Crafting 5 Star Weapons

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Fantastic Materials and Where to Find Them

The below table shows which elemental stages to farm for crafting each weapon type. The columns from left to right represent Crafting Materials from IO, Tablets from IO, Dojo Insignias, and Crafting Materials from Elemental Ruins.

If that's not complicated enough: don't forget to pick up 200 Royal Insignias matching the element of the intended weapon! 

For more details on material drops, see the Materials Farming Guide. Basics on Weapon Crafting are also covered here. 

Wildly varying drop locations make certain weapons more difficult to craft. For example, a 5★ Flame Blade can get the majority of its materials from Flame IO, but a 5★ Flame Dagger is going to need resources from... just about everywhere. Materials, Tablets and Insignias are scattered across all five IOs, while the Flame and Light Elemental Ruins offer additional Fiend's Claws and Eyes. 

Good news is, the abundance of materials makes a second 5★ Elemental weapon much easier to craft than the first.

The Cost

In total, one 5★ Elemental weapon requires:

  • (1,125) Tier 2 Crafting Materials (Granite, Fiend’s Horn, Ancient Bird’s Feather)

  • (475) Tier 3 Crafting Materials (Meteorite, Fiend’s Eye, Bewitching Wings)

  • (155) Crimson Cores

  • (225) Weapon Tablets

  • (7) Twinkling Sands

  • (200) Tier 2 Insignias

  • (2,275,000) Rupies

Since launch, several improvements have made the crafting costs more palatable, such as the Avenue of Fortune changes, half Stamina events, and the option to trade materials between tiers. Crafting Materials (ex. Granite, Meteorites) are best obtained from Expert Elemental Ruins or Imperial Onslaught. Tier 2 Insignias, meanwhile, are gradually accumulated via Daily Bonuses from clearing Master IO.

Time-Gated Materials

Twinkling Sands are currently limited to Events. Raids usually award three Sands via Gold Emblems and one for clearing the Special Raid Battle. Facility Events, meanwhile, provide a Sand from completely clearing a Challenge Battle and through the event's Treasure Trade. This translates to playing two events for one 5★ Elemental weapon.

Crafting a 5★ Elemental Weapon

Here’s the weapon enhancement process, simplified:

  • Craft five Max Unbound Tier 1 (base form) weapons - Be sure to check “Automatically Unbind”
  • Raise the Max Unbound Tier 1 weapon to max level
  • Enhance to Tier 2, acquiring an active Skill
  • Repeat this process four more times for a total of five copies of the Tier 2 Weapon.
  • Max Unbind one of the weapons using the other four, then raise it to max level
  • Enhance to Tier 3 (Elemental)

To Max Unbind said weapon, repeat the above process four times. Or use Damascus Ingots. 

Weapon Skills Overview

Question is, are 5★ Weapons really worth the trouble? Not all were created equally. Even though 5★ weapons provide vastly superior stat bonuses, 4★ weapons sometimes have more suitable Skills for the wielder. They're worth considering, given the very personalized nature of an elemental weapon.   

Most (✔) or (X) will be based on the below criteria, special cases (*) will be explained further.

Good (✔):

  • Damage/STR on DPS

  • Recovery on healer

Bad (X):

  • Recovery/DEF on DPS

  • Damage/STR on healer

5★ Elemental

Flame Water Wind Light Shadow
Sword X X
Blade * *
Axe X X X
Lance * *
Wand * * X
Staff X X
  • Blade: Celliera & Halloween Edward gain STR buffs at higher HP thresholds: Self-Heal okay
  • Lance: Teamwide heal seems unfitting of role, but is useful for High Brunhilda.
  • Wand: Sinoa/Maribelle gain massive damage buffs when at full HP: Self-Heal okay
  • 4★ Elemental

    Flame Water Wind Light Shadow
    Sword X X X
    Blade X X X
    Dagger X X
    Axe * X X
    Lance * * *
    Bow X X
    Wand X X
    Staff X X X
  • Axe: Karina doublebuffed by DEF buff
  • Lance: Crit rate buff is okay
  • Void Battles

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