Lightwyrm's Nature II

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Reduces susceptibility to paralysis by 100%. When shapeshifting for the first time, the user will transform into Jupiter regardless of what dragon they are equipped with. The second time onwards, they will transform into High Jupiter instead. Also, when the user dodges an enemy's attack, applies "Overcharged" to the attacking enemy and grants the user a strength amp with a maximum team amp level of one. After activating, this effect will not activate again for 10 seconds. Overcharged has four levels and deals damage to the affected target and nearby enemies when the effect is lost. This damage and its area of effect increase with its level, and when removed at level four, it also inflicts paralysis and stun. Lv. 1: Lasts 60 seconds. Lv. 2: Lasts 45 seconds. Lv. 3: Lasts 30 seconds. Lv. 4: Lasts 15 seconds.


Adventurers - Ability 1 Upgrade