore, self Morale recovered per hour +0.4

Quick Evaluation

+ Good HP, especially if you max Trust and Potential
+ Useful on some early-game Challenge Modes with her self-sustain
- A DEF-focused Defender is almost always preferable to an HP Defender except vs Casters, and against them Healing Defenders are usually best.
- Harder to max potential because she is not available in recruitment.

Operator Overview

“Heeellooo! I've never been in such a huge mobile facility before! I'm so excited! Merry of the Cardigan here. Are you the Doctor?”

A skiing fanatic and a former member of the Leithanien Bobsled Patrol Team. Clumsy but cheerful, Cardigan supports Rhodes Island’s Team A4 as a 3* Defender with an emphasis on HP.

Perhaps as a representation of her boundless energy, Cardigan’s Talent, Max HP Up, passively increases her maximum HP after E1 promotion. This works well with her Skill, Regeneration α, which restores a percentage of Cardigan’s max HP when activated. Judicious use of this Skill can make Cardigan a decent option for tanking enemy Casters despite her lack of RES, as she can shrug off their Arts with a self-heal and keep face-tanking for a while longer.

Cardigan runs into problems when facing strong enemies that hit harder than her HP pool can handle. Her self-heal is great for sustain, but it doesn’t increase her ability to mitigate damage. Lacking an E2 promotion also limits Cardigan’s ability to contribute in the long term, and at present she is not available from Recruitment, which makes her a little less accessible than her 3* ranking would suggest. Despite this, all Doctors should have at least two sturdy Defenders to form the backbone of their squad, and Cardigan is a good early choice for the job.

Newbie Tier List Explanation

Better to use Spot if you need a Defender that can heal themselves.

Integrated Strategies Tier List Explanation

General IS Notes

+ Decently tanky.
+ 0 Hope Cost.
+ S1: Very strong self-sustain. Eases healing pressure.

IS2 Specific Notes

Good Relics

Relic Interactions

Recommended Promotion

E1 Max recommended, as it is a pretty low investment.

Skill Upgrade Costs

Level Requisites Materials
1 ➝ 2
2 ➝ 3
3 ➝ 4
4 ➝ 5
5 ➝ 6
6 ➝ 7

Overall Skill Cost

Elite Upgrade Costs

Level Materials

Overall Elite Cost

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist Yī Lì Lǐzi
CV Azumi Asakura
CV (EN) Anjali Kunapaneni
CV (CN) Z君
CV (KR) 李在岘
Gender Female
Place of Birth Leithanien
Birthday August 2
Race Perro
Height 156cm
Combat Experience
Half a year
Infection Status Originium crystals have not been found on the surface of the body, confirming there is no infection.
Physical Strength Normal
Mobility Excellent
Physiological Endurance Standard
Tactical Planning Normal
Combat Skill Normal
Originium Adaptability Normal


Cardigan is a member of Reserve Op Team A4 and a citizen of Leithanien. Before taking up her current position, she was a member of the Bobsled Patrol Team. After an exceptional performance on her tests, she received permission to join Rhodes Island.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Imaging tests reveal clear, normal outlines of internal organs, and no abnormal shadows have been detected. Originium granules have not been detected in the circulatory system and there is no sign of infection. At this time, this Operator is believed to be non-infected.

[Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 0%
Operator shows no signs of infection at this time.

[Blood Crystal Density] 0.09u/L
Physical data reveal this Operator to be in a roughly healthy state.

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
Cardigan is a proactive and confident Operator who carries out both daily tasks and combat missions with vigor. As a member of Reserve Op Team A4, Cardigan is very fond of all her teammates.

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
[Cardigan's History 1]
Cardigan was born the oldest of five children in the frigid northern region of Leithanien to a mother and father who worked in the forests. Growing up in a comfortable and relaxed household, she had harmonious and intimate relationships with all her family members. When she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a professional skier. With her family's support, she took a shot at her dream, but ultimately failed to succeed. She quit ski training and was recruited by a bobsled patrol team. It was during this time that Cardigan underwent defensive and tactical training.

