Should You Summon: Prize Showcase

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Should you Summon?

It's a trap.

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It's not gambling, I swear! I can stop whatever I want! Euden, I need more wyrmite! Momma's gonna hit it big!

Verily, pound sign Carpe Diem! Ah, I mean, YOLO.

No gods, only guns.

And whale bait!

You know, if you can summon god, I usually expect something a bit more useful. Oh well, at least this one isn't blue. 

Anyway, Ilia is, in fact, pretty good. One of the best DPS in light, and the first really good gun wielding Adventurer. She's got a shiny new affliction too, and all around she's pretty great. Her main mechanic are Alchemical Cartridges, which she gains after filling her Alchemy gage and then using her S2. Cartridges do a number of things, from granting you a more powerful Force Strike, as well as make your S1 more powerful or modifying your S2 to deal a large amount of damage instead of making more Cartridges. It's a fun, fast paced style that makes you decide how to spend your cartridges and how to time yours S2 to get the most out of them. 

The rest of Ilia's kit is good as well, with Flashburn being valuable as for now she's the only source of it and more afflictions are always good, as well as providing Gauge Accelerator as her passive to mulch Overdrive bars even faster. All in all, Iliya has a pretty good and fun kit. 

Don't summon for her. This banner is bait, and Ilia is bait. She's not game breaking, just good, and she's going into the permanent pool. Do not be distracted by the shinies. You can only use wyrmsigils for Ilia on this banner, or Cupid or Jeanne. Neither of those dragons are worth sparking for, and frankly Ilia isn't worth 300 wyrmsigils either. Just wait for the next dream summon if you REALLY want Ilia. 

Verdict: No. Ilia is good, but this banner is an enormous pile of bait. Do not be lured in. 

Come on, come on, I'm due up! I've put in 200 summons, the next one is SURE to be a Sunstone!


Let me be blunt: Unless you are an enormous whale who has money to burn on this game, the prizes are quite simply not worth it. The only prizes that are, in fact, really worth your while are the Twinkling Sands as well as the Sunlight Ore or Stones. But the odds of you getting any of those are so faint, it's just not worth summoning to try to get. The rest of the items are things you can easily grind for and get eventually without having to blow wyrmite or worse, diamantium, on this banner. You're better off summoning on a banner that has a dragon you want and unbinding it by getting dups, so low are the odds of getting Sunlight Stones or even ore. 

Now, don't get me wrong, it's fun to get prizes. But nearly all of this is something you can get through grinding. It will save you time to get it from the gatcha yes, but if you're looking to get the most out of your wyrmite, using it on refreshes is going to be more profitable for you. 

Verdict: No. Prizes are not good enough to be worth blowing wyrmite on. If you get lucky, you might get ahead of the curb, but that's true on literally any banner and the odds are better there too.

Final Verdict

About the Rates: 

Standard rates. Ilia is going in to the permanent pool. Only Ilia, Cupid, and Jeanne can be gotten through sigils.

  • Standard 4% rates. 
  • The only prizes worth getting are Sunlight Stones from Platinum at .3%, Sand or Ore from gold at .5% each, or Ore, Sand, or Testaments from Silver at .65% each. In other words, the rates are utterly horrible and usually you get jank. It is not worth summoning for prizes. 
  • Ilia is the only featured unit at .5%. No other dragons or Adventurers are rated up.

Final Verdict: No. Ilia is good, but it's not worth diving in just for her in the age of wyrmsigil sparking.

If you could get a decent dragon from wyrmsigils, I might be willing to give this a maybe. As is, only whales or those utterly devoted to the goddess should go in. Everyone else should save their summons and just take what prizes you get from your free pulls. 

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