DAOKO CD Gifts Updated Redemption Guide

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Article by Max Wei
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Without much fanfare again, but to the rejoicing of foreign fans of Dragalia Lost, ePlus has made it significantly easier for people who bought the DAOKO CD to claim their rewards, notably without the need for an ePlus Account!


What's required is pretty much the same as before, but notably an Eplus account is not required.  

  • Limited Edition/1st Press Dragalia Lost CD.  Normal editions (buying just the CD) will not have the code.  Although it was released on 10/9/2019, if you did not order a copy yet you can try see if any of the sources still have the Limited Edition/ 1st Press Dragalia Lost CD from this reddit thread.    

  • Valid Dragalia Lost ID Number.  Preferably your own, but if you want to donate the gifts to someone else (say, the author of this article) go ahead

  • Valid Email Address.  I'd be more surprised if you didn't have one in this day and age.

And that's it!  You don't even need to be on your phone this time, as the redemption is done through a special request form.

How To Redeem

Actually redeeming the gifts is even easier than before.  First everything can be filled out on this form.

Official DAOKO CD Redemption Instructions Page

In short, to redeem the DAOKO CD gifts, here are the following instructions on the form.  :

■ Enter your email address in "Email".
■ Enter your full name in "Full name".
■ Enter your Dragalia Lost Player ID (11 digits) in "Order ID".
■ If you want to participate in the anniversary event([2]), please enter Jan 08, 2020 in "Event name".
If you only want the in-game item gift, please leave it blank.
■ Enter the serial number (7 digits) enclosed in the CD. in “Contents of inquiry”

For more details, check out the official page below.

DAOKO CD Redemption Form

The Old Method

If you're a stickler for the True Japanese Experience (TM), up for a challenge, or you just want someone else to do something for you, then you can check out the previous guide on how to redeem the DAOKO CD gifts here.

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