Should You Summon: Dragon Special

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Should You Summon: Bait Dragons Extraordinaire

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Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, or the fairy Notte's opinions (probably. If they do, it was a coincidence).

THIS IS HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY- wait. What the heck, where are the costumes? Where is the candy? GIVE ME CANDY OR I RIOT, YOU JERKS.

Just wait for Gala.

The only way this could make me grouchier is if the dragons on this banner were bad. Oh wait, Summer Sakuya is here. BYE.

Summer Sakuya continues to be one of the most baffling dragons ever made. I'm sure if you tried hard enough, you could lie to yourself enough to create a time when she would be worth it. But I'm not going to do that. Her ramp up time to usefullness is far too long, and even fully activated she's not as good as several other options in Wind.

Verdict: No. 


Cygames seems to think Ariel is a good dragon. I mean, she's not horrible, but she's not exactly top tier either. 


Verdict: No. 

And don't give me any of that fun sized BS. And Ilia help you if you call ME fun sized! Or plus sized. Look, the point is, just because a girl can eat her body weight in candy doesn't mean you can comment on her weight.

Big Chungus and Little Chungus (because spelling their names gives me a headache) are the best dragons in Water at the moment. If you were going to summon on this banner, they would be why. But don't. Save your wyrmite. This is an awful banner. 

On Tobias

And now, a word on Tobias, as he can be obtained with wyrmsigils. Tobias is very good. He's a cornerstone of the Wind Meta, and he even pairs decently with Ariel. That said, this still a terribad banner, and I wouldn't throw 300 summons at it to get Tobias. He's not THAT good, and I'd vastly prefer to summon on a banner where I had a shot at getting more goodies than just Big Chungus, or even better at getting some limited or Gala Exclusive adventurers or dragons. 

Verdict: Tobias is good, but not "spend 300 summons" good. Just use Elisanne if you desperately need a support, or Noelle if you have her. 

Final Verdict

About the Rates

This banner is a dragon banner, and as such all Adventurers are drastically rated down.

  • Special 4% rates, tilted towards dragons.
  • Summer Konohana Sakuya, Ariel, and Gab...Gaine...Big Chungus, share a 2.4% rate and are at .8% each. 
  • Non-featured Adventurers are lowered to a .75%, rate, and there are no featured Adventurers. Tobias, however, can be obtained with wyrmsigils.
  • Non-featured dragons 5☆ share a .85% rate. But none of them are Gala Dragons, so who cares? 

Final Verdict: No. 

There have been worse dragon banners, and Tobias is good, but there isn't enough here to justify a deep dive. Save your wyrmite for Halloween, a gala banner, or one of the half dozen limited banners that are sure to drop between now and New Years. 

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