Archive File 3

Increase Trust to 150.
[Cardigan's History 2]
Before she was recruited by Rhodes Island, she left her hometown, curious about city life. She made her way to the center of Leithanien to seek work, but due to its focus on Arts and her lack of talent for it, as well as her love of sport, she felt the city wasn't a good fit for her. During her stay in Leithanien, she met fellow travelers Steward and Adnachiel and formed a deep friendship with them. Even after the two of them became infected, Cardigan continued to put all her effort into helping her friends make it through, and contacted Rhodes Island to seek treatment for them.

Archive File 4

Increase Trust to 200.
A list of broken items.
Sofa back leather 14 square centimeters. Cause of damage: Weapon wasn't unequipped and its edge cut everything up.
Medic Operator Ansel's office chair legs. Cause of damage: Got over-excited and lost balance. Chair legs bent as a result.
A 90*120cm tactics book. Cause of damage: Over-excitement resulted in book getting broken with a hammer.
Signature of person responsible: Cardigan. Signature of team leader: Melantha.
Outcome: After finance personnel calculate damage, they inform the responsible party that payment will be deducted from their salary in 12 equal installments for compensation. Responsible party has been handed over to team leader for Reserve Op Team discipline and re-education.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant Hello! It's my shift now, Doctor!
Talk 1 What does my 'Cardigan' codename mean? Ahh, It's actually the name of my clan. It's a family tradition to use it as a codename.
Talk 2 Wow, I found one of my people on another team! I've got to invite her to hang out with me sometime!
Talk 3 I was born in the north of Leithanien, a place full of snowy forests. Oh, that reminds me, I can teach you to ski, Doctor!
Talk after Promotion 1 A lot of people say stuff like 'it's a Defender's job to hold her ground,' but that's such an outdated concept. Speed is what you need! This is the age of maneuver warfare! Mobility is the key to victory!
Talk after Trust Increase 1 *Sniff sniff*... I recognize that perfume, it's gotta be Melantha! I hope we can become closer friends... 'Cause then we'll be able to work better as a team!
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Hehe, I really enjoy playing with kids. Back in my hometown, I took my brothers and sisters sledding every year. I really miss it! Oh, speaking of sleds... I wonder if Adnachiel can make one for me.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I have plenty of things I don't like. Oripathy, for instance... But there's no point in worrying too much. I would rather live my days in happiness! Plus, I've got you with me, Doctor!
Idle Woof!
Onboard Heeellooo! I've never been in such a big mobile facility before! I'm so excited! Merry of the Cardigan here. Are you the Doctor?
Watching Battle Record Ehehe, thanks!
Promotion 1 Yay! I will keep fighting hard for my next promotion! I'm sure it will come in time!
Added to Squad Awesome! Finally, my time has come!
Appointed as Squad Leader Ansel! Come on! I promise I won't lead everyone on a wild-goose chase!
Depart Formation ready! Advance to the objective!
Begin Operation Let's go! ...Steward, what was I supposed to do next?
Selecting Operator 1 There's no hesitating in battle!
Selecting Operator 2 All right!
Deployment 1 Understood!
Deployment 2 I will protect us all!
In Battle 1 Aha!
In Battle 2 Your attacks have no effect!
4-star Result I knew we could do it. Right, Adnachiel?
3-star Result Yeeaaah! A flawless victory!
Sub 3-star Result Thanks, Medics! You saved my life...
Operation Failure Ughh... Sorry, Ansel...
Assigned to Facility Steward, what should I do next?
Tap Woah! Roller coaster—!
Trust Tap Melantha? Huh? Why are you here, Doctor?!
Title Arknights.
Greeting I'm right here, Doctor!

Operator Records

Record: It'll Be Fine, Guaranteed!
Unlock: E1, Level 55, Trust Required: 50

Paradox Stages

Stage Name: mem_ardign_1
Unlock: E1, Level 55
As a Defender Operator, Cardigan keeps a close eye on her own physical state during a battle. Using her strong self-recovery ability to cover an important point by herself is no sweat!
Cardigan's solid defense is enough to give wise commanders ample thinking time, employing nothing but trap items to toy with the enemy in the palm of your hand.