Delightful Dancer

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Once there was a woman whose ancestors danced to celebrate the harvest. From the time she was young, her parents taught her the sacred dance, and ere long she was ready for the coming ceremony.
2There was some trepidation on the first day she danced, but this proved unfounded. With one glimpse of her movements, hearts were stolen, birds soared, and even the flowers raised their voices in joy.
3She danced throughout the ceremony, never showing even a hint of fatigue. Awash in moonlight, the sight of her enchanted all who bore witness.
4When the dance of bounty ended, the people burst into thunderous applause—but the sound of their cheers did not reach her. She danced unbound by everything; all that remained in her heart was joy.
5She no longer had any reservations to living as a dancer, and she made a vow to herself that so long as she had life, her chosen profession would continue without end.


Ability 1

Poison Res +15% Reduces susceptibility to poison by 15%. (Max: 100%)
Upgrades To
Poison Res +20% Reduces susceptibility to poison by 20%. (Max: 100%)
Upgrades To
Poison Res +25% Reduces susceptibility to poison by 25%. (Max: 100%)
Ability Group: Poison Res Max Boost: 100%
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