Mastering Imperial Onslaught

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Article by Kiera Hoogendam

Why IO?

Imperial Onslaught is key to progression in Dragalia Lost. Rewards include Insignias, crafting materials, and Tablets, which are essential to building weapons, upgrading Dojos, and acquiring the protective Wyrmprints for High Dragon Trials.

Because these materials are most abundant at Master difficulty, this guide covers it as the standard. Note however that the normal Insignia costs are high, so playing on Expert and opening Daily Reward chests is still productive towards gameplay goals.

Team Picks

IO Status Adventurers with 100% immunity
Mount Adolla Xander,Dragonyule Cleo, Luther, Karina, Laranoa, Ricardt, Dragonyule Xander, Verica, Sarisse
Myriage Lake Aeleen, Sylas, Hawk, Addis
Rovetelle Forest Ezelith, Naveed, Karl, Sinoa, Sarisse, Vixel
Dornith Mountains Berserker, Alex, Kleimann
Wartach Ruins Julietta, Fritz, Albert, Odetta, Felicia, Annelie, Rawn

Bolded characters make especially good picks for survival-based content. Multi-target weapon types also thrive in IO-- Axes, Blades, and Daggers boast especially broad angles. Also, keep in mind that resistances aren't a hard requirement; vigilant dodging and knowledge of attack patterns can keep vulnerable Adventurers in the fight.

Mikoto dodging the Elite Lancer

Map Overview

Every layout is designed around Phantom Assault, a set of broad purple AoEs coming from impervious silhouette enemies. They can't be hit or damaged. By playing regularly, one can learn to predict and dodge the patterns for each map.

Mount Adolla (Flame)

  • Phantom Assault attacks will typically cluster in the center for the first wave, then move outward for the following attack with the center becoming a safe area. Sometimes this order is reversed, but for either sequence, dodge toward the walls of the map to escape the AoE.
  • There is sometimes a small diamond-shaped gap between the innermost circles, which makes for an emergency safe spot when targeting the Elite Swordsman in the cernter. Other patterns overlap and cover the center, in which case: run.
  • Because Stun is inflicted via Phantom Assault, characters lacking immunity can work here if controlled by a player.

Myriage Lake (Water)

  • Easily the most difficult IO due to abundant freeze and cramped spaces created by log obstacles. They can be cleared with Shapeshifting, but this makes the team vulnerable to being separated.
  • Purple circles inflict Freeze, but the thin trails leading to them do not.
  • Cone-shaped Basilisk attacks inflict freeze almost instantly.
  • After the Elite Axeman recovers from Break, they will summon a dense group of reinforcements. Maribelle's 'Save The Day!' (which can be used as a friend Assist) cleans them up effortlessly.

Rovetelle Forest (Wind)

  • The Elite Lancer’s red jumping attack inflicts Stun, and they gain iframes while in the air. A well-timed Skill can hit right upon landing while also letting the player dodge with their own iframes.
  • Bridge entrances make good safe spots from Phantom Assaults.

Dornith Mountains (Light)

  • Stay near the corners of the central block for easy access to safe spots.
  • Eyefly zap attacks (red circular AoE) inflict paralysis.

Wartach Ruins (Shadow)

  • The Phantom Assaults are very broad and erratic here. Fleeing entirely to the outer walls is safest, but the attacks can also be outrun since they land in succession rather than simultaneously.
  • Spike Traps are going to hurt, even with dodge-rolling and Poison immunity. With their ability to reach across barriers, Lances and ranged weapon types are especially helpful.
  • Crowd control methods (such as the knockback from Axe Force Strikes) are great for disabling the numerous small mobs.

Using Auto-Battle

Because Skip Tickets can’t be used for Master IO, players with the luxury of high Might may optimize teams for auto-battling and significantly save time when grinding for materials.

Things to bring for Autobattle:

  • Elemental teams with about 12k Might. It’s not a hard requirement, but the goal is to make stats overkill, compensating for the lack of direction AI has.

  • Two on-element damage dealers.

  • The leader should have 31 Mana Circles for complete affliction immunity. This is especially important for levels with disabling status such as Stun, Sleep, and Freeze-- the goal is 100% attacking uptime.

  • Double healers, or a healer/support combo. Hildegarde, Verica and Lowen are especially good choices, even when the elemental matchup is neutral.

  • Status resist and defensive Wyrmprints if bringing 3* Characters.

  • Tier 2 crafted weapons with extra Skills to spam for immunity frames.

Even with all these considerations, an autobattle team isn’t foolproof, especially on maps with obstacles for the AI to get stuck on. Because attacking and SP charge slows significantly, there's a risk of timing out as well. For those who don’t mind attending to their device a little, tapping a healer’s assist skill or the Shapeshift button occasionally improves success rate.

